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Welcome. After so many years, trials and errors it is finally done! Completed the game in heroic difficulty without any training fights or repeating any defeated bosses, with a poison bio. This guide will walk you through that process, so that you can do it as well (it is the one thing the forums lack )

The reason I did this and decided to post this guide now, after so many years is because I wanted to see if it can be done. Sonny 2 is still my favorite flash game and I find myself playing it often, even now I know that it is old, nearly dead and Sonny 3 comes out soon, but I have seen many people wondering over the ages, if there is any way to do the Legend Run with a poison Bio...

Before we start, allow me to warn you. It is hard. I really recommend you do another Legend run first before attempting to do it with this build as otherwise the frustration may reach its peak . When I started this run, it was mostly an experiment just to see if it can be done. Even though in the end, some battles were easy, maybe even easier than with any other class, still there are some fights that are absolute nightmares

Additionally, my aim was to attempt to beat the game with a POISON Bio. Which means that even though many fights could have been far easier if I fought differently (this is especially the case with disrupt), I refrained from using other bio moves as much as possible. I re-speced to a near full poison bio as early as possible (i.e. right after zone 2, when I could manage with just Crystallizing without needing Disrupt so much) and fought the rest of the fights to the best of my abilities and the abilities I had. Like I explained, it was mostly an experiment. The build is inferior to most other builds in many ways and you will have a lot of trouble fighting some battles that are child's play with some other builds. But again, Poison Bio means Poison Bio. Still, you will find that after Zone 2, you start becoming ridiculously powerful. I couldn't believe in my eyes

Also of note is that for the first 2 zones, you will be using disrupt, a normal bio move that is not of the poison build. That is because until you gain access to Crystallize (Lvl 10), you will have nothing to stun or dispel enemy buffs. And without any method to do at least one of the two, a legend run's difficulty is far greater, near impossible.

Tagging @ScrewTheLag , @KAIN9 and @hillmer , regulars at Sonny 2 comment section I have encountered while doing this. Thank you for your input and advice

Anyway, let us begin. If you want to slide right in, skip to the paragraph titled Zone 1: New Alcatraz - The Iron Prison. That's where the actual juice is But hey, you are going to miss the fun!

Achievement Overview:

Achievements you will do with this guide:

The Tape



Jail Break

Old Ghosts

Over the Ashes

--- Achievements you can do:

Black Magic - Not recommended. Right before one of the toughest fights in the game, the Specialist and the 2 Blood Hounds in Zone 5, Veradux will be about 3% of XP away from reaching the all powerful level 21, where he gets access to powerful new gear (like for example the Law Binder which gives him a lot of instinct, among others), if you do it. On the contrary, if you don't do it, he will have already reached it. In the end, it is better to do this with a different character, as it is relatively easy, namely with the cold hydro

Pacifist - You will need to re-do this fight sometimes as Emerald Death is a perfect weapon for Roald. Besides this whole build is about poison attacks. The Fire Claws have very low Poison Defense. So why waste so many turns empowering your allies, possibly re-specing and even losing some times for this achievement? Again better to do it with a different character (Psycho can work well as a support through Destruction and salvation, along with insecurity and some other abilities )

All Star - Obviously

Doomsday - I will tell you how to do it with 100% efficiency but that way requires Re-specing. I managed to do it without Re-specing but I destroyed the Bomb on the last of my 20 turns (It is actually 20 of your turns and 20 of the bomb's turns. So basically, on the 39th turn)). Roald and Felicity were not lvl 30 though, only lvl 27.


Build Overview

The Poison Bio build is one of the few viable builds in the game that focuses on 2 roles and performs well on both of these (the only other build I know that can do that is the Cold Hydro): Support & Damage-Over-Time (with the Cold Hydro focusing on Support and Tank).

Specifically, you can support your teammates mostly by debilitating your enemies, but also by augmenting their abilities. Abilities like Anesthetic greatly reduce the enemy's damage output while Adrenaline increases your allies' healing aptitude and strength. By Crystallizing, you can stun-lock enemies while your primary damaging moves are Envenom and Infect. Infect deals burst damage (large amounts of damage in a few turns) while Envenom deals lasting damage (small amounts of damage in more turns) allowing you to handle a diverse set of situations.

The toxic element differs from the others in a specific set of characteristics: Low Focus costs, small direct damage, large amounts of damage over time, emphasis on vitality and a 90 - 10% spread between Strength and Instinct.


+ High Vitality and Strength, as well as possessing higher Instinct than the Predator
+ Focus on DOT means that your enemies can do little to prevent taking damage (stunning you will not prevent that for instance)
+ Exactly because of your DOT abilities, Crystallize allows you to automatically win any 3v1 fight
+ Integrity restores more focus than the cost of every single move of this build, with the exception of Crystallize. You can practically never run out of Focus, even eliminating the need for a Leading Strike.
+ Anesthetic's damage reduction is an invaluable asset in higher difficulties, one that no other class possesses


- Low Speed that makes you miss often (though stunning opponents with Crystallize somewhat mitigates that)
- One of the least damaging viable builds, you have to invest in support so your damage capabilities are hindered
- complex and difficult to handle with all the effects. This is probably the least straightforward viable build, despite the potential it has once mastered
- Like every Bio build, it is still very dependent on Focus. Despite the low costs, if you get silenced, the only thing you can do is cast adrenaline on one of your teammates. For all intents and purposes, you are stunned

In comparison with the Predator, you benefit from somewhat lower cooldowns and more stability. This basically means that the Toxicant's strategy can handle various situations equally well with minimal risks and the same efficiency, more or less. An example of an unstable build is the speed bio, which relies on one huge combo to deliver proportionately huge damage, it is a high risk-high reward type of build. However, the Toxicant is less specialized than the Predator, so anything the predator can do, it can do it better. Though that only means the Predator is a better damage dealer, you may reconsider once your toxic moves start missing against Blood Hounds xD
Additionally, the Toxicant is less straightforward than the Predator. It is a complex build and difficult to keep track of, even if the end result can be more devastating in its own way for your enemies. With the predator things are pretty simple, you rely on strength and speed to deliver direct damage. That's it

Suffice to say that you are worse in dealing damage and speed but pretty much better in everything else than the Predator if you can master the Toxicant.


Teammates overview

Veradux: Love this guy! Seriously adore him. Worship him XD. Give him all the instinct gear you can get and keep him on Phalanx mode 95% of the time. He is your healer and savior. He will almost never leave your party except for extremely rare occasions.

Roald: Welp, I wish this guy was as good as Vera. Anyway, he is your primary Damage Dealer (remember, as a poison Bio, you focus more on support and DOT). Practically, he was designed as a Powerhouse, basically a combination of Tank and Direct Attacker. His secondary stat is Vitality and he will generally have the highest Vitality in your team. Give him some decent strength gear but often put him on Phalanx. His only defensive ability, "Greater Purpose" actually helps a lot when you are facing heavy hitters (which are the only real threat, coincidentally). You will be using this guy a lot.

