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Ive seen my friends grow up recently into older teens now. They used to be really cool and stuff, but now they like smoking... illegal things if you know what i mean. I want you guys to know that if you know someone whod oes this and it bothers you too you can talk to me about it because i understand how you feel about it too.
but really, what i want to talk about is how you guys feel about recent growth in teenagers smoking things not tobacco?
would you reach out to a friend in need?
we need more good people reaching out to people addicted to drugs so they can be good people again too.
if you were addicted to drugs how would you want to be approached?
i for one would want my family to step in and throw an intervention. i feel like if enough people i care about told me that i had a problem and couldnt livea normal life i would really change my mind about whatever drug i would be addicted too.
thank you please think and respond.

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