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As you may have heard, the police officers responsible for the savage and deadly beating of the special needs California man Kelly Thomas eluded justice in the courtroom last night. How is it that the people we employ to protect us can get away with disgusting acts of savagery like that?
What are your opinions on this pathetic verdict?
Do you feel threatened by our out of control police force?
How have the police become beyond reproach in the eyes of the law?
How does this injustice make you feel?

These are important things that I want you very much to share your opinions on.

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How is it that the people we employ to protect us can get away with disgusting acts of savagery like that?

The same way as neighbourhood watchmen get away with shooting random black people.

are expected to follow orders, regardless of what they are

This seems very open to abuse...
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They have still been trained through boot camp to obey orders.

That's also what police training is for. If the NG handles smart people just fine, why can't cops?

for one, it has a multitude of divisions and some require higher intelligence

Detectives generally require a better mental ability.

A more intelligent man would be less likely to go over and beat him to death.

Are you implying that the police acted correctly? Keep them stupid so they kill innocent people more frequently?

I'm saying that the "follow orders, no matter what they are" rule is harder to enforce

Were they ordered to say "You see my fists? They're getting ready to **** you up."?

I'm saying that they failed to stop and consider that their enemy, who is a threat to their life and needs to be shot, just might be an unarmed civilian.

Why would you not want someone with better discernment? The military also trains soldiers to quickly react to a multitude of situations, with and without threats. Do you not get that it's a problem when cops don't know the difference?
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"The theory that those who scored too high could get bored with police work and leave soon after undergoing costly training."

Just playing devil's advocate, is it possible that they have data to support this theory? Or maybe that is expecting too much for bureaucrats.
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