Felicity: I know most guides disagree with me on this but she is the least dependable teammate. You are far better off with Roald. You get her at a very late stage into the game, and while she is some levels ahead of you and can equip powerful Zone 5 gear immediately, she is not worthy. She is overly aggressive and designed for speed. Speed would be good if she could actually dodge any attacks but your enemies are always some levels higher. Also, her most powerful attacks use speed as a co-efficient to deliver damage, which cannot be a reliable alternative to Strength. So you either end up boosting her speed somewhat and keeping her strength to a decent level to have her deal minor amounts of damage 90% of the time, or you stick with strength and she is extremely vulnerable as she cannot dodge anything. Add to this that her Vitality is laughable and she will die in the first 3 rounds. Finally, she has no decent defensive ability. "Blade Dance" only lasts 1 turn before being broken and after that, it actually lowers your ally's physical defense by 30%, which is a MAJOR problem against the hounds, the Riot Policemen, pretty much every heavy hitter of the toughest Zone in the main game.
In conclusion, you are better off without her, at least until the end of Zone 5.


Ability Overview

Anesthetic: This ability is Godsent. You will be maxing this one out fast. With a 40% Damage Reduction, 30% of your strength as damage and 6 focus reduction each turn on the target, you can very well rely on it to never leave your Ability Bar. Add the fact that you can have it twice in your bar and you can make sure targets will never leave this effect.

Integrity: The very first ability you will spend points on. Yes that's how important it is. First and foremost, it is a requirement for getting adrenaline. Second, due to the poison moves' low focus cost, it eliminates the need for a Leading Strike later in the game. You are free (actually, encouraged ) to max it, love it and lean on it.

Adrenaline: You wouldn't go anywhere without this...again, you will be getting this right after the very first fight. It is the only move for boosting Vera's heals, the Bio's equivalent of the Hydro's Ice Wall and the Psycho's Salvation. While not that good at boosting Vera's healing power, it dispels poison debuffs and makes the target recover focus. Not bad XD

Crystallize: A cornerstone of this build. Crystallize is your only stunning move. You will be utilizing it to stun lock enemies, which is one of the most important elements of a successful Legend run. While enemies will be shielded from damage, it hardly matters. The only drawback is its high focus cost so you will often need to plan ahead with Leading Strikes. If you are patient enough, with 2 Crystallizes on your ability bar, you can put the target under the effect perpetually, while damaging him with DOT effects in between Crystallizing. it takes time but essentially means an automatic win in any 3v1 fight

Envenom: Your primary damaging move. This is a reliable DOT ability which most importantly lasts for a very large amount of turns, allowing it to stack up very easily. Its low focus cost and early access make it pretty much your first and only choice when it comes to damaging opponents, at least for a while

Infect: Another great damaging move. Recommend using it one turn before a Crystallized enemy wakes up to make sure you don't miss Again, low focus cost means that you can freely use this whenever you please. Unfortunately, there are many other more important abilities to get before that, so you will be getting this at a later stage in the game. You have to max out Crystallize, Integrity and Anesthetic and Envenom can perform satisfactorily until then.

Corrosion: This is actually a pretty good ability but there is no room for it during the main game. After you've dealt with the Mayor though, things get far less complicated and it becomes a staple of your moveset The description is bugged however. The target's poison piercing is lowered by 50%, not its defense. But hey, 35% more damage from all sources is pretty good still.

Sample Blood: This is an alternative to Corrosion. Use of this ability is up to personal preference as it takes the exact same amount of points to max it out. It increases your DOT efficiency by 30% while active, so any Envenom, Infect and Anesthetic casted for 3 turns will be amplified. On the one hand, it is easy to handle since it buffs you up instead of debuffing your target. You just have to cast it once and then you can attack multiple targets with enhanced DOT effects for 3 turns. On the other hand, Corrosion is more effective, as it makes opponents take more damage comparatively. The choice is yours at any rate.

Toxicant Form: I hate to say this but you will not be using that. I know, I know, it is the one move a poison bio should have, it is great for a normal bio too, etc. etc. But there really is not enough room for this. Just trust me, Forms are not useable that much during Zone 5, and due to the ability progression, you can't really get it before Zone 4 (which is very easy anyway). You can always experiment with it after you've dealt with the Mayor and I am pretty sure you will come up with some interesting results, but until then, you are better off not using it. Still, you will get it to acquire Acidic Blood anyway.

Acidic Blood: Ok this sounds useless. Poison moves focus on DOT and this kind of damage is not affected by critical chance whatsoever. As such, an increase in Piercing does nothing to amplify most of the damage you will deal. But look a bit more closely. Just look. Notice that the Hydro's Ice Piercing increasing move (Crystal Ice) increases it by 200%...notice that the Psycho Shocker's ability does the same...then look at how much your piercing is increased with this. That's right. 300% and an additional 100. It eventually makes your moves deal decent Direct damage, even in the 3-digit zone. An envenom that immediately deals 700 damage while deals a further 440 each turn is far better than one that deals 80 damage on hit. Trust me it is not great, but it is far better than it looks...The fun part is when fighting lower level enemies again. Due to the way their poison defense is upgraded, you can watch and laugh at the direct damage you deal against them, which will often be 2.5k or more!

Disrupt: Only used it until the end of Zone 2 because of a lack of a way to stun enemies until then (Crystallize gets unlocked at Level 10). Like mentioned above, many fights would be far easier if I used this, but it is not a poison bio move, so no...It is like a Hot Hydro who uses Freezes or a shadow psycho with Shock Therapy and Electrical Storm...Easy to win battles, but not an actual Hot Hydro/Shadow Psycho respectively XD


Zone 1: New Alcatraz - The Iron Prison


lvl1: 3/4 Integrity, 1/3 Adrenaline, 1/4 Vicious Strike
lvl2: 1/2 Break
lvl3: 1/2 Disrupt
lvl4: 2/2 Disrupt
lvl5: 1/4 Anesthetic
lvl6: 2/4 Anesthetic
Action Bar: Leading Strike, Destroy, Adrenaline, 2x Vicious Strike, 2x Disrupt, Break


Battle 1: Prison Guard

After that fight, re-spec and put those free 19 points into Vitality

Battle 2: 2x Prison Guard

Battle 3: Agile Convict, Brutal Convict, Kill the weaker one first. Shouldn't have too much trouble

Battle 4: Brutal Convict, Cunning Convict, Agile Convict. The Cunning Convict is a healer and the weakest one. He goes down first. Put vera on relentless for the first turns and don't let up. If the agile convict casts adrenaline on him, disrupt him to dispel it. You may need to put Vera back on tactical since the enemies cast agile exposure on you so you take far more damage (especially since it stacks up). Once Veradux fires his electro-bolt on the cunning convict, he is most likely dead. After that it is easy.

