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I follow AG for at least 7 years and I come here nearly every day to try the new things. I even paid for a couple of excelent games (GemCraft chapter 0, for instance). Today, it is impossible to play any game, and that is very frustrating. The game doesn't even load !

Obviously this is due to the anti-advertisement plug-in armada installed in my browser. Without them, everything runs smoothly, except the fact that I see these god**** ads everywhere. Truely, who wants to lose 45 seconds of his precious life to watch over and over the same annoying ad when switching to Kongregate needs about 5 seconds ?

I understand perfectly that you my dear AG need money too, but agressive advertisement is really the lamest way to achieve this. Please provide us good games, which we are willing to pay for, instead of gorging us with faeces.


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