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This is the official Crush the Castle 2 Players Pack contest. You've come to the right place.

You're probably wondering how this contest works. Basically, we (the three judges) give you a theme at the beginning of each round, and you, the contestant, build a castle that follows the theme in some way. Then, so we can count your castle as an entry, take the link to that castle and post it in this thread. If it isn't posted in this thread by the deadline (and the deadline will always be a specific date and time), we will not be able to count it as an entry for that round.

If you've never built a castle before, or you want to brush up on your building skills, check out this guide made by @Arm_Candy.

This is a weekly contest, so each round will last 5 days, with 2 days being designated for judging. Every week, the theme will change and a new round will begin. Pretty easy to grasp.

Oh, and the winner of each round receives a merit, a spot in the CTC2PP Hall of Fame, and a rare quest that can only be earned through winning (or judging) a level building contest:
Yes, there are rules. What did you expect?

Basic rules for this contest, written originally by @PrivatePapi for his old CTC contest:
1. Do not spam under any circumstance.
2. Only enter 1 castle for each category.
3. Do not ask either of us which category will be next.
4. Do not copy somebody else's castle if you do not have permission from him/her.
5. When entering for the contest, always submit your castle according to the current category.
6. Have fun!

And this section, written by @FishPreferred:
a) All entries must be playable and have at least 1 person in them. It seems obvious, but who knows?
b) Entries that are so overladen with stuff that they cause considerable lag will not be eligible. Considerable lag is herein defined as "a big freakin' pile of lag that renders an entry virtually unplayable without severely overheating my 3 year old computer".
c) Entries should be stable enough to last a full minute without collapsing, and should require at least one shot in order to be won. This applies to every part of the contest that doesn't explicitly state otherwise in its instructions.
d) Any entry which the judges deem to be inappropriate (in a lewd, indecent, or libellious sense) will be disqualified, and most likely deleted by the admin.

And lastly, a few additional notes added by yours truly:
- The only castles you are allowed to post in this thread are contest entries. If you link to more than one castle, only the most recent one will be treated as an official entry, unless otherwise specified.
- All entries must be built specifically for the contest and for the current theme. You can't submit castles that you entered in previous rounds, or anything that was built before the beginning of the current round.

Looks like a lot of rules, but it's all intuitive. You'll have no trouble following these guidelines.
Optional: CODE
Some architects like to take things a step further and modify castle codes to do things that otherwise wouldn't be possible in the regular editor mode. This method will not give you a significant advantage over other contestants, but it may be of interest if you want to play around with the editor a bit. Code modification is not a requirement for this competition.

How to modify castle codes by @SSTG.

If you don't modify castle codes or have any plans to in the future, you can skip over this next part.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR CODERS: If you decide to use code-modified elements in an entry, take caution, for, although code-editing can be useful for certain details, excessive use of code-modified elements in an entry could lead to a deduction of points from the entry.
That's the contest in a nutshell. Just remember to check back every week for the results of each round, as well as the theme for the next round. I will post the theme for the first round after this post ends, so as not to confuse first-time submitters in the future.

And if you have any ideas for future themes, contact @CourtJester or myself or post your theme idea in the thread.

That certainly was a lot of words. Over 700 of them. It may seem like a lot to take in, but this contest is all about having fun, despite all these large blocks of text.

So get hyped, get building, and have fun with it!

Did I mention there's a merit prize to the winner of each round?

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