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After seeing tons of questions in the comment section of ''Dangerous Adventure 2'', I wanted to create some kind of guide, and I hope the community on Armor Games will help me complete it. I must say that I only did 43% of the game (EDIT : 104% at the moment), however I do hope that people who have finished the game will come here and help me complete the walkthrough. Also, this guide (At least at the beginning) will depict my view of the game. Finally, some points won't be covered (Either because I forgot about them or because I do not have enough information, feel free to HELP in the comments below and me or an Admin will add the information :-)
EDIT : Nearly finished the game at the moment (august 28th) All that is left is the tower, at the moment I'm at the 70th floor.

CAREFUL Spoilers ahead.
The points that we will consider (At the moment at least, there will be updates) -->

0)Some very important tips (More details inside the guide) + Some interesting limits in the game
1)Your main quest in Dangerous Adventure 2
2)The different teams you could assemble ( + Gear Information + Shield Information)
3)The levels
4)The Kitchen ( Where to find the recipes + Image to show how to use meals )
5)The Forge
6)The Witch
7)The human with the mask's hutt
8)Locations to find easily some ingredients + Bonus : A good recipe to make MONEY MONEY MONEY ! :-)
9)Guide for Each zone
11)Dragons (Location + strategy(ies) to beat them)
12)The Tower (Of chaos !) EDIT : Added A LOT of details about stages above stage 80.
13)Secret Boss adds 4% to your progress ( You can reach 104% with that secret )

15)Where to find the woman in zone 10, How to beat the acolyte master of zone 7 ... (You get the idea, a section where there is a little of everything)

16) TIPS to earn EASILY DRAGON meats (Recipes) + BONUS = Train easily new heroes. + 17) Reach 104% progression + Locations of all NPC characters (section 16 and 17 are in comments section, look at bottom of guide to see why)

0)Some personal tips -->

-Do NOT hesitate to farm, to cook, and buy SMALL potions (HP/MANA), small potion = best ratio (More details in the guide) Its better to use 10 mana potions of 50 mana, and some health potions, and beat easily the group of enemy, than losing, being kicked out of the map and having to do it all again, right ? Also, a method is explained on how to use the potions easily (Attack a group, use the potions, then run (More details in the guide)

-Choose wisely your heroes and cards, they are VERY important and sometimes, 1 damage or 1 more hp makes you win the battle. Hell, sometimes you win while you also die (Happened to me once, if this happens, don't bother to continue the map, just exit and come back (When I tried to continue and attacked another enemy group, my health was : ''Dead skull symbol'' ''Dead Skull symbol'' 3 8 . Wtf ? xD In other words, guard an eye on your hp, and hope to not encounter such a bug...

-If your battle freezes, don't bother, just esscape the fight. Happened to me 3-4 times...quite angry because you lose all the mana you spent during the fight. So nice hmm ?

-Last tip : Read the guide & ask questions. You'll win time, seriously.

Each time you fight a random enemy and win, you win some upgrade for one of your cards.
It seems that spells/skills cards are limited to level 5, but that there are no limits for weapons/armor cards (However, the higher the level, the harder it is to upgrade them. Someone tested this : (Credits goes to player ''Hyruu89'') -->

''''''''''''''''''i tested on another site and up the cards to lv10, you need 2 times the amount of the last level for each subsequent upgrade, so for level 10 you need 256 up/cards from a level 9 card''''''''''''''''''

1) Your main quest in Dangerous Adventure 2

(Taken from the game's description : ''Build and level a team of heroes each with their own unique skills that will help you navigate the levels. Match colored stones in battle to cause damage and gain mana. Collect items, equipment and spells to help you discover all of the secrets of the land!'')

What is the point of this game ? Its about becoming a legend with your group of heroes. Which the old man in the tavern noticed and will greatly help you, even if his intentions may not be fully revealed ... What makes a legend ? Doing incredible things, such as slaying wolfs, bears, skeletons, orcs, dragons ... But also by finding special & rare objects through your adventure. From a flight potion to a hand of a demon, you will need these objects to progress, and some are more important than others.

2) The different teams you could assemble

You can choose between 8 heroes by clicking on ''Team'', however, you will be able to take only 5 of them :
The Wizard (Blue color only)
The Bard (Can be used either as the ''Blue hero'' or the ''Purple hero''
The Druid (Blue color or Green color)
The Monk (Yellow color only)
The Barbarian (Red color only)
The Paladin (Yellow color or Red color)
The Hunter (Green color only)
The Thief (Purple color only)

So, from what I've seen, we can create 2 different ''Teams''. Either a ''Discovery Party'' (Mainly, Heroes taken are here to help advance and beat the monsters) and a ''Progress & Money Party'' (Farming team if you prefer) (Mainly, Heroes chosen are here to make you win more experience, help you find some objects (Ingredients for exemple (We'll talk about them later)) more easily ...

