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Hey guys, any fellow MetalHeads around? What are some good bands you guys usually listen to?

I have recently been getting into some Whitechapel and Veil of Maya. Both are Deathcore bands, and they both employ very deep riffs, as well as very deep death growls. Typically, you'll run into a lot of songs (like any other core band) that try to fuse heavy riffs with some melodic riffs in the background. These are the only Deathcore bands I listen to, since the entire core genre has too much melody for my tastes.

I'v also been getting into some Meshuggah and Vildharta. Both pioneers of the Djent genre, but only the latter is technically Djent. If you like technical song structures and low pitched riffs, these guys are the ones to listen to.

Some pretty heavy Death Metal can be heard from Abominable Putridity and Kraanium. These guys are some of the heaviest bands I have ever heard (aside from Hate Eternal). The gutturals dominate most of the vocals, with the occasional death growl now and again.

I'm always searching for new bands to listen to. Do you guys have any suggestions?

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