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Hey everybody! I'm going to start a story competition!

I'll post a category, and you have a week to write stories in that category. At the end of the week I'll read your stories and decide whose is the best. I will also provide feedback on each story. Here are the rules:

1. You cannot use inappropriate content or swear words. If you do, you will have NO chance of winning, no matter how good your story is.
2. No plagiarism! Make up your own characters and settings! Plagiarized stories will not win.
3. No blood and gore. I don't want any graphic stories that have too much description. Saying like 'she was bleeding' or 'blood dripped from the wound' is all right, I suppose, but don't go into the gory areas. And do not have carnage! Bloody and gory stories will not be chosen.
4. Try to have good grammar and spelling. If your story is spelled well and if it has fewer grammatical errors, it slightly increases your chances.
5. Try not to make your story super long.
6. No stories where everybody is killed!
7. Have fun with your story and let your creativity shine!

This week's category is:
Write stories where mages and wizards abound!

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