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1. Make sure your work is 100% original. Please don't copy someone else's work.
2. You may write any kind of poem!
3. Stick to the round's current theme.
4. No offensive/lewd material. Let's keep things family friendly.
5. You may submit as many poems as you like.
6. Each round will last a month.
7. Everyone's work will be judged at the end of each round.
8. The runner up shall receive a merit.
9. The winner shall receive a merit and the right to choose the next round's theme.


1. Title your poem
2. Write down as many lines as you like, depending on the style of your poem

The Current Theme

Round 6's theme will be "Secrets".
Ends Feb 24, 2017.


Round 1 "A Day In The Life": Doombreed
Round 2 "War": coleslaw35
Round 3 "Memory": wolf1991
Round 4 "Consequences of Honesty": BlueEyedBlondie
Round 5 "Forgiveness": Last4Skull
Round 6 "Secrets": ...

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Oh crap, I've awarded the Poetry Quest by mistake to Kat.

But I see that Kat has got the Bug-Killer quest?

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@akshobhya Yeah ^^ she helped about a bug appeared in the rank system

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Grand Duke

It wasn't a bug that caused her to get the Poetry Quest, it was just me and forgetfulness haha.

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Pretty Honesty

In this world, some qualities aren't found easily.
Sometimes having one of these could be really bad..
Honesty.. Maybe this one especially !
But even if it can be a real curse I'm glad !

Honesty can lead you to bad situations
Like this famous one, about somebody who ask you :
Did these clothes fit me? What's the better solution ?
Just say yes and smile ? Or you will choose to be true ?

The first option is probably an easy thing..
But honestly I don't think it's the best for them.
Honesty can hurt I agree.. but suffering,
can make stronger like people singing an anthem !

Sometimes, you will occasionally doubt about
people of your circle, are they honest with you ?
Even if you are? it's something you want to shout !
Do just like an angry cat yelling miaou !!

How can we spot people who are wearing a mask ?
Can we just trust them ? They were honest in the past..
Does that mean they will do all the way their own task ?
All we can do is watching the crack on the plast !

Seems that honesty could lead to paranoia..
Maybe it's better to staying here lonely ?
With a good view on a forest of sequoia..
This time, only me and my pretty honesty !

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Honesty Over Lives

Once there was hate then there was honesty over lives
They never thought that hate would end
Honesty had stopped it
Find your love in honesty
Lives do not matter compared to honesty
Honestly, we should be robots instead of humans because then we can be honest
Honesty over lives, Will you choose honesty over lives, or hate
If you chose hate there will be a consequence
That will be your death.

Thanks for listening

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This round is now over. Judging will now begin. Thanks to everyone who participated.

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Great entries everyone! Here are the results:

Runner Up

Changing of the Season

Spring is but the cruelest season in which to voice despondent thoughts.
Rain washed shadows cover the corpses in the garden,
Driving out Winter's warm paralysis. That sweet suffering embrace.
I remember the snow well, how it dazzled upon your brow
A purer filigree crown I have never seen. But, thinking upon it now,
As the rain pours outside my window, casting most devious shadows,
That's the problem with purity.
Taken as honest work, as a think untarnished by the ravages
And skeletal hand of Time. That glorious blanket of white gems,
Offers such iron certainty. Then, one may so boldly ask,
"What else should we strive for, if not cold-hearted certainty?"
To which the answer should always be, "The truth."
Look past that warm blanket of snow and gaze into the cruelness of Spring.
Gaze at these rain washed shadows, hear the sound of damp earth,
Pressing closer to the floorboards. Lie no more asleep, dreaming
Of your supposed honesty. No truth is self evident, nothing is gained
Through hibernation, except that clinging mealy existence.
And should you win, should you clamber free of the sodden, torn blanket
Of Winter, where certainty lies like a daggers point; should you endure
Spring's cruel and carnal embrace. Mayhap we will meet again
Upon the lake shore in the unrelenting sun of Summer,
Where the scattering of certainty is absolute. Like fear,
In the handful of dust. And rain, coming upon the waste land.

