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Everyone in my friends list shows up as offline, even though some of them were online as soon as an hour ago. Here's a screenshot:

Note: I put this in News, Feedback, and Suggestions in case this is either intentional or a side effect of an update made today.

Edit: After some profile checks, this appears to be for real. Here are some more screenshots:

Gantic's Profile has no presence:

Snag618's Profile has no presence:

My profile has presence:

Edit2: Ferret recently made a post somewhere in the forums, and his presence is correctly showing on my friends list according to the following screenshot:

This adds evidence that the reset is for real.

Edit3: I found a possible timestamp for the presence reset while checking the hero board. Here's a screenshot of what I found:

This means that the reset most likely happened within a few minutes of 7:25 PM ET of the day I created this thread.

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@Patrick2011 You helped us narrow down the window and figure out what's going wrong. Over the next few weeks we're hoping to fix the issue so it won't reset again, thanks for that! Enjoy your Bug Quest.

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