Battle 5: Doctor Leath, 2x Prison Guards. Easy. You can either go after the doctor first or the Prison Guards. I recommend taking down the guard that is Enraged as the doctor stacks up that buff on him, causing him to take and deal far more damage. After that guard is down, the doctor will start casting "Enraged" on the other guard. Take him down as well. Then focus on the good doctor. If you go for the doctor first, you may have to deal with Mutant Injection as he may have enough time to cast it on one of his allies.

Battle 6: Twisted Experiment. The first somewhat difficult fight. Disrupt when he uses shadow blend or withdrawal. Cast adrenaline on Vera to help with his healing as the Twisted Experiment will attempt to wreck him with multiple poison debuffs.

Battle 7: The Warden. Not very tough but not easy either. Anyway, this is one of the few fights that is easier for a poison bio. Keep the Warden under anesthetic to reduce his massive damage output a bit and Vera should be fine with the healing, even without adrenaline. After that, constantly attack him. When he casts pick up the soap on you, he will wreck your attempts at Anesthetic as you get exactly 20 focus with integrity and lose one focus each turn (Anesthetic costs 20 focus but you will have 19), so plan ahead with leading strikes. When he casts Death Sentence put Vera on relentless and he'll go down.

Battle 8: Doctor Hedger - Frankie. Now, Frankie is a hot hydro. Doctor Hedger keeps casting a buff on him that causes him to take 200% more damage and deal 20% more damage but it's a trap. Attack the doctor first. His poison debuffs will wreck you if you don't. Frankie as a hot hydro has Impair and Bloodshed anyway, which take away 8% of his total health every time he uses them. That 8% is not affected by the doctor's debuff and it will be the primary damage Frankie will take. After you are done with the doctor put Frankie under Anesthetic and attack him. He will go down swiftly.

Battle 9: ZPCI Elite. Long but straightforward. Keep the ZPCI Elite under anesthetic and Vera on tactical or phalanx. Disrupt whenever he uses Aim for the heart or Auxiliary power. Break if Vera is stunned from concussion. Eventually, he will die. You can repeat this battle to get the Standard Rifle which is a great weapon for Veradux, but it is not necessary.

Battle 10: Felicity. So long...Really, really long. To give you an idea, I finished it about 75 turns AFTER she casted Serious Business. Anyway, take out one Anesthetic and Destroy and replace them with disrupts. Have Vera on relentless and put her under anesthetic at the start of the battle. She will then cast black metal to one of you. After that, constantly disrupt her with vera on relentless until the black metal wears off. When one of you reaches about 50% of his health or less, put Vera on phalanx and continue disrupting. When you are back in near full health, cast anesthetic instead of disrupt, take the black metal, put vera on relentless and continue disrupting. Repeat until the fight is over.

NOTE: Do not celebrate once she casts serious business. You will have to stick to the same tactic because if she casts "Garrote" on Vera (the move that makes him silenced) at the wrong time, it could mean that the fight is over...and after so much time, I wouldn't like to have to repeat it. SO better safe than sorry, even if it takes more turns. After she goes down at 25% I think she stops casting Garrote so you can put vera on relentless and join him in dealing damage because her most dangerous moves are slash and knife throw, none of which cause serious trouble with healing. Just disrupt when she uses shadow blend.

Zone 2: Oberursel - The Frozen Village
lvl7: 3/4 Anesthetic
lvl8: 4/4 Anesthetic
lvl9: 1/4 Endurance
lvl10: 1/3 Crystallize
lvl11: 2/3 Crystallize

Battle 1: Frost Zombie: Easy but long. You don't deal a lot of damage as a poison bio. Disrupt when it Recuperates.

Cutscene, you get Roald. The primary damage dealer for your party. He has one good defensive ability so if you need to, shift him into phalanx mode from time to time. Otherwise, guy stays in Relentless and never leaves

Battle 2: Frost Terror, 2x Frost Zombie. Tough. Seriously tough. At the start of the battle, put Vera and if necessary, Roald (depending on whether all opponents attacked vera or not) on phalanx to cast greater purpose. You may need to use your first turn to cast Adrenaline on Vera. After that, cast Anesthetic on the weakest Frost Zombie and put Roald on relentless. Attack that Frost Zombie with leading strikes, breaks and Destroy as much as you can while the anesthetic debuff is active but don't forget to use adrenaline if necessary. Because Vera is faster than you, you will have to plan ahead with adrenaline as there will be an enemy turn before he can benefit from the effect.
Disrupt when the targeted Frost Zombie Recuperates. Try to keep the target you attack constantly under Anesthetic. Alternatively, you can use both of your Anesthetics to keep the other frost zombie under its effect as well so that when the time comes to face it, it won't have enough focus to recuperate.
Especially dangerous is the Vascular Arrest these opponents cast on Veradux which reduces the healing he gets by 60%. Try saving Roald's greater purposes for that time and when Vera is under the effect, put Roald on phalanx.
I've noticed that, like most AI controlled enemies, they attempt to attack the weakest party member first. You will also need some luck with this fight, like Roald's fire attack successfully applying Concussion to the enemy or vera successfully dispelling vascular arrest despite the chance to resist being dispelled. Other than that, there's not much you can do.

Battle 3: Knight. Pretty straightforward and easy battle. Just remember that Anesthetic cannot stack.. Because he is slow, you won't have any misses (hopefully). Disrupt when he blocks.

Battle 4: Knight, Priest. Again, straightforward. Put them both under anesthetic and disrupt the priest afterwards. Roald on Relentless. Even if the priest heals, he will lose more focus, leading him to be stunned for multiple turns to recover. When that time comes, you have your chance. Don't let up on the priest. Put Vera on relentless as well and disrupt the priest if the knight Guards him. You can try putting the knight under anesthetic again so that Vera can deal damage without needing you to put him back in Phalanx mode. The priest is ought to die before the stun ends. If he doesn't, disrupt him and put him under anesthetic and he will stun himself again.

Battle 5: Frost Lord. Easy. Cast anesthetic because he deals a lot of damage. Keep him under the effect, disrupt when he buffs himself. Etc. etc.

Battle 6: Knight, Mage, Priest. This is where things are starting to get hard. Right. If you've got the shield from Battle 4, equip it on vera along with a crowbar or a pipe or anything. Don't worry it gives him enough instinct (unless if you have the standard rifle in which case, don't use the shield). That way, he will have somewhat more vitality than you, so most enemies will target you instead of him.
So the priest must go down first. Put Roald on aggressive and hope he targets the right enemy. No time to use anesthetic, immediately disrupt the priest twice. The knight has a tendency to protect the mage (especially if Roald damages him) so attack the priest. While the priest is stunned, seize the opportunity to put the mage (and if you like, the knight) under anesthetic. Put Roald on Phalanx and cast adrenaline on Vera if things look grim. After the priest dies, it is easier but not very easy. The mage is next. Disrupting him causes him to re-energize to regain focus, so he won't attack you for a turn. Use it to allow vera to catch up with the healing. Attack the mage and make sure to put him under anesthetic once he goes into an Energy Phase. Disrupt if the knight Guards him and hope to dispel the shield. The problem is that the mage constantly goes into energy phase even as you bring his health down. He can easily rip you apart afterwards, especially if you are under Doom. Anyway, don't let up on the mage and he will die in the end. After that, it's just the knight.