-The D Party :

Wizard (Can read runes, will help you to discover & use specific roads during your adventure) + Paladin (Yellow slot. Will be able to heal the party, but also heal some characters that you will find, which will repay you in some way) + Barbarian (Can Jump & Climb, again, useful to disover & use specific roads, sometimes good to attack by ''surprise'' a group of enemies for example, which will dimish their health by 50% (Very useful)) + Hunter (Able to find secret paths) and finally, the Thief (Can pick locks and some mechanisms (An elevator for example ...))
Conclusion : D Team = Wizard + Paladin + Warrior + Hunter + Thief

-For the P & M team :

Bard (Blue slot, will give a +10% loot from each battle, very useful) + Monk (Will make you give + 10% experience for each battle) + Barbarian OR Paladin (In my opinion, up to you to choose, but maybe you will need the Barbarian more (Rare in my opinion that you must heal a Character (Character not being a Hero from your party I mean) + Druid (Green slot) Will higher your chances to find ingredients (Again, we'll talk about them later)) and Finally, the Thief.
As you may have noticed, you may put the druid in the Blue Slot and the Bard in the purple slot, up to you to decide. If you do so, then the green slot will be free = In other words, you will have to take the Hunter and NOT the Thief character, Hunter which is able to find secret paths, while the thief can pick locks and some mechanisms... in other ways, its the level that you will choose that should influence this decision.

ALSO[/B] The equipment has a lot of impact of course but as they level up the differences are really noticeable too. I have heroes at level 14 only and theres differences as big as 60-70 % on mana generation without having equipment in account. SO it really affects how your combat strategy plays out. Attack and health seem more homogenous though. Theres differences too in attack and health but usually below 5 points so equipments seems to decide more this aspect.

For example one reason I like the Paladin is it has great balanced stats (among the best health and damage while still having good mana generation) and the heal between combats is indeed very useful while completing levels. The monk helps Leveling up a bit faster. That is nice too but that doesnt help in completion really, wisdom of the forest gives a lot more extra xp than that perk, and I feel I would need more potions to compensate for not having a paladin. So in this case for me the decision would come down to if I want more yellow mana or I prefer more balance. (Credits to player ''Jervai'')
Conclusion : The characters have inner stats that makes them even more different while growing with levels.

More details -->

HP: Barbarian>Paladin=Ranger=Wizard=Thief
Damage: Barb=Thief>Paladin>Ranger=Wizard

Nothing too big, only a few points but its seems to start been noticeable on battle. Specially when you do big combos. Druid would seem the less damaging with Bard and Monk been likelly on the middle after Paladin. But take these 3 with a grain of salt as its mainly specualtion.

Mana: Wizard>Paladin=Ranger>Thief>Barb (Thief is only slightly better than barb)

Another thing to note is that equipment of every colour, although providing options for different builds, seems to favorise some stats making the differences more extreme and noticeable.
Blue seems to favour Mana, Yellow seems balanced not really bad on anything but good on mana, red favours damage and to lesser extent hp, green is like yellow but less mana and purple seems to favour damage.

The differences on equipment arent too great either due to having a few options for each colours that let youd ecide and tailor what you want more, but it does give an extra flexibility for double colours.

About the Gear -->

'''Not all gear is created equal
There's basically 3 stats: Attack(wpn only), energy gain(seems semi-multiplicative between two gear pieces), and hp(armor only). You'd think that the game is all about tradeoffs, and that's partially true. But, some gear is strictly better than others. Some gear costs 800 g to upgrade; others cost 500. In general, the 500s are worse pieces of gear, with some being entirely outclassed. Be careful which resources you invest into. There's 3 pieces of gear for each color/slot.

Gear strategy: I prefer high attack weapons, and high energy armor. Hp is overrated imo.

The guide below shows the items below
$ = (800 gold), - = (completely outclassed items), * = (my preference), ^ = (high atk) / = high energy(armor)
Blue(wpn): Sorceror's Staff(-), Rapier(*$^), Staff of Wisdom($)
Yellow(wpn): Hammer(-), Morning Star($*), Lucerne Hammer($*^)
Red(wpn): Axe, ******* Sword, Zweihander($*^)
Green(wpn): Claws($*^), Bow(-), Spear
Purple(wpn): Scimitar($^*), Dagger, Sword(-)
Blue(armor): Mage's Battle($), Commoner's(-), Mage's Robes(*^)
Yellow(armor): Holy Armor($), Robes(*^), Leather Armor(-)
Red(armor): Knights(*^$), Barbarian Outfit(-), Barbaric Armor($-)
Green(armor): Hunters(-), Assassins(*^$), Fur Clothing(-)
Purple(armor): Thief's($), Shozuku($^*), Plain Clothing(-)''' (Credits to play ''randomblah'')

About the Shield mechanic:
(Credits goes to play ''StairWalker'' -->
'''''''''''''''''''After some more tests, I've figured out how shields work. What the shield skill does is creating a barrier of the color on the shield, and you have to completely destroy it until the enemy can be damaged by regular attacks. For example:
A Red Croc Guard normally takes full damage from Red, half damage from Blue/Yellow and none from Purple/Green. When it uses a Purple shield with a strength of 80, Red/Yellow will be useless because Purple takes no damage from these colors. But Purple does full damage and Green/Blue do half damage to the shield until 80 points of damage is dealt. Then the shield is gone (Any extra damage over 80 will be wasted) and the Croc Guard can be damaged normally.

