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1. Make sure your work is 100% original. Please don't copy someone else's work.
2. You may write any kind of poem!
3. Stick to the round's current theme.
4. No offensive/lewd material. Let's keep things family friendly.
5. You may submit as many poems as you like.
6. Each round will last a month.
7. Everyone's work will be judged at the end of each round.
8. The runner up shall receive a merit.
9. The winner shall receive a merit and the right to choose the next round's theme.


1. Title your poem
2. Write down as many lines as you like, depending on the style of your poem

The Current Theme

Round 6's theme will be "Secrets".
Ends Feb 24, 2017.


Round 1 "A Day In The Life": Doombreed
Round 2 "War": coleslaw35
Round 3 "Memory": wolf1991
Round 4 "Consequences of Honesty": BlueEyedBlondie
Round 5 "Forgiveness": Last4Skull
Round 6 "Secrets": ...

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The battle of loss
There was a battle that was filled with hope
but little did they know is they would all mope
The real steal swords clashed together for ages at times
But they were all fighting for some worthless dimes

The battle scared cattle all around
But no army would dare lose ground
Some slithering snakes seized a chance to kill
But there they were at some hill

A year went by as night was day
And the battle was finally at bay
The warriors realized that fighting was pointless
None of them would ever progress

Days passed by and soldiers cried
As they realized all their friends died
To them their friends were like gold
Going to parties as ever bold

That day ended a war for the boss
And they remembered the battle of loss

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"Booty pop cream"

How beautiful. Quite fitting for a poetry thread, huh?

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I reported it to a mod, should be cleaned up soon xD

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I would like to submit a revised version of my piece. I was unsatisfied with the placement of a few lines and some overall word usage, so I went back and looked at it for a while. Please read this one instead of the one above.


Blood of Oil, Tears of Bullets, Hearts of Ice

The greatest folly of mankind,
And the most potent of all, I find.
On oil and steel these countries dine,
So that they may push to the Volga or Rhine.

Nationalism takes hold, the people sing,
Awaiting orders from their "righteous" king.
To nations bordered and afar,
Guns, bullets, and death they bring.

War carried out, casualties mount up
As more men equip their bullpups.
Death and destruction
They pour into their cups.

Victory and defeat, both in sight.
Neither country fully right.
But each combatant continues on
In order to finish their horrid fight.

Over the hills and plains men walk,
Their eyes, focused, like hawks.
Professors of combat, their guns chalk.
To the enemy's capital for a lecture they flock.

Men, young and old,
For their country they are bold.
To kill and conquer they are told.
And so their hearts grow arctic cold.

Victory achieved
Or so they believed
For there was no winning
When families grieved

Maimed, yet no crutch
All that is gained,
Well, not much.

Widows and children, pained
Mothers and fathers, tear stained
War, but a bane.

On history a smudge is placed
Of which wishes to be erased
A time of bayonets affixed
An era of hostilities to never be fixed

Eventually forgotten, the memory is erased
Until one day an old minefield faced
War's fetid aftertaste.

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@coleslaw35 you can delete your previous post I think . Just to make the thread easier to navigate.

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Ah, sorry @Doombreed , didn't see that button.

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The Emotional War
Wars arent always fought by legions of men,
But sometimes by the demons within.
The mind can be a curious place,
Bringing joy or even great disgrace.
The emotions are sometimes a powerful foe,
Capable of beating you very low.
Anger, Sorrow, Guilt
These demons can destroy all that you've built.
The battle against these is long;
For the adversary is quite strong.
But if you hold on to everything dear,
And never give in to the feeling of fear,
You might, just might, be able to destroy,
These evil demons' little ploy.
In the end if you do not fail,
You will be able to lift the veil.
Now seeing the light, you now have hope,
That no longer you will go down that slippery slope.
When wars go on inside your head,
the demons will now lose to you instead.

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The sound of a bullet's fly-by
As men cower in trenches
Praying not to die.

Lifeless branches on a scorched tree bow
The pungent and bitter winter air
A broken man lying in the snow
His thousand yard stare

The maimed man, his limbless token.
His bloody bandages tightly woven.

He wishes to head back home
To those he shall not see
For when he finally makes it back
His loved ones will read their eulogies.

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Please don't listen to the post above. The round ends September 25, 2016.

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In order to avoid confusion, please note that the post SirLegendary refers to above has been deleted.

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My Back

They say I got your six.
yet your always in a fix.
The truth of it all.
When you land from the fall.
It was your front not your back.
That got whacked.
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M-60 machine gun
I'm a sixty gunner and I like you to know,
that my bullets will be flying and my barrel will glow.
Yeah I like to bust caps, cause I like the sound,
and I like to make peoples head hit the ground.
So if you hear that sound going bub bub bub but,
you know your history and dead out of luck.
Yeah I'm a sixty gunner and I stand in my jeep,
just to mow down the living to put them six feet deep.

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The smoke and fire of shooting guns
Beneath the lead-gray sky.
Survival here is victory
But soldiers always die.
The colours of the uniforms
By blood of martyrs stain'd.
The uniforms may differ
But the blood is just the same.


A sentinel. A forest.
The smell of autumn leaves.
He looks through his binoculars
And a man is what he sees.
An enemy! "Who goes there!?"
No answer is required.
He aims and shoots, the soldier falls
Face down before a pine.
The sentinel approaches
And turns the corpse around.
He sees his elder brother's face.
He died without a sound.


Why would I want to fight with you,
When you're a human being too?
Why would I want to make you bleed
When you have many kids to feed?


I have a way to turn things round:
Two lines, why don't you read them 'loud?

The sun is shining from above!
Forget the hate! and feel the love!

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Hope on a Pole

Survivors of the war, they deserve an award.
Terrible things happened, some men disappered.
One man standing awkward like a wandering star,
Planting a flag surrounded by all who deceased.
No one can forget atrocity, they just try to rebuild their city.
Endless cycle of pain , they just need to refrain.
Endure is a necessity, the real key is in unity.
Despite the rain , they work together for sustain.
Watching from their submission, threat stand in the horizon.
Army of men waiting, for an occasion of striking.
Ravage and destruction, today aren't the solution.
Ending the cycle of pain, today they break their chains.
Nothing ill will remaining on the hill, just a flag is floating.
Did you see on the cane? next to white their hope remain!

(I expected to make a "Sonnet" in "alexandrin" rythmic and in a "calligrame" style, a weird mix I agree xD ! It was really hard for me xD It's not my native language, so I tried to do my best on it, I hope I write what I expected to say x'). And by the way Congratz all ! I've read all of your entries, really nice work!!) [Edit of the 5 days ago post , I mispelled one word and I can't edit it].

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