GREAT NEWS! You finally got Crystallize. Take out one anesthetic and break.

Battle 7: Knight, 2x Mage. This battle would be nigh impossible if not for Crystallize. Luckily, with Crystallize, it goes from nigh impossible to really really tough Anyway, the method is simple:

Crystallize the lower mage - leading strike on the upper mage - Crystallize the lower mage - adrenaline on vera - disrupt one mage - disrupt one mage - repeat.

Roald is generally on relentless but if vera lags behind with the healing, put him on phalanx. The problem is when one mage casts energy phase. You have to keep the other crystallized and put the one who energy phased under anesthetic. Because however crystallize costs a lot of focus, you may lag behind and miss one extra crystallize or a disrupt. This is what complicates things. But generally, use the strategy above. If Vera gets doom, have Roald cast greater purpose on him and cast adrenaline on him as well to mitigate the damage...he will still heal for about 220. With one mage crystallized and the other disrupted/under anesthetic you may survive .

NOTE: You will also need some luck with Roald's fire attacks..especially after one mage goes into Energy Phase. After the 3rd - 4th loss, I managed to finally get really lucky with this. Roald stunned the mage that was on energy phase twice in a row! So we managed to kill him without a lot of fuss

At this point, remove one Crystallize and replace it with Anesthetic.

Battle 8: Cult Leader. Easy. Disrupt until he has very low focus because he has many hot hydraulic moves that scale with his focus. Then, put both teammates on phalanx when he casts retrograde, relentless otherwise. Remember to keep his focus low and he will go down, despite his health

NEW ability bar for this battle:

2x Anesthetic, 2x Crystallize (just in shouldn't need them), 2x Disrupt, Adrenaline, Leading Strike

Battle 9: Baron Brixius. One of the easiest fights for a bio. Disrupt him on the first turn and watch him wreck himself. During this phase however, he will cast Tick Tock on one of you. Put both teammates on phalanx at this point and after the "Deep Burning" is over, Crystallize him. Cast adrenaline on veradux and give your teammates some time to mend. If need be (Tick Tock lasts a lot of turns), Crystallize him again. Alternatively use Anesthetic. Repeat until he loses so much health that he stops casting deep burning. He will then start wrecking himself with holy scars. Both teammates should be on relentless when that time comes. Don't let up. After those 2 turns are over, crystallize him if you need to. Repeat until he dies

Cutscene, Cult is disbanded but look who arrived to tear this place apart... You've guessed it the ZPCI.

Battle 10: ZPCI Elite, 2x Armored Hound. Tough Fight. It frustrated me a lot. Anyway, keep the lower hound crystallized and occasionally dispel poison bite from veradux. The ZPCI Elite should be under anesthetic and Roald on relentless. Once one hound is down, you must start keeping the ZPCI Elite Crystallized and the other hound under anesthetic (which should be tough. Due to the hounds' speed Anesthetic misses a lot against them). Once the other hound is down, it is easy.

At this point I got X5C8 - 1 luckily and, buying X5C8 - 4 (the leggings) from the shop, I managed to upgrade Vera's gear.

At this point, put these on your Action bar:

2x Disrupt (you should need 1, but put 2 just in case), Adrenaline, Leading Strike, Destroy, 2x Crystallize, Break

Battle 11: ZPCI Sniper, ZPCI Medic, Captain Hunt. Tough. Like, tough tough ...It's a nightmare! Ok, to deal with it? I will tell you. Your objective here is to take out the sniper ASAP. As you may have noticed, the shields the medic and sniper cast on themselves last 12 turns and reduce their strengths by 90%, thus making them unable to deal any damage without applying buffs to themselves (meaning the sniper mostly). However, the shield also makes them recover all their focus each turn, thus allowing them to cast their buffs and fulfill their intended roles. The problem comes when the shields expire. Their strength is back to normal and, without focus, all they can do is shoot. Which is far more dangerous with Captain Hunt's debuffs, Mark for Fire and Mark for Death!
"So?" you may be wondering...well, this means that at least one of them should be dead or close to dying when the shields expire i.e. in 12 turns. Since you are not a direct damage dealer, it is nearly impossible to do that!
"So how do I beat them?" Well, at first, hope that Captain Hunt will cast Anesthetic on Veradux, not on Roald or you. After that, put both teammates on relentless and don't let up on the sniper. Break him when he has both "Crouch" and "Lock and Load", until you break his shield. After that, you should also start disrupting the Medic when he has casts ONE buff (because when he casts the second buff, the sniper also casts his second buff the same turn, so you need to break him). Roald is constantly on relentless during this phase, veradux is mostly on relentless, except if one team member lost about 50% of their health or more. Put him on phalanx then for a couple of turns to heal up and then back on relentless. Generally, try to use Destroy to stack up as much damage as you can, but NOT at the expense of breaking the sniper or disrupting the doctor when you need to.
However, despite all this, you will STILL not manage to kill the sniper before the shield expires. So what do you do? Well, at this point, you put Vera on phalanx at least until you kill the both the sniper and the medic, also occasionally putting Roald on phalanx to cast Greater Purpose. As for you, you immediately Crystallize "Captain Hunt" as his debuffs lower your fire defense so badly, that the medic and the sniper start causing massive damage. After you crystallize him, cast Adrenaline on Vera and then leading strike on the sniper to regain focus. When Crystallize expires, make sure to have enough focus to crystallize the Captain again. You will need to keep the captain stun locked until both of his teammates die. You should be able to last through the medic and the sniper's onslaught since without the captain's debuffs, their damage output is somewhat reduced, so Vera can keep up with the healing (especially when Adrenaline and Greater Purpose come into play ). Doing this, the sniper will eventually die. After that point, with Roald on relentless and Captain Hunt constantly Crystallized, take out the Medic and the fight is yours.

ZONE 3 Ivory Line - The Train

At this point, I finally re-speced to a proper Poison Bio:
4/4 Integrity
1/3 Adrenaline
1/4 Slash
1/4 Corrosion
2/4 Envenom
4/4 Anesthetic
1/4 Endurance
2/3 Crystallize
Level 13: 3/4 Envenom
Level 14: 4/4 Envenom

Put this on your action bar:
2x Anesthetic, 2x Envenom, Adrenaline, Leading Strike, 2x Crystallize.