Things that hit through shields are tamed monster, direct/active damaging skills, poison and bleeding because the damage they do is independent of the enemy's color.''''''''''''''''''' (Abilities = spells (Cards) that you will discover/use in the game.

[b]3) The levels

There are many levels in this game, one of the reasons why it isn't the kind of game that you finish in 10 minutes ^^
EACH level will be important in some way, either because it has some special units/characters or because you will find there ingredients that you won't find in a lot of other levels ... Also, from what I've seen, some levels (While searching) will give you some ''objects''. A typical example : You will find 2 keys in the first level, the 3rd one will be either in the 5th level or the 6th level. In all cases, you will need those 3 keys to open a door in the caban that is located in the first level. In other words, sometimes you'll have to come back in certain levels/areas to advance in the game.

4) The Kitchen

The Kitchen (Which you will be able to visit after you finish the 3rd level and coming back with the frog's leg) will help you create ''plates'', you will also be able to buy plates from the barman, sell plates to the gourmet that is sitting in the tavern and you will be able to sell ingredients to the woman that is located inside the kitchen. Making plates is important. First of all, its a way to make money (Selling...) but also a way to make your heroes more powerful (You can equip a hero with a plate (Click on ''Charlist'' --> Food Icon (Near Cards and Chest icon, on the right side of the screen--> Drag the plates to the allocated area (Inder your hero's weapon slot) The plate will be useful for a certain number of battles (Some will work for 1 battle, some for 3-4 battles ... I guess it depends of the plate's quality, but also of the plate itself)
About the ingredients, in general at the end of a battle some monsters will give you Ingredients, they will be used to create the plates. Some of them are more common, and some of them are very rare... In all cases, you will need some ingredients to unlock recipes from some characters in the game (Such as the goblin that you will heal in level 1, after you had found the 3 keys to open the door, goblin that will go to the ''Swamp'' (On the map, Swamp = 3rd zone) = he will suggest recipes and you ll have to have some ingredients in order to unlock them.

-Find all 3 keystones (Look at objects list (2 on level 1, 1 on level 5), then equip the paladin and go in zone 1, go in caban, kill spiders, open the weird door with the 3 keystones, then heal with your paladin the wounded goblin.
-He then tells you that you'll find him at the Swamp. On the map, the swamp seems to be the Croco village (Zone 3)
-This goblin will exchange recipes when you give some ingredients (In general 2 times the ingredients needed to create the recipe in the kitchen)
-From what I've seen, you can try (By seeing images that people post where they show all recipes) to cook a recipe which you dodn't have the page from the goblin yet, however, it seems that you'll only get XP and dish is ''inedible'' or something like that, means that you can't use it & it won't appear in your inventory. In other words, it seems YOU MUST earn the recipes page from the goblin (Look at bottom of guide, there is an image link to see all recipes + Look at ingredients sections (Especially the section where there is a list of locations to find easily some ingredients) and good luck.

(Credits goes to player ''Zaltab'') --> Charlist --> Food Icon =

5) The Forge

Here, you will be able to upgrade your weapons & armors. Its easy to upgrade a low level item, but later (lvl 2-3...) it will take longer and may cost more. You must upgrade several times before it passes to the next level, which will require even more upgrades. I ADIVSE to choose a GOOD item before upgrading. Upgrading costs a lot of money, and you must always be sure of the item's evolution, by this I mean that some items are specialized (One will focus on mana (You win mana by matching the correct color stones during the battles), some items will focus on the damage that your combos will do ...) And some items will focus on both. For example, I was upgrading my barbarian's armor (''Barbaric armor''), but then I noticed that the Knight's armor (ANother armor obviously) was better in my opinion, and so, I should equip it and upgrade it :-)
Important : I have not yet reached it, but seems that later in game (Won't say the zone to not spoil too much) you will reach another forge.
Also, obviously, to reach the forge, or the witch's house, or the hutt, or the tavern, you must click while being outside of the tavern on the different buildings :-)
Also, while fighting, you may win some ''cards''. If you win a card A for Item A (That you already possess = armor or weapon, said item will upgrade once...)

6) The Witch

She will sell you potions (Description of the potions are clear enough) Per battle you will be able to use 5 potions (They can be 5 different potions + To choose what you will equip go in CHARLIST and Click on CHEST icon (Between Cards and Food Icons, on the first side, then choose & drag the potions you want to use in the upcoming battle) Also, I noticed that the ratio is really rising a lot with her -->
A potion that will give you 70 Health Points (HP) = She asks 70 coins.
A potion that will give 110 HP = She asks 250 coins .... 70 HP = 70 Coins / 110 HP = 250 coins... In other words, when you're farming low levels, equip 70 HP potions, they should heal you enough and will cost way less than the 110 potions. HOWEVER, if you're fighting a hard boss and think you can make it with the help of potions (HP , mana potions and the rest), then use them.
(DO NOT use potions against a Boss if you see you have 0 chances to kill it, because if you use the potions but lose, you will also lose all the money you invested in these potions. In other words, be patient. When will you know if you're ready ? If, without potions, you can resist 2-4 turns against the boss (In general this ''test'' is enough to know if you'll survive or not with the help of potions)

7) The human with the mask's hutt

He will suggest pack of cards (Either new skins either upgrades) in exchange of real-life money. A Premium option if you prefer.

