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The game uses cookies locally on your computer. Also, it might be a factor to go back to the main menu before you exit/refresh the game to save correctly.

food-level effects only come into play if your beast is under 50% food (50% is still fine). If it is under, will suffer a health-loss, related to how hungry it is (actual health only, maximum not effected). The food-level can not go below 1, so your beasts will never die from hunger.

Mutation guide:

evolution guide:
from baby to champ you need 25-30 in the required stat(s) IF the required stat is a primary stat. If it is a secondary stat (ti. life or attack), you'll need a lot higher (but they are naturally higher, and each trining rises it twice as much as a primary stat). Champ to legendary: 50-75 is required (again if primary stat). The exact amount is not tested. Champ to legendary always demands TWO stats, while baby to champ only one stat.

havoc : intelligence -> strength? or intelligence? + agility*
seph 1: life -> 0 (mutates at 400 health)
seph 2: agility -> attack + agility
toru 1: strength -> strength + attack (official guide is not true here, you need these TWO stats)
toru 2: life -> life + strength (mutated after buying a 30 hp upgrade at 600 hp from baby to champion, 50 strength and 1600 hp at champion to legendary)
stymph 1: life -> 0
stymph 2: intelligence -> attack + intelligence
durg: attack -> attack + life
petal 1: attack -> 0
petal 2: intelligence -> intelligence + attack (first mutation happens at 30 intelligence, second mutation at 50 intelligence and 392 attack)
gargo: attack -> attack + intelligence? or agility?*
rog 1: strength -> 0
rog 2: life -> life + strength (after mutation, and I wearing a turban, it had 1140 hp; second mutation is after 54 str - likely the factor is 55 - and 2700 or less hp)
ziel 1: strength -> strength + attack
ziel 2: agility -> agility + attack (first evolution happens at 25 agility) (second mutated at 546 attack,agility unknown as it was maxed at that time at 65)

*Some requirements are not clear. The ingame guide should tell you what stats you had to rise (pretty useless as it gives it only after you done it), but I'd swear I upped another stat when the mutation happened.

An example how evolution works:
if you have a seph, and rise its life before you rise its agility and it reach lvl 10, it'll mutate to Syngard, which is champion, and can not evolve further.
If agility is risen before life, it'll instead mutate to Sydra, what is also a champion, and later will be able to transform into Valindra, what is legendary form.

battlefield tip: you can get some extra coin by clicking on items underground

traveling tip: if you cancel a trip, you return to your "starting" town. This is not what we need, but still can spare a lot of traveling many times.

special abilities:

seph 1: incrises attack by 26 after each fallen enemy. Not cumulative.
seph 2: enemy petrified for 5 seconds, and suffers 112 poison damage per second for the rest of the battle.

toru 1: freezes all enemy for 9 seconds (usually the lategame fights don't last log enough for this to have use)
toru 2: knocks enemy back (a lot! serious if you have ranged and the enemy melee monsters), and deals 270 damage

stymph 1: causes 10*218 dmg
stymph 2: incrise party attack by 30

ziel 1: 210 dmg to all enemy
ziel 2: reflects 167% melee dmg (but it has not-that-high HP, still very good midgame, eraly lategame)

rog 1: 420 dmg, and "knocks enemy into air", effect on all enemy
rog 2: 59 dmg, and "knocks enemy into air", effect on 1 enemy

petal 1: heals each alive member of the party for 2400 HP, AND removes any negative effect (ti. poison)
petal 2: 82 poison dmg to enemy party, and 25% slowing effect too (this later is only useful if you knock them back, or after they kill your melee units)

havok: baby has slowing effect, champion reduces damage, legend deals 285 dmg to 1 random enemy

durg: baby causes 12% chance to miss, champ deals 3*98 dmg, legend summons a whirlwind what deals 273 dmg to any enemy walking into it

gargo: knocks enemy back + cause 320 dmg

to beat masters:
first master in leaf city: have 2 beast fighting
second city masters: the thief has strong mythic beasts, so you'll need guardians. These should be able to defeat the townmaster''s guardians too.
traveling to the volcano: you won't have any use of combatant beasts
fire trial (NOT the master): you'll have to reach the location, AND choose ONE beast FROM all the beasts you brought there, AND if you fail one of the tests, you have to go back all the way to the location from the city. It is strongly suggested to use a demigod-ziel with at least lvl 25 (stats not need to be upgraded)
final party suggestion: the last fights are fast and brutal, so tactical beasts are ... nice idea, but pardon me if I don't use them.
My suggestion is: Petal legendary form (heals party for massive amount), ziel "demigod" (Thundaga, agility branch. It is a party-killer, and does not have to move the slightest to start attacking), rog legendary form (massive tank with good damage), Toru life branch legendary (another massive tank with knockback ability)