Battle 1: Spectre. Easy. Anesthetic and envenoms...he will start wrecking himself with midnight oil too. Recommend you re-do this until you get Annihilation, a great weapon for Roald. However, you can only get Annihilation from any of the first 4 fights (Spectre, 2x ZPCI Elite, 2x Spectre, Beast Phantom Antagonist and possibly from the 3x Spectre battle which is the penultimate battle of this Zone.) and you've got 8% chance to get it from each of these fights. So to maximize your chances, you can simply choose to replay only the 2x Spectre battle which is very easy to do anyway.

Battle 2: 2X ZPCI Elite. Without Disrupt, this fight will take some time but it is safe. Crystallize anyone who casts aim for the heart. If the other one immediately casts aim for the heart after that, put him under anesthetic and hope Roald will silence him (he most likely will). You can also try putting vera on relentless and hope he dispels it with his electro-bolt. Anyway, keep attacking the lower ZPCI Elite if not crystallized at the beginning but remember to switch targets if you need to Crystallize the one you've been primarily damaging. There is nothing you can do for Auxiliary Power though, just try to keep them under enough poison debuffs to reduce their healing.
Battle 3: 2x Spectre. Crystallize the one Spectre, don't let up on the other Envenoms, Anesthetics whatever. When you have enough focus, re-Crystallize that Spectre to make the fight easier. Recommend you replay this until you get Annihilation if you haven't got it yet )

Battle 4: Beast Phantom Antagonist. Crystallize the Antagonist right off the bat and keep him stun locked, his mind freezes can wreck you if he casts them on Vera. Then focus on the phantom, his traumatizes and Dark Heals can cost you. Luckily, at this point, the Beast tends to cast Shadow Blend on the Phantom instead of himself and since the Phantom has no attacks that use speed to deliver damage, it is far less dangerous than when the beast himself has it. Anyway, after you kill the phantom, focus on the beast while keeping the Antagonist crystallized. When the beast dies, the battle is yours.

Battle 5: The Hobo. Not a difficult fight. But the problem is that he casts many "Bad Smells". While things are manageable, you may want to consider Crystallizing him. After however things with the "Bad Smell" go out of control, there is no point in healing. Go relentless. With Roald and Annihilation, you probably won't have trouble. I lost both teammates and was 1 turn away from losing the battle simply because I never used Crystallize and because Roald used Greater Purpose on himself in the penultimate turn...

Battle 6: The Real Hobo. This is one of the few fights that are easier with the poison bio (even though it is generally extremely easy) because of the envenoms. He casts a debuff on himself that amplifies the DOT he takes by 250%. SO with just a couple of envenoms and the Diseased effect he casts on himself he will take 23k damage each turn.

Battle 7: The Host. Another very easy fight. Crystallize when he uses Dark Omen. Take that time to heal and cast envenoms that have no chance of missing. Otherwise, both teammates on relentless and wreck him. You can swap one crystallize with an envenom for this fight

Battle 8: 3x Spectre. Not a difficult fight. Just put both teammates on phalanx at the beginning and crystallize the lower Spectre right at the start. Then put Roald on Relentless, boost Vera with adrenaline and reduce the damage they do by putting one of them constantly under Anesthetic. You will be taking damage, but it is generally manageable.

Battle 9: Clemons the Deceiver. Easy. At the beginning put both teammates on Relentless and cast some Envenoms. If Vera is at 1/3rd of his health, Crystallize (either him, or Clemons). Keep attacking with envenoms and anesthetics and his health will drop swiftly. Remember to Crystallize Clemons every time Vera needs to catch up with the healing. Keep following this tactic and he will go down easily.

Recommend you re-do this battle until you get Shandor's Darkstaff which is great for Vera. You've got 33.3% chance to get it and the fight is neither hard nor exceptionally long.

ZONE 4: Labyrinth - Tunnel of Illusions


Lvl15: 3/3 Crystallize

At this point you've got two options. You can either go for 2/3 Adrenaline and get an extremely powerful attack, Infect during your next 4 levels, or, take Toxicant Form and massively increase your Poison Piercing with Acidic Blood. Getting Infect at 4/4 causes you to have enough focus to Crystallize without needing to use leading strike, so you can safely throw it out of your action bar. Adrenaline costs nothing so the turn you cast it, you just get 25 focus. Use it often and you will have no trouble keeping opponents Crystallized. However, you may have some trouble in Zone 5, due to the Specialists Silencing you, leaving you nearly unable to act. On the other hand, going for Acidic Blood means that the you will kill the Fire Claws in this Zone's boss fight quickly. The increase in Poison Piercing is so massive that it makes your poison attacks start dealing over 100 direct damage when you use them. However, the poison piercing is utterly useless as it doesn't affect DOT. The Choice is yours. Personally ,I went for Acidic blood at first, but then I re-speced to get The Infect, one very powerful ability for a Poison Bio. Both options have their benefits but this guide will assume that you've chosen the Acidic Blood just to show you my "actual" ability progression.

lvl16: 1/1 Toxicant Form

lvl17:1/4 Acidic Blood

Action bar: 2x Anesthetic, 3x Envenom, 1x Crystallize, 1x Adrenaline,1x Leading Strike

Battle 1: Tunnel Beast. Easy. Just use the strategy you've been using in Zone 3. Attack, if Vera lags behind Crystallize, use the time to get some Envenoms up and continue attacking.
Battle 2: Vivian Vixen. Crystallize once, then when the effect goes off, Crystallize again. When that goes off as well, attack her and tear her to bits. Vulpes Dolossus actually reduces the damage she takes by a massive amount so after you are done crystallizing her, it should be off but she won't have revealed her true form.

Battle 3: Gregor. Quite Easy. Best to equip 2 Crystallizes for this one. Crystallize it immediately and put it under Anesthetic. Keep it constantly under those two effects to reduce its focus. Nailing some Envenoms will cause it to take some damage once the Crystallize effect expires. Once its focus is reduced to 0, attack it. It can only attack with auto swing which, due to anesthetic, will make it recover only 2 focus every time it uses it(8 - 6 = 2). It can only cast Roach Vitality once its focus is 8 so make sure to Crystallize it once its focus reaches 8 (if it isn't dead already) Congrats, this fight is far tougher for normal Biologicals

At this point you can swap one Anesthetic for Toxicant Form (not necessary) and one Crystallize for one envenom, or one Crystallize and one Anesthetic for 2 Envenoms

Battle 4: Shunny. Tricky but easy. Swap one anesthetic with a third envenom. put him under anesthetic as soon as you have it ready and cast envenoms after that. When he gets at about 2000 health or less, he should have 0 focus and be casting Glacial Chills which cost nothing. But you will tell when he prepares to heal because he will attack with leading strike to recover focus. When he does that, Crystallize him and put him under anesthetic. Cast envenoms and he will take a lot of damage when he wakes up. Re apply Crystallize and repeat until he is done for. Your allies are faster than you so having them on relentless will allow them to deal some damage before you apply Crystallize on the target.