8)Locations to find easily some ingredients

EQUI THE DRUID ( More chances to find ingredients (Sometimes you find 1 ingredient, he can also double the ingredient you find...And the effect can work MORE THAN ONCE in the same fight ( got 5 meats while fighting 3 enemies) , IF YOU NEED TO TRAIN HIM FAST, LOOK AT SECTION 16 (BOTTOM OF GUIDE

As we all know, the ingredients are important, and we must collect them & make recipes in order to accomplish an AG quest.
Here are some locations where you will find ''some of them'' more ''easily'' -->

+++ = More than 4 / ++ = Around 3 / + = Less than 2

ZONE 1 --> Spices ( +++ ) / Spider legs ( ++ ) / Honey ( ++ ) / Meat ( ++ ) / Mushroom ( + ) / Dryad Bark ( + ) / Magic fish (There is a chance of earning it by killing the purple tree (Credits goes to player ''Buszu jasy'') You need the 3 key stones to open the door inside the house, purple tree is at the end of the way)

ZONE 2 --> Jerked Beef ( ++ ) / Mushrooms ( ++ ) / Ghostly protoplasm ( ++ ) / Crackers ( ++ ) / Dried Fish ( +++ ) / It is possible to find pages for the scarpbook of the zone 4 guy inside the crypt, I would say that its possible to get around 2 of them.

ZONE 3 --> Slime ( ++ ) / Frog leg ( + ) / Mosquito legs ( +++ ) / Spice ( ++ ) / Alchemist pepper ( ++ ) / Carp ( +++ ) /

ZONE 4 --> Stones ( +++ )

ZONE 5 --> Spider Legs ( ++ ) / Meat ( +++ ) / Cheese ( ++ ) / Alchemist pepper ( ++ ) / Jerked beef ( +++ ) / Honey ( + ) / Spice ( ++ ) / Mosquito leg ( + ) / Slime ( ++ ) / Crackers ( ++ ) / It is possible to find pages for the scrapbook of the zone 4 guy, after you show the hand of the demon, on the 4 enemy groups, I got two pages.

ZONE 6 --> Meat ( +++ ) / Jerked Beed ( +++ ) / Wing of a Bat ( +++ ) / Mushroom ( ++ ) / Leaf ( ++ ) / Ghostly protoplasm ( + ) / Tusk ( ++ )

ZONE 7 --> Carp ( ++ ) / Dried Fish ( ++ ) / Honey ( ++ ) / Crackers ( +++ ) / Cat Fish ( +++ ) / Tusk ( + ) / Jerked Beef ( ++ ) / Magic fish ( + . Its rare to find magic fish but there is a chance after you kill the Red Woman, in the cave of the first boat. I would say 50% chance)

ZONE 8 --> Stone ( ++ ) / Earthworm ( +++ ) / Wing of a bat ( +++ ) / Rare stone ( +++ )

ZONE 9 --> Dryad Flowers ( + )(Credits to player ''bakkart'')
/ Cheese ( +++ ) / Alchemist Pepper ( +++ ) / Spice ( + ) / Scrapbook Pages ( +++ ) / Crackers ( +++ ) / Dried Fish ( ++ ) / Jerked Beef ( ++ )
ZONE 10 -->

ZONE 11 --> Magic Fish ( ++ ) (''Fairly good chances;; ( Credits goes to player ''Bakkart'' + Amanita Poweder ( +++ ) (Especially in front of the boss's house and when you search for the key at the top-left side of the map)

ZONE 12 --> Rare stone ( +++ )

A good recipe to make money :

Credits goes to player ''BunnyCortez'' : ''''''''''''For -Farming Coins- *For people who are in mid-game or at least 40% of the game*
I would make Slime Soup since the ingredients are easy to get imo and if you get a normal in your cooking, sell it to gourmet since it hurts your team, you can get 560 coins, up to 800 coins if its good.

Slime can be obtained in zone 3, once you enter, go to your right and left at the entrance and you'll have the only slimes in that zone. one shot them and make sure you bring the Druid to get more.

Jerked Beef can be obtained (imo the fastest and easiest way), in zone 5 and fight the FIRST Group of bandits once you enter the map, once you finished them (don't forget druid), exit the map. Rinse and repeat.''''''''''''

9)Guide for Each zone -->

I advise to take the bleeding ability with the red hero and the poisoning ability with the green Hero. Some bosses are immune to both, some are immune to one of these abilities, and some aren't immune at all. Also, the green hero's poisoning touches ALL the enemies. The red hero's bleeding will focus on 1 enemy. Its just an element of many about how to advance faster. In other words, when you find these cards, equip them, I advise this to you.

