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Well this idea spawned from discussion on this topic.


Design a logo that would go on the front and back of a T-Shirt. After the due date for all submission(to be decided) the designs will be judged. The main idea for this is for the winning design to be used for the shop to produce and sell the T-Shirt, because the SHOP is pretty boring right now. Hehe.


* Submit the front and back designs for a T-Shirt.

* Use your own original design. DO NOT use the logos that have already been made for the site. If you would like some ideas for submissions that have already been made, check here.

*Only one submission per person. If you submit a design and would like to tweak your image in anyway, let me or any of the other judges know, and we will allow you to.(Judges to be decided.)

This is only for submitting designs, if you would like to talk about it and get more info, referhere.

P.S - Need judges, if you would like to judge contact me on py profile page.

Good Luck Everyone.

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