Battle 5: The Magical Monkey. Easy. Just use the same strategy you've been using. Crystallize, apply DOT effects and Anesthetic, attack, repeat

Battle 6: Mokoshotar. Put anyone who transforms on Relentless, other than that, follow the previous strategy. Easy.

Battle 7: Bunny. Same Tactic. Just don't use Anesthetic too much since the "Holy Hand Grenade" needs 5 focus.

Battle 8: Flower Zombie. Same Tactic. Do not Crystallize if he has good trip on though.

Battle 9: Hydra, 2x Fire Claw. Not so tough. Crystallize the Hydra and take out the Fire Claws first. About 3 Envenoms should do it. After that focus on the Hydra and use the same strategy you've been using. Be especially cautious with Potent toxin, you may need to Crystallize sooner than anticipated. If one of you gets epinephrine, Crystallize immediately! The next turn is "Heart Attack". Other than that, I recommend you repeat this battle until you get Emerald Death. I was lucky enough to get it on my first try, but then again, I wasted a lot of time trying to get Annihilation . In general, you have a 25% chance to get Emerald Death.

Cutscene, you get Mining gear. Save two sets, take and sell the third You will need them for Roald and yourself.

ZONE 5: Hew - The Dystopia

lvl18: 2/4 Acidic Blood
lvl19: 1/4 Infect
lvl20: 2/4 Infect
At this point I re-speced so I got an extra point in Adrenaline (2/3) and 4 points in Infect (4/4) which replaced Leading Strike in my ability bar.
lvl21: 3/3 Adrenaline

Action Bar: 2x Anesthetic, 2x Crystallize, 2x Envenom, Adrenaline, Leading Strike.

Battle 1: Riot Police. Just use the same tactic...

Battle 2: Riot Police, Blood Hound. Crystallize the blood hound, take out the Riot Police, use the previous tactic

Battle 3: 2x Secret Police. Crystallize the one, take out the other, use the same tactic...

Battle 4: Police Colonel. Tricky. This battle is sort of a high risk-high reward type battle. He tends to mix both guns blazing and reloading to receive AND deal 400% more damage. Due to his massive health, Crystallizing him at that time is not an option and if you try to Crystallize him when he first casts Guns blazing on himself (before he casts Reloading), he will simply wake up from the stun and cast it again because it will have cooled down by that time. Simply, put him under anesthetic every time he is on Guns blazing, have Roald cast greater purpose and cast adrenaline on vera to survive his onslaught.

Cutscene, you get Felicity. Roald has Greater Purpose. Felicity is overly aggressive . I have tried, and it seems easier with Roald, even though you won't be dealing so much damage and Felicity has access to better gear (that's how great "Greater Purpose" is! )

Battle 5: Caretaker, 2x Blood Hound. Not as tough as it looks. Got it on my second try and the only reason I didn't get it on my first was because I used Felicity. First turn, you Crystallize the upper hound and put both teammates on phalanx. Second turn, have Roald on Relentless to attack the lower hound while you cast adrenaline on Vera. After that, attempt to keep the hound under anesthetic, but not at the expense of Crystallizing the upper hound when the effect expires. You will miss a lot against the hounds, don't panic. That's why you have the Anesthetic twice on your action bar After one hound goes down, keep the upper Crystallized and take out the Caretaker. Then, the fight is yours.

Battle 6: Android Guard, 2x Riot Police: Thanks to @kepponen879 for pointing this out to me. I had forgotten about this battle. Anyway, the Riot Police have some dangerous damage dealing capabilities. This fight is a bit difficult. Crystallize the lower policeman and focus on the upper one. As usual, put Roald on phalanx if you need him to cast greater purpose and keep Vera on phalanx at all times. The android guard is only a nuisance with its shields and the riot policemen cannot heal themselves, only each other. So, keeping the one crystallized and the other under Anesthetic does the trick. Even if the one you attack casts "Perfect Aim" you should be fine with Anesthetic. Remember to constantly cast Adrenaline on Vera though. Keeping the one stun locked, keeping the other under anesthetic, the one you attack wil ldie in the end. Then stun lock the android and kill the other policeman as usual, then finally take out the android.
*NOTE* I haven't been doing this battle right now like the rest, so this is only general advice. If keeping the policeman under anesthetic doesn't work, you can try instead only occasionally Crystallizing the one policeman, so that you will save one Crystallize at all times, just in case the active policeman uses Perfect Aim. This basically means that the Riot Policeman will not be completely stun locked, but be able to get 1 turn between your Crystallizes. Which may make him cast First Aid to his ally and this is what complicates things. Anyway, your DOT debuffs can handle it most of the times. So if the above doesn't work, try this tactic

Battle 7: Specialist, 2x Android Guard. Somewhat tough. Take out the Specialist first. Crystallize one of the androids and put the specialist under Anesthetic. The problem is that he casts Chloroform and Black Metal to you. Dispel Chloroform using Adrenaline. If the target that has Black Metal is taking too much damage, Crystallize him (even if it is yourself). To reduce the damage someone takes when under Black Metal, have Roald cast greater purpose. After the Specialist is down, the fight is yours.


Re-spec to a normal bio at this point:

1/4 Vicious Strike
2/2 Break
4/4 Integrity
1/3 Adrenaline
3/3 Reform
1/4 Anesthetic
1/1 Toxicant Form
1/4 Savagery
1/1 Predator Form
3/3 Agile Exposure
1/4 Endurance
3/3 Crystallize
2/3 Evolution

All or nearly all points go into strength and put these in your action bar:

Leading Strike, Destroy, Agile Exposure, Crystallize, Predator Form, Toxicant Form, Break, Reform


Battle 8: City Council. Most frustrating battle in the entire game. Due to a glitch, the city council are shielded for 3000 damage EVERY TIME YOU CRYSTALLIZE THEM! So their shields are restored constantly! My original plan was to crystallize one, deal with the other, then apply poison debuffs to prevent the remaining council member from healing each turn, then, the same turn I crystallize him again, my faster teammates would manage to nail some direct damage. Continue with poison debuffs, repeat, and little by little he would be damaged every turn until he died. But that glitch makes it impossible. Due to the State of Emergency, they recover 700 focus per turn, giving them access to an insta-kill attack. You will be long gone before you manage to take him down. So I had to shift to a different tactic. I followed @soccerdude2 's guide for a normal bio on this one, hoping that it wouldn't be too difficult. But it was.