Zone 1 : You will need the hunter and if possible take the Barbarian. Attack the first spider, kill it, continue, attack the 2nd group of enemies. Now go to the left, and enter the house not by picking the lock but by climbing to the window (Surprise effect = easier to kill the 3 mean spiders inside ...) Then come back outside and, from the house, go to the right, you will take by surprise a group of enemies. Be careful, after killing them, the zone that you ll be able to visit is a boss zone, with a Mean Bear. Either you take your chances, or, with your hunter in the party, you will notice a ''Secret path'' , I advise taking it and farming a little. To beat the Bear, you must make Red stones combo. There are 3 bosses in this level : the bear , the yellow mage, and the purple living tree (Under the house, you need 3 keys to open the door, you ll find 2 keys on level 1, the last key being either found on level 5 or on level 6) The mage is ... harder to kill than the bear. I think its a good idea if you go to Zone 2, farm and evolve, then come back for the mage.
A good technique against bosses, like this mage if i recall, who are calling monsters during the fight to help them --> If you have some magic cards that deal damage to all enemies (Poison, bleeding (Put it on the boss if you can, if you can t then put it on a minion), then you should activate these cards 1 turn before the yellow mage (In this example) attack you. Like this, he & his minions will suffer the damage.
EDIT : Yellow mage doesn't call monsters to help him, however he has an ability that will put ''bleeding'' cards on some stones, do NOT use these stones or you'll lose lots of HP.

When you find the 3 keys, come back, open the door in the house, heal the goblin with the paladin (Goblin that will suggest recipes in the ''Swamp'' (Swamp = on the map, crocos village (Zone 3)) Then battle 3 groups of living trees before reaching the 3rd and final boss of this map, the purple tree boss.

Updates will come for the other zones -->


For zone 2, to beat purple mage, look at Item Number 2 (Below) 2 ways to beat him, with amulet and without.

For zone 6, to beat Orc boss, just use some spells that do damage at the end of your turn, but also, see if you can poison him or make him bleed + use Fury and strenghtening on your red colored hero, and it should do the trick. Don't hesitate to farm for mana on other groups of orcs.

For zone 9, to beat the blue king and the red succubus, strategy I used is the same, Fury Skill + Strengthening Skill on Red Hero + focus red colored stones. I could kill Succubus in 2 turns with some luck and my progress on my characters. I think you can POISONING' and BLEEDING' both of them, look to see if they are immune to poisoning or bleeding. Finally, for the king you MUST kill him using red stones or purple stones, because he has an automatic spell that destroys all blue stones each careful.

10)Objects :

In the game, there are a LOT of objects to be found. I didn't finish the game yet at the moment but got most of them, i will TRY to remember correctly where and how i found them, and also try to say how they become useful.

ITEM 1 = stone keys , item 6 = crocos medal ... you get the idea.

Stone keys = you will find 2 in zone 1, and 1 key (either in stage 5 or stage 6). You will have to use them to open the door in the zone 1 house, where you ll have to fight 3 groups of living trees (Don't hesitate to farm for mana outside) and finally one big purple tree (I think i've said how to beat him earlier or later in this guide)

ITEM 2 = EDIT : Found it. Eye medal. There are 2 ways. Either you give croco god's scepter to the monster, or you fight him. Personally I didn't try to fight him so can't help you with the fight) However, look in the OBJECTS list to see where to find croco god's scepter + you will (or can if you prefer, if you don't as I said earlier you will have to fight) you can give the scepter to a monster, Zone 7, top left corner of map. He will give you this item in both cases = (Eye medal) will help you defeat the Purple mage on Zone 2. And do you know how ? By protecting you from the ''curse''... in other words, you won't ONLY have 3 lines of stones xD In other words, me and some others who won while only having the 3 lines are crazy xD Nah srsly, funny item lol .... but sadly got it too late :-)
'''If you don't have the medalion (or simply don't want to use it) to fight the purple guy (first form), you can stockpile elixir from the other battles and use both stun cards, he'll never get a turn :3''' (Credits to play Mingzi Yan)

