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It's looking bad, watch the news.
That's the last thing the World need now.
What do you think?

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As a Greek, I can't help but worry. It is all really blurry still. No air traffic, the army has seized power, armored units have sealed off the bridges... It is literally happening very close.

I have yet to make up my mind about this. It is 2016. NATO, so many similar organizations, globalization, they are all meant to help in situations like this. That is what we mean when we say that 'in the NATO we are safe' after all...

The ironic thing is the statement by the Turkish ministry of defense (I think?), in which it is clearly underlined that the coup is 'an act to protect freedom and democracy' -_-

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It would have been better if the coup had been successful. I do not normally support coups, mind you. But the purge following the failed coup is only strengthening Erdogan (whom I do not like) and giving him free game to establish his absolute power over Turkey. There are even some who claim that this was all a manipulation by himself; whether that is true or not, Erdogan comes out as the winner.

What is worrying is all the people who are losing their positions. Not only military and police officers, also teachers and people from other professions are (most likely arbitrarily) removed. He'll be able to put his own people in the vacant positions, if he fills them again at all. I'll let you imagine what that means for education in Turkey...

On a separate note, I guess this was the 'coup de grâce' for negociations about a EU membership for Turkey.

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