Anyway, here is how I did it in the end. I attacked the lower one in the first turn since I knew they would both attack with leading strike. Then I crystallized the upper one on my second turn and attacked aggressively the lower one with Felicity hacking him as well. He will be brought down to 3000 - 2500 hp approximately when the other one wakes up from Crystallize at which point, focus on the other one while letting Felicity attack the injured one. Hacking at him will eventually bring him down, unless he is protected by 2 "Justice Done" buffs, in which case you have to re-crystallize the upper one and continue. At any rate, you will probably bring down the upper one's shield and damage him somewhat by the time Felicity is done with the lower one. You can try occasionally putting her on Aggressive mode. She may help you damage the upper one a little more, but don't overdo it as they can kill you when they attack together. When the first one is down, attack the other one like crazy. All your most powerful attacks just throw them at him. Felicity may do you a favor and silence him at the right time. When he reaches 2000 focus, break him to earn one extra turn if he is not silenced. If he is, just break him when the Silenced debuff wears off. Continue attacking and hope that Felicity breaks him, silences him, or that he doesn't target you. He will probably be dead before he manages to cast his insta-kill attack twice.
Do note that this is extremely frustrating and I would love to hear an easier way to defeat the City Council. Sometimes, my only hope using this tactic was that someone else managed to do it this way...

Now you can freely re-spec back... At this point I upgraded my gear. I bought a set of Riot Gloves, a set of Royal Grips and 2 sets of Imperial Marchers, for me and Roald. I gave Roald the Riot Gloves.

Battle 9: Secret Police, Android Guard, Specialist. Far easier than the previous fight. Crystallize the Specialist. The Secret Policeman has the tendency to boost the Specialist's damage through "Expose Enemy". Not to mention that the Specialist will cause you to lose the fight with his Black Metal and Chloroform if you are not careful. So as he is locked down, destroy the Secret Policeman. Then the android. As usual, switch Roald to phalanx every time you need him to cast greater purpose, try to have the enemy you are attacking occasionally under anesthetic, etc. etc. Should be easy.

Finally Vera reached Level 21. Give him a law binder (buy one from the shop) and a set of Grips of Command. Oh and brace yourself. One of the toughest battles in the entire game is coming up...

Battle 10: Specialist, 2x Blood Hound. I actually got it on my fourth or fifth try but I got a lucky. Anyway, you know what you have to do. Crystallize the lower hound, apply adrenaline to dispel chloroform from your teammates, hope that the specialist doesn't cast black metal too soon, put the other hound under Anesthetic. The strategy is the same. The rest is luck. At any rate, I do think you have this easier than the normal bio. After one hound dies, the fight is yours practically. Even if the Specialist chloroforms you, preventing you from Crystallizing the hound (despite my initial luck, he did this twice!).

Battle 11: Secret Police, 2x Android Guard. Like many people have noted, this is far easier than the previous fight. Follow the established tactic. Crystallize one Android, take out the Secret Police blah blah blah. Luckily, the androids tend to protect each other leaving the Secret Police to fend for himself.

Battle 12: The Mayor. This is it! This fight is quite easy for a final canon boss . Attack the Guardian cannon first. Crystallize the Mayor at the beginning and most importantly, make sure the Guardian Cannon is under Anesthetic at all times. It has an Ice attack called "Robot Mana Bomb" in the game files which can one shot you or Vera (and can still kill you even under anesthetic, but it is unlikely that it will if you have full health).The attack scales with the Guardian Cannon's focus and it will cast it 3 turns after the start of the battle. It may be a good idea to try and stun it (maybe by Crystallizing) at that time. After the guardian cannon is done for, focus on the Mayor. Careful. Play it safe. Crystallize if he uses Unity or Peace on you since the next turn is probably peace or Unity respectively, again on you. Due to his "Enraged" debuff, he can 2HKO you this way so don't risk it. When he starts casting Destroy Damage/Healing and Team Sacrifice, hope that he casts Destroy Healing on Roald, Destroy Damage on Vera and Team Sacrifice on you. At any rate, your health is increased by 300% (I think) at this point so you are not in any real danger. Just keep to the strategy after that and you will win.


Zone 6: Il Sanctus - The Supreme Court

At this point I recommend that you train up to level 30

Ability Progression:

lvl22: Sample Blood 1/3 (alternatively Corrosion 2/4)
lvl23: Sample Blood 2/3 (alternatively Corrosion 3/4)
lvl24: Sample Blood 3/3 (alternatively Corrosion 4/4)
lvl25: Toxicant Form 1/1
lvl26: Acidic Blood 1/4
lvl27: Acidic Blood 2/4
lvl28: Acidic Blood 3/4
lvl29: Acidic Blood 4/4
lvl30: Subversion 1/1 (you will need it for Zone 7, I am just putting it in now so that I won't have to waste more money re-specing )

Since now you won't be fighting any 3v3 battles anymore you can safely take out one Crystallize and replace it with Sample Blood or Corrosion. Also of use is to take out one adrenaline and replace it with Envenom or infect. Corrosion deals somewhat more damage but Sample Blood is easier to handle and use. The Choice is yours.

Action Bar: 3x Envenom (or 2x Envenom and 1 extra Infect), 1x Crystallize, 1x Adrenaline 2x Anesthetic, 1x Sample Blood (or 1x Corrosion)

Battle 1: Metal Warden. Just a repeat of the Warden fight in Zone 1, basically. To get the achievement, you just have to fight him using one team member so deactivate Roald, just bring Vera along. Crystallize the Metal Warden if you need to heal, generally have him under Anesthetic because he deals a lot of damage and cast as many poison debuffs (preferably boosted by Corrosion or Sample Blood) as possible. When he casts Death Sentence on one of you (most likely you) you should have enough poison debuffs to kill him as Vera doesn't deal enough damage on his own. You can try Crystallizing the target that has Death Sentence to delay it. If it is Vera and you have 2 Crystallizes, you can avoid it altogether, by constantly Crystallizing Vera one turn before the previous "Crystallize" effect ends.

If you want to get the 'Doomsday' Achievement with 100% efficiency, re-spec into this:

1/4 Slash
4/4 Corrosion
4/4 Savagery
1/1 Predator Form
3/3 Agile Exposure
4/4 Sharp Senses
4/4 Shadow Blend
1/1 Toxicant Form
1/4 Envenom
1/4 Infect
4/4 Withdrawal
3/3 Evolution

And the rest into whatever you want. All of your attribute points should go into SPEED (commonly known as a speed bio). Also swap your gear with whatever gives you the highest speed. Give Roald and Felicity some good strength gear, including your own.

Battle 2: The Bomb. Take Roald and Felicity for this fight, you won't need Vera

Normally, this combo requires Crystallizing the opponent but since the bomb cannot do anything, you don't need it. So, cast these:

Corrosion - Toxicant Form - Shadow Blend - Agile Exposure - Withdrawal. You will hit for a massive amount depending on your speed (my damage was 33.5k). Then, repeat by casting these:

Agile Exposure - Corrosion - Predator Form - Toxicant Form - Shadow Blend - Agile Exposure - Withdrawal. Repeat if necessary until you win.

