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Many of us are aware that the forum has hit one of the low points that people have traditionally complained about, but this one seems different from the other low points. In the past, the slowness has traditionally come from there not being enough active participants in the community to keep the flow of posting at an active pace, even when there were people who did their best to make up for the inactivity.

This low point now, however, puzzles me so, as the circumstances are quite different from earlier drought periods. You're all here, and we have enough people here to keep the place going almost constantly, but the amount of new posts that come in on a daily basis seems lower than it's ever been. I'm seeing threads now in the Tavern that receive 1 or 2 posts per day, and these are threads that even 6 months ago could have received 5-10 times that much attention.

Now, I'm not criticizing anyone, as we haven't even yet established the root of the problem yet; we're only seeing the effect of a problem we have not yet discovered. This is not an attack on Tavern participants or anyone in the community. This is purely for statistical purposes.

All I would like to know is, why might you be less active now than you were in the past, and what could be done to make your community experience more worthwhile? This question is aimed not at the community as a whole, but rather towards you as an individual. If you truly feel you're as active as you could be and as you want to be, there is no obligation to answer.

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