ITEM 3 = Key with skeleton face. If i remember well, you must fight the purple mage in stage 2 (You must go back a 2nd time in the zone to find him, door is outside, top left side of screen. Not easy fight, very long.... frustrating in my opinion. If you got a tip to beat him (I've beat him personally), share and I will write it here. I used a lot of mana potions and had a lot of luck (many purple stones) Only tip i can think of :
-Strenghthening on purple hero + try to begin seriously the fight when you have a lot of purple stones, if you don't then run/retreat and come back. Try to begin with at least 9+ purple stones. And dont forget to use strengthening on your purple hero. Of course, be careful with his ability, and try to kill his friends as fast as you can, they are very dangerous also, but focus the undead mage.
ITEM 4 and 5 : Parts of a medal, you will find them in zone 2 if i remember correctly.
ITEM 6 : croco medal (Credits goes to player ''porrojr'' ''''''''The croco medallion is given by the purple tree in stage 1''''''' (Look at item number 1 to see how to reach purple tree of stage 1)
ITEM 7 : Wheel, I think you will find in zone 4.
ITEM 8 : That long to explain how to get it. First of all, it will give you a yellow stone (Item number 29 (First in bottom line of list), which will be useful to give power to a mechanism that will make the elevator work in zone 11. Important elevator, will allow you to use this a new road, that will lead you to the Purple dragon) How to find Item 8 --> You must find the Lockpick dwarf (Credits goes to player Gurky) : '''''''''''''''''Lockpik dwarf is located in bank of zone 10 ('''''''''''''''''' You must bring him 3 items : Golden liquid (Item number 19), Purple paper (Item number 18) and a plan (I think you ll find this one in Zone 2, easy to find it)
So...let's continue. To find the golden liquid, you will need the potion of flight (Item number 10), potion that you will find in zone 10, after you give to a woman a paper (Item number 22 (First item in 3rd line in the list)) WHere will you find this paper --> You will find in the witch's house, in zone 5. How to have access to it --> You need the hand of a demon (Item number 9) Where will you find the hand of a demon --> You need the demon statue (Item number 21) of Zone 2 (You must beat the purple mage, then go in the crypt, kill all, and you should earn it in the end of the level) You must then go to Zone 9, find the keys (Item number 20) after killing guards in the castle's ground floor, then come back in the sewers, open the door, go put the demon statue in the hole. THEN, you must come back in the castle's ground floor, and you can use the small door (Top left side of map) that was locked. You must kill all, you will find : Purple paper + Hand of a demon... After this, you go to witch house, kill her, take the paper, go give it to the woman in zone 10, then you can take potion of flight, then go to zone 6, use potion, and you will find golden liquid.
FINALLY, come back to dwarf with lock pick (He is near the others (King ...)), give him the items, and HE WILL FORGE THE MECHANISM (Item number 8) which you will use in Zone 4 to open a special door. In it you will find a yellow stone ... (Said earlier how and where to use it)
Wew, was long ...
ITEM 9 = Look above.

ITEM 10 = Look above.

ITEM 11 = Skeleton Key... I don't remember where we can find it ...AH YES, you must kill the orc boss in Zone 6, then use it inside the house (Break the lock, you will have a surprise bonus attack on them (I repeat, BREAK THE LOCK, you will have a surprise attack bonus) And then free the prisoners which are the dwarfs.

ITEM 12 = Croco must beat the Croco god, in zone 3, after using the croco medal to open a special door on top right side of map.

ITEM 13 = Brown key. Hmm, for what I've seen and from what I remember, that's just a key that help you open a door in the mines, you will find the key in the mines. I think all is in the left side of the map))

ITEM 14 = Dynamite = Found in the mines (Mines in Zone 8 of course. When i say Mines = Zone 8's mines). I think you ll find it in the middle of the map, search well)
ITEM 15 = Found in the mines, used to activate the door to fight the goblin king, you ll find in the mines and must activate it in the mines also.

ITEM 16 = Key from the dwarf king to go fight the red dragon. I say in the bottom of guide how to EARN IT and how to BEAT the red dragon.

ITEM 17 = Mechanism plan, I said above where to find it and why so useful)

ITEM 18 = Explained above where to find it and how to use it ...

ITEM 19 = Again, above.

ITEM 20 = Keys that you will need to open the door in the sewers of stage 9, look above to see where to find them.

ITEM 21 = demon statue, look above (Again) to see how and where to find it.

ITEM 22 = Letter to give to a woman in zone 10, look above to see where to find it ...

ITEM 23 = Green dragon's heart. Look at the BOTTOM of the guide to see how to find the green dragon's heart and how to beat him (At least how I did)

ITEM 24 = Blue dragon's heart, Again, look at the bottom of guide to see where and how.

ITEM 25 = Red dragon's heart, look at the bottom of the guide to see where and how.

ITEM 26 = Purple dragon's heart(Undead dragon if you prefer. Look in Dragon section to see where to find it and how to kill it.

ITEM 27 = A rusty key. (How to find it & use it --> Look at the Golden Dragon's part, in Dragons seciton near bottom of guide)

ITEM 28 = Hotel keys. You MUST find them in Zone 10 in order to advance, they are easy to find, just search well and kill all in the hotel.

ITEM 29 = Yellow stone. Look above.

ITEM 30 = Card with holes. You will find it in zone 11, explore forest, kill mutant group and take the card, then use it to open the house and explore.

ITEM 31 = EDIT : Its a key that you will in Stage 12, and that will help you open a door. Easy to find and you MUST find it in order to progress in the level anyway)

ITEM 32 = Stones ? You can find them on enemies, useful at dwarf city for upgrades on weapons and armors.

ITEM 33 = Pages that you may find in some maps after killing some monsters (Crypt of zone 2 for example) When you have at least 10, go to zone 4, and talk to man at the entry of the tower, he will exchange 10 pages for 1 Card = free upgrade.