If you didn't Re-spec, you will need to have these in your action bar:

4x Envenom, 2x Infect, 1x Corrosion, 1x Destroy.

Right, here is how to do it as a poison bio. Constantly cast this combo during the whole fight:

Envenom - Envenom - Envenom - Envenom - Corrosion - Infect - Infect - Destroy - Repeat.

NOTE: No matter which way you decided to do it, he will die in the final or penultimate turn just before the number of turns reach 40. I have just recommended the speed bio way because I have seen it in @soccerdude2 's guide as well, meaning it is a method that has more efficiency. At any rate the choice is yours.


For the Achievement 'Old Ghosts' put these on your action bar:

3x Envenom, 2x Crystallize, Infect, Leading Strike, Corrosion or Sample Blood.

Battle 3: Nostalgia. If you want to do the achievement, it is easy, but somewhat long. It might as well be called cheating Crystallize the Nostalgia and hit it up with an envenom and a corrosion or sample blood. On the final turn the Crystallize effect is on, infect it. The nostalgia should take more than 2k damage when it wakes up. Crystallize it again and repeat, making certain that you have enough focus when you have to crystallize it again. Use Leading Strike if necessary. Constantly do that, and every 4 turns the Nostalgia will be taking about 1500 - 2500 damage. It will go down eventually


Battle 4: The Judge. Easy. Attack with Envenoms, Corrosion and infect, Crystallize if healing gets hard. Even if Vera dies and you are stunned, your DOT and Roald should be able to finish the job.

ZONE 7: Sho'Tul Shelf - The Divided Cliff

Battle 1: Doctor Klima. Easy. Crystallize, Use Subversion on him when he wakes up. Repeat until he is dead. The suit he drops is the best BALANCED suit for Veradux.

Unfortunately, the next fight looks a bit like the fight with the City Council. And guess what! That's right...
Re-spec into a speed bio.

Action bar: 2x Crystallize, Corrosion, Withdrawal, Agile Exposure, Shadow Blend, Leading Strike, Predator Form

Battle 2: The Twin Guardians. You know why we can't defeat them with a poison bio. You've experienced it with the City Council back in Zone 5. So, I will be following @soccerdude2 's guide for a normal/speed bio:
Predator form - Corrosion (North guardian) - Crystallize (south guardian) - Shadow blend - Agile Exposure - Withdrawal on the North guardian and then keep attacking until he is out of the game, all the while keeping the South Guardian crystallized.
Then keep the other guardian stunned until Predator Form is ready again. When it is, cast this:

Crystallize - Corrosion - Predator Form - Crystallize - Shadow Blend - Agile Exposure - Withdrawal

Withdrawal removes poison debuffs, including Crystallize. Put your teammates on relentless while you are waiting for Predator Form to cool down, so that once you cast Withdrawal on the south guardian in the end, they can follow up and defeat him due to the Agile Exposure

Re-Spec back into normal. Now for the third fight in this zone!

Battle 3 - Yosuke. This fight is easy for yous. Keep Yosuke Stun-locked and attack with Corrosions (or Sample Blood), envenoms and infect him the last turn Crystallize is on. His buff does not hinder DOT so you will be dealing some damage. Repeat until he is dead. Yes I know that's a bit like cheating but hey, every class has its own way of cheating the system

Battle 4: Versu the Corruptor, Orb of Sanctuary, Orb of Restraint. Pretty easy. Just attack the Corruptor. Put Roald or Felicity (recommend Felicity for this battle) in Aggressive mode and hope he/she chooses the right target while also putting Vera on phalanx. Despite black metal, he will delay the Corruptor's progress at killing you a bit. The Corruptor will constantly attack the weakest party member with black metal. If that party member is at about 30% of its health, Crystallize the Corruptor and put on some poison debuffs for massive damage when the corruptor wakes up. Keep in mind the Orb of Restraint's health though. If it is close to dying (this happens often if felicity constantly attacks it), Crystallize it. The Orb of Sanctuary will do its best to restore some health to it while it is Crystallized. Keep on keeping on and the Corruptor dies...

ACHIEVEMENT - Over the Ashes

Congrats! You just finished a legend run with a poison bio! Great Work! In the end, I didn't even have to train Roald or Felicity to level 30!

Any comments, suggestions, constructive criticism are welcome.

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actually there is something new im in stage 7 in hew and it's 2 riot police and an android guard and i cant beat them at all ://

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@kepponen879 seem to be right.I finished my psycho playthrough and came across this battle. Sorry and thanks for pointing this out to me. Please bear with me

Ok, the Riot Police behave like Blood hounds, in the sense that they have powerful attacks that can be further augmented by their "Perfect Aim"

My general advice would be to constantly use one of your Crystallizes to keep the one under its effect, while keeping the other Crystallize on your action bar for emergency situations, like most notably, for when the other Riot Policeman uses perfect aim. Attempt to generally keep the policeman under anesthetic as much as possible, the other one gets only 1 turn between crystallizes so he ain't much of a problem. Android's shield is a bit of a problem, but generally ignore the android until the policemen go down. Aside from that, as a general advice, put Roald on phalanx when you need to, and keep Vera under Adrenaline as much as possible (you will need to cast it often to be able to keep up with crystallizing opponents anyway )

I hope this helps, if not, please notify me by @ summoning me...thanks

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Thx for the help Doombreed awesome guide really enjoyed it you have any others guides ? ^^

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No, that was my only in depth guide, sorry...but I am preparing a compilation of fun builds for psychos and hydros in Sonny 2. I mostly tried them out of boredom but some were really solid

Thanks a lot for the feedback, most glad I could help XD

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Psy is the best!

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Brings back memories
I guess it's too late to thank for the mention
Dident really bother to read the top half since i was already half way poison. Runn. when this camee out

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Hello @Doombreed

Probably too late but if anyone is still playing (i recently got back too Sonny 2 on rumble )

You can do twin guardians and possibly city council with poison bio
I only tried with guardians so ye gotta find out if same possible at councils
You need 2 anesthetic 2 crystalize. 1 infect 1 adrenaline 1 corrosion 1 envenom/(second infect)
At guards probably all will be maxxed and have Max acidic blood
Try to get as close as to that in council battle max crystalize is priority followed by corrosion/infect and anesthetic/adrenaline in that order

For guards
Keep northern guard stunlocked and chip away at southern guardian with infect and envenom while keeping it under anesthetic at all times
Use adrenaline /Let Roald cast greater purpose when needed (never at the cost of crystallize and anesthitic when needed )

Once southern guard is dead. Comes the boring part
Keep norther guard stunlocked until his shield expires
Then you do the infect cheat.
Where you keep him stunlocked and. Infect right before he wakes up and north goes down without even getting a chance to attack

Theorytically this can be replicated at councils. I ran into this method too late otherwise i woulda tried

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