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As many of you probably know, Donald Trump wants to become president. And, unfortunately, he's doing quite well. Which is worrying, because he's a vile, offensive psychopath. And that's something not even his supporters can dispute. But what really confuses me isn't why people are voting for him, it's why they think it'll benefit them.

I see a lot of people online saying "Donald Trump is gud businessy men, he fix Uhmerica now" and blithely assuming that his wealth will translate into economic success for the USA in general. The problem is... that's not really true. It's a pretty widely-accepted fact that treating people horribly is a fast-track to financial success.

Seeing the problem here? Is that really who you want in charge?

Apparently, it is for Trump's supporters. Why? Because they think it won't affect them. It's like assuming a burglar won't rob you because you picked everyone else's locks for him. It's narcissistic. And yes, this applies to the wall as well. Everyone seems to assume that the costs of the wall won't affect them, that it's going to be fine because Mexico will pay (lolno).

It's stupid. It's thinking that despite Trump's history of bankruptcies, screwing people over and the usual businessy sort of thing, he's going to do what he did for himself, only for America. He won't. He'll do what he did for himself, for himself again, only more so. Also, a wall? Really? Have you heard of "tunnels"?

This angry rant was brought to you by sleep deprivation.

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