And finally, Item number 34 = Rare stones (I guess) You should find them, like stones and pages, after killing some monsters on some maps. Like stones, but more rare, useful to get upgrades from dwarfs in dwarf city.

11)Where you can find the dragons and how to beat them :

Poisoning/Bleeding a dragon is possible, SOME of them dragons are immune, some of them aren't. AND IT ISN'T BECAUSE a dragon is immune to poisoning, that he is immune to bleeding ... Seriously, each turn, the dragon losing some hp, its an important thing to notice & use in order to win smoothly.
-You CANNOT escape a dragon fight. What I mean by this --> If you run, the dragon will disapear from the map. Only way for it to come back is to quite the map...and by doing so, LOSING ALL THE MANA ... SO BE PREPARED AND TAKE YOUR TIME TO FIGHT THEM. EACH DETAIL COUNTS.

-You can find the blue dragon in Zone 7, by swimming. How to beat him :
DO NOT use spells against him or on your heroes (I think both shall be handled the same way by him = He is going to use 2 powers that are really hard to counter ... Believe me, try to kill him only by using stone combos, using spells will make it WAY harder to kill him & to survive...
EQUIP recipes that give you health, do it so that you earn AT LEAST 90 hp back per turn. Because he deals 89 damage and... that's all. Its just a long , a little boring, fight with him. But Mana seems pretty useless and counter-productive (I m not sure 100% that if you use a spell on one of your heroes = he ll use his spells...)
Killing the blue dragon should give you 600 Gold.
The following is a tip from player ''FalconSavior'' Credits goes to him -->
'''''''''''''''''Oh, looking at your advice on the Blue Dragon, yes using spells means he's going to cast debuffs on his next turn for each one (e.g. if you use spells that give healing tokens, he'll cast healing tokens for himself). That doesn't mean that mana is entirely useless and counterproductive in the battle. Using all of your damage spells to finish him off in the final turn is what I always do'''''''''''''''''''''''

-You can find the green dragon in Zone 6 (You need the potion of flight, explained above how to find it) How to beat him :
-You need green combo or yellow/purple combo.
-Don't hesitate to farm mana on some orc enemies
-Use the red hero's ability (Slashing ( = Bleeding)) For me, it made the dragon suffer each turn 110 damage.... not bad at all, helped me a lot. He will use in all cases 2 abilities, not a big deal, they aren't that powerful.
-A good way to kill him faster --> Bleeding (Above, dragon is immune to poison though) + Strengthenin on Green Hero when you reached at least a combo superior to 400 + Use the blue hero's healing ability (''Healing Power'') + Don't hesitate to farm mana on the orcs and normally you should beat it easily :-)
Killing the green dragon should give you 500 gold.

-You can find the red dragon in the dwarf city, after you bring to the king the hearts of the 3 dragons (Green, Blue and Purple) I believe you know where is the door : go in the mines, right side of map you will the door. You will have to fight 2 groups of corrupted dwarves commanders, do not hesitate to farm outside for mana and try to kill them fast with bleeding + green poisoning + purple damage stones at end of turn + blue damage stones at end of turn.
After killing the 2 groups of enemies, you will find the red dragon. How i won :
-EACH turn he will transform a stone in Indestructible stone, in other words, you MUST kill it fast.
-Try to start a fight outside with a goblin group, use mana potion to reach 500-700, then retreat. Try to begin the fight full health also, to maximize the usefulness of the 5 potions you can take in battle.
-Try to use STRENGTHENING (VERY powerful card in my opinion and EQUIP the card that makes your red hero do a lot more damage +xxx%) I didnt think about using it but if you use it the fight should be easy.
-I believe that you can use green poisoning and/or red bleeding (Slashing) on dragon, VERY useful. Try not to spam too much strenghtening, wait to have at least reached 400-500 damage with your red hero ( = have good luck with combos)
-GLITCH ? I could take the key from the king without remembering fighting the purple dragon & i dont find his heart in my inventory. Either a bug/glitch either you only need to show to the king one dragon heart for him to allow you to go fight the red dragon.

-You can find the purple dragon in stage 11 it seems but I'm still trying to find him ... update to come.
Update --> The rooms to the left of the elevator (Stage 11, after using the yellow stone, look above for more informations) eventually lead to the dragon. Note that it has 4 minions and will add another 4 after they're defeated, but after that it's a pretty easy battle (albeit long). (Credits to ''shadowtroll5577'')

-You can find the Golden dragon After you beat the boss, come back in front of his building, advance and try to reach the top left side of the Map. Enter the house, kill the 3 groups of barbarians, take the rusty key. Then, go back, click the 2 foot white button that is in the middle of the map, then kill the bandit group that is in the middle-left side of the map (Near the bridge) From here, advance, you will then go in the sewers,go to the left, fight, then use the rusty key, activate the lever , then go to the right of the map ,fight, then you ll have to fight some kind of boss you (Not very hard but be careful to kill him as fast as you can) Finally, reach the surface (Don't forget the chest that is nearby!) and go to the church. You'll reach a teleporter (Amen ... Not easy fights to reach that point you'll see, you'd better hang on and buy lots of potions...) Finally, inside the church, there will be a painting depicting 4 dragons, and in other words, to advance inside the church you must have killed the 4 other dragons (RED , BLUE , GREEN and PURPLE) After collecting all 4 hearts, discovering the church in zone 10 and killing the Dungeon Master (He will curse you (Credits to player ''Mahnat''))... THEN ... AND ONLY THEN, SHALL YOU FACE THE GOLDEN DRAGON...

