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Many years ago, there was a strategy game called Romance of the Three Kingdoms on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System).
As soon as I discovered it I haven't stopped playing it.
Then came 2,3,4,5,... and so on.
I was so interested in the story that I ended up buying the novel.
Since I'm not Asian, I got the unabridged translation by Moss Robert in 4 volumes.
There are so many characters I like such as Guan Yu, Liu Bei, Zhao Yun, Zhuge Liang, just to name a few.

Anyway I was aware that a TV series was made about it but I never imagined it'll be available to watch on YouTube!

Three Kingdoms part 1

The series is very well made and the characters are realistic.
The battles, duels, plots and schemes made by the advisers and their masters are incredible! I'm now on episode 73.
As anyone seen it?

I'd like to discuss about it if some people are interested.

My first point would be that Guan Yu, used to be my favorite but when he got older he became arrogant and careless so my admiration for him went downhill. Even though the series is great, I noticed a difference. Wasn't Guan Yu killed by Cao Cao in the novel? If so then why does he get trapped by Lu Meng (Sun Quan's general) in the series?
I read the book a long time ago so I could be wrong.

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