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Welcome to How Gantic Are You? the quiz thread game show that measures your Gantessence. This is a highly accurate patented process. Get ready to prove your Ganticness with Gantickery and Ganticisms. Are you a Ganticable Gantoid? or a Ganticious Gantian? Find out now!

Sign-ups are open until 10-20 spots are filled or 1 week passes, whichever happens first. Please do not drop out in the middle of it. Sign-ups will be open from September 1st to September 7th. While signing up, please wager the amount of Gantic Points that you are the most Gantic of all Gantestants.

Gantestants will be scored with Gantic Points up to the final round.
Gantestants with low Gantic Points at the end of the round may be eliminated.
Gantestants may complete secret challenges to win bonus Gantic Points.

In Season 3, things will be the same but different! Are you ready to Gantic?

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