100% guide:
First let's mention you do not have to beat out each possible item from each terrain object to get the 100%. As the terrain objects are pretty evident to encounter, I won't list them
Filling the beast section has also nothing to do with random chance, there is the mutation guide above for you.
Tips section is just there.
page 1: 1st is evident, 2nd I think I met toward the fire city. 3rd is during the green city's quests. 4th is either at the secret pond, or during the 15 days travel. 5th you'll meet towards/going from fire city as far as I remember. 6th is evident.
page 2: 1st is during the 15 days route. 2nd is evident. 3rd is during the green city quests. 4th is I think during the 15 days travel, or maybe when passing the hidden forest at the very end. 5th and 6th is evident.
page 3: 1st and 2nd are evident. 3rd will be in the hidden city at the very end of the game, and you can easily miss him, as visiting the until-then closed location is entirely optional. 4th will first appear when getting near to the fire city. 5th is evident, 6th can happen when visiting the hidden lake, or more likely during the 15 days travel.
page 4: during the 15 days travel.

terrain objects:
Most should come naturally. To be absolutely sure the object is marked in your guide, it is strongly suggested to CLICK ON IT. I mean the beast masters land in the guide only not when you encounter them, but after you defeat the first from the category, so might be true for the terrain objects too.
Food-items are falling more regularly if you wear a food-drop incrising helmet. It is unknown if wearing an egg-drop incrising helmet incrises egg-drop from terrain objects (or they just incrise eggs from battle chance), or it is rised by food-drop helmets, or neither.

Page 1: all objects CAN be found while traveling from Home to Green Leaf City. But it does not worth traveling all the way home, as from Home to Beast Academy there is no encounter. Any time you visit back Home except the ending, you get the same animation (differs from the original intro).
Object 1: -. Worth to note that even nodrop objects can drop coins. So if you are short on money, don't feel ashamed clicking on these.
O2: -
O3: -
O4: gelly berry (4 food), leaf (1 food) - it is generally true, that the less food the item gives the more it worth on the food/gold ratio. Drop rate: good.
O5: leaf, jolly fruit (5 food). Drop rate: good.

Page 2:
O1: -, first appears between Green Leaf City and Hidden Forest
O2: fish (3 food), jolly fruit, bread (8 food), first appears between Green Leaf City and Hidden Forest. Drop rate: normal.
O3: combatant egg, guardian egg, mystic egg, first between Darkrouge and the Graveyard, Draop rate: rare
O4: ribbon, flower pot (incrise food drop chance helmet), gladiator mask (15 str helmet), first time along Rocklanche to Firalcano. Drop rate: normal.
O5: -, first appears between Green Leaf City and Hidden Forest. This is the flag. Likely does not appear anywhere else.
O6: leaf, jolly fruit, honey (4 food, 10 HP), first appears between Green Leaf City and Hidden Forest. Drop rate: good.

Page 3:
O1: gelly berry, leaf, ribbon (no stat helmet; generally it always worth going for equipment from objects, as they worth a lot of money), first appears between Green Leaf City and Hidden Forest. Drop rate: good.
O2: leaf, jolly fruit, ribbon, first towards the Hidden Lagoon, Draop rate: ok.
O3: combat egg, guardian egg, mystic egg, first appears between Beach and Small Cave. Only here, and along the 15 days journey you can find it. Drop rate: rare.
O4: combatant egg, guardian egg, mystic egg, 15 days journey, Drop rate: (very?) rare
O5: fish, water (2 food), bucket (incrised food drop helmet), first between fire city and Darkrouge, Drop rate: guaranteed
O6: -

Page 4:
O1: -
O2: wheat (2 food), first appears going to Rocklanche City, Drop rate: ok
O3: strawberry (4 food), ribbon, flower pot (incrise food helmet), first towards the Hidden Lagoon (maybe only there?), Drop rate: good for strawberry, very rare for ribbon, ultra rare for the third.
O4: sun band (15 intelligence helmet). Drop rate: rare.
O5: combatant egg, guardian egg, mystic egg, 15 days journey, Drop rate: rare
O6: roasted meat (10 food), turban (+200 HP helmet), first appears going to Rocklanche City. Drop rate: ok.

Page 5:
O1: ville fruit (3 food, 10 attack). Drop rate: rare.
O2: guille fruit (5 food, 5 agility). Drop rate: rare.
O3: -, first between Darkrouge and the Graveyard


If you need info, tell it, and will include it.

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Starvation makes traveling faster, so it becomes harder to click on the objects (trees, bushes and others).

To mutate gargo from champion to legendary, the second stat needed to be raised is agility (I raised it up to the max and worked).

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What is the missing legendary beast? i only got 11 in total and skill needs 12

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@twillight2 Can you put the names of the specials?

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@twillight2 I have an idea, about the caravans. you can put some stuff
and where they are from so people can find certain caravans.

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@AltariaLover61 - twillight2 probably isn't going to respond to you as he hasn't logged onto the site in years.

I checked to see if there's a little wiki for this game, but there's not. I did notice a Reddit thread in the Google search, that might be a good place to look for an answer to your question. I didn't actually look at the Reddit thread, but they can be pretty good for games like this.

I just don't think you'll find what you need by asking in this thread since it's so old and a lot of these users who would know about this stuff have moved on.

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@Moegreche thank you

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ok, i'm sorry if it's already been asked and answered, i never read every single post in large threads, but can you plz add a guide on how to get the 4 most recomeded arrows/ranged attack legendary beasts?

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Havok's champion to legendary is strength+agility and it gives a kravall.

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is it at all possible to stop mutation? i accidentally trained the wrong stat on my toru and everytime a reload it loads on my toru mutating

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