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Are you prepared to go down the rabbit hole again?

Some of you may remember "I want to play a game...". Some of you won't, in which case, you might have memory problems or just weren't on the forums at the time (but that doesn't mean you don't have memory problems). The puzzles are back. This time, things will work a bit differently. There are still puzzles, but there is also a poorly cobbled together storyline to go with it! Yay!

You can follow the story here:
"The Forumnauts and the Quest for ???"

Along with the story will be puzzles to be solved. As the Puzzlesmaster, I am the only user with the correct solutions to the puzzles. Also, I will not be giving any hints or clues directly. In the event that a puzzle is unsolved for too long, clues will be provided in the subsequent story updates with the aid of the Knights. Yes, some of the Knights are joining in on this misadventure. They will aid in plot and clue-giving if necessary, but they do not know the solution.

The original game 'ended' with the secret word being posted in the secret thread. In this game, there will be multiple secret words and secret secret words that can be posted to the secret thread to receive credit (and merit) for solving the puzzle correctly. Credit defaults to whoever actually solved it, so if you post the secret word but someone else solved the puzzle the right way, that someone else will receive the credit. Not every puzzle will have a secret word, but the secret word is required to solve some puzzles.

Keep an eye out for secret secret words. They're like Easter eggs and don't really help with the puzzles.

In summary:
Story, puzzles, and clues come from the story thread. Please do not post there.
Secret words go to the secret thread. Post there if you have a secret word or secret secret word.
Puzzle discussion can go on in this thread.

The first puzzle is up. Get solving!

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