Very well written poem, easily one of the bests of this round, if not the best. Good work!


True Honesty

You live your life in search of truth, honesty, and love
You want to live your life happily and as gently as a pure white dove.
Soon enough you realize it cannot be so
There's ups and downs, grief, and woe.

You give your soul and expect the same
Then think it's too much and feel, well, lame.
You go through life making friends and foes
And sometimes you've just had it from your head to your toes.

You realize you end friendships because they lack honesty
But then you gain new beginnings and purity.
You learn the meaning of honesty and trust
While you watch the old things turn to dust.

Being true to yourself and to others is hard it's true
But this is what real and strong relationships do.
You must look at your own honest ability
Before you can prepare for the consequences brought upon by true honesty.

Well written poem, with a good rhyming scheme. Keep up the good work! Good reflection on what being honest is, and the consequences of it.


That sums up round 4. Thanks for being patient with the results. @BlueEyedBlondie, please pick next round's theme.

Merits should be given out soon! Thanks to everybody for their participation.

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Prizes have been given out, nice work everyone!

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Thank you!!!! Everyone did really well as far as I noticed. Keep it up everyone! I finally got the theme. After carefully thinking about it I wanted to see what you all will come up with for this theme.
Next theme: Forgiveness

Good luck everyone!

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Okay with that being said, Round 5's theme will be Forgiveness, and begins now!

This round ends on January 7. More than enough time to write up a poem for the contest. Good luck everyone!

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The Good Man

I have stood, stock still and staring.
Down a battered, broken branch.
In a long, long road, that I have walked.
I gaze in wonderment and trepidation,
Seeking the judging gaze, of those passing.
Those fellows who know me through and through.
Who have right and wit, to judge and hold
Me accountable. For the deeds done
And undone. Those words said and those
Words, left unsaid. But they, are but ghosts.
Forlorn and shaking. In the wind that winds
Itself along, this battered, broken branch.
And I stare, standing stock still.
Wondering, wishing, wanting.
To be what I always thought I was.
And the words are ripped from me.
Tumbling, turning over upon themselves.
Hauntingly, halting, hoping.
Staring and standing, stock still,
Wanting, wishing, wondering, whispering,
"Am I a good man?"

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@wolf1991 wooow. Very nice. I especially like the bottom part of the poem. Poem is really good

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Tomorrow I'll deal with it.
Today I'll laugh and play.
The day is almost over; we're escaping anyway.

We're a pitter patter
of a lone mad hatter,
telling myselves it's okay.

And all we wake
to the choices we chose
in remembrance of yesterday.

and we say:
Tomorrow. Tomorrow we'll deal with it.

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Rhyming again as last time...

Healthy Gift

A person experiences many different things in life.
It can be peace, happiness, love, or just pure strife.
Just remember that these things are quite beneficial though,
For they actually teach and strengthen you so.

It's very simple when there's happiness and things go well,
But there's also those moments when things aren't so swell.
There's anger, betrayal, and all kinds of harm,
And the world just no longer feels all that warm.

Overcoming such things gives you power, growth, and sets you free.
It builds you up, gives you life, and helps you be.
It's especially true when the meaning of forgiveness is learned,
Because then true peace and joy has been earned.

Holding unto grudges through life is depressing and sad.
It can ruin you inside and out then just drive you mad.
Holding these grudges does no good at all but harm,
And those unneeded grudges really have no charm.

Life isn't easy, it comes with struggles to overcome.
You can expect to come across many, a few, or just some.
Either way, they are just obstacles in your path,
Which require a solution instead of something called wrath.

You must know that whether people make bad intentions or just mistakes,
Putting yourself into their shoes is all that it takes.
At times you might need forgiveness yourself to start over, it's true.
Yes, it's a wonderful present to receive, but giving it is one healthy gift for each side too.

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Will I Forgive Her

Will I forgive her for all those times;
All those times she had betrayed me,
Will I forgive even my self for marrying such a wicked person?
She has betrayed me and everyone around her.

I think i will forgive her

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