-------A method to beat the Golden dragon :
What I did -->

-I did a lot of farm and bought 20 VERY SMALL potions of mana (Best ratio, like with potions of health --> 50 mana for 160 coins. 2nd mana potion gives 80 mana ( 60% more) for 350 Gold ( 130%+ gold ) ... in other words, smaller the potion ,the better the ratio, and the less money you must spend. I farmed an enemy group (Use the 5 mana potions, then run, come back, use the 5 mana potions , run ... until you reach 999 )

-My party (Level 33 party, i focus mainly on damage and believe that my armor is enough for the mana part) :
Wizard (Equip ''Magic bolt'' card)
Monk ( Equip Strengthening (Mine gave 100% bonus damage to selected hero and Equip Exorcism (Erase all enemy tokens, you ll see why we need it later)
Barbarian ( He was my principal hero ... equip Fury with him )
Hunter ( Not a lot of cards you can equip here ... )
Thief ( Same than the hunter, (Credits to player ''szquirrel'' : ''''''Substitution spell can be interesting'''''''''''''')

-While you need to buy 20 mana potions (50 mana size) , you must also buy 5 scrolls that will refresh the entire field AND DO NOT forget to EQUIP THEM before the fight...would be sad because then you CAN'T win without them (At least in my situation) + You'll have to go out of the map... in other words you lose your 20 mana potions's effet + your time ...

-The golden dragon ... From what i've seen, its a no-discrimination dragon. What do I mean --> IT DOESN'T MATTER which is the Hero that will attack him, the damage shall be divided by 2. I repeat, it DOESN'T MATTER who attack him. He will use 4 spells, and believe me, the field will be really impossible to play with, mines, health spells for him, EVERYWHERE ...THAT IS where you must open your inventory and use 1 Scroll to refresh the entire field.

-I killed the golden dragon because i focused on the RED COLORED STONES, and used the spell FURY on my barbarian of course) and the spell STRENGTHENING also on my Barbarian. At one moment I reached something like 5000 red damage...was funny lol.

-I used all the scrolls, just after using the last one, I killed the dragon.


- DO NOT FORGET to use the BLUE WIZARD's spell ''Magic bolt'' It may only be around 200 damage on the golden dragon, IT IS STILL NOT BAD AND MAKES YOUR WIZARD USEFUL. SPAM THIS SPELL AS MUCH AS YOU CAN.

So repeat operation with barbarian, focus red stones, spam thunder with mage, dont forget to equip the 5 refresh scrolls & to use them, begin the fight with 999 mana....... AND TONIGHT, GOLDEN DRAGON'S MEAT WILL BE BACK ON THE MENU BOYZ.

P.S. : I just noticed that I didn't use any recipes during the fight xD Use them, I advise taking damage recipes. You can buy the mana, for the damage its more complicated, and it will boost greately your barbarian (If you use the same method I did, i think that any hero can do the job, but the red hero is special with his Fury skill)

12)The Tower :

The much to be said about...When finishing stage 4, you will have reached the 5th floor of the tower. Each 5 floors beaten = a save point = If you reach & finish the 10th wave, next time you go to the tower you will begin at this stage. Same goes for stages 15,20...90,95 ...)
How to enter the tower : When looking at the map, click once on stage 4's location, and choose (At the bottom of your screen) ''Tower''
The enemies will change, each floor passed, each enemy becoming stronger. Their appearance will change also, in a way, your progression in the Tower is your progression in the game...
Very important --> Each 5 stages, 5 of your cards will be upgraded. And the tower monsters, once beaten, can give items & ingredients & Gold.

VERY Important -->

Until zone 80, you'll face groups of enemies.
From zone 81 to, it seems, zone 100 (End of tower), you should face ''Bosses''.
In all cases, I will try to do a walkthrough for EACH 5 zones.
BEST TIP I CAN GIVE : BEGIN THE TOWER WITH AN ADVANTAGE. IF, for example, YOU START WITH 10-15 stones that can be played with combo, and enemy is red, use them ! It gives a small advantage but very important :-) Extremely important for stages 81 --> 100, since only 1 enemy (From what I've seen at least until stage 91, not sure for the rest)
ALSO...I JUST NOTICED I DON'T USE RECIPES XD Use the food = create food and equip it to your heroes, it WILL help, even if its only for some fights and not for every single fight)

From 0 to 80 = I Bought mana potions, I wouldn't hesitate to buy 5 big size (1000 coins each) mana potions, and use the 5 during the 6 floors ( floor where you appear + 5 next floors) I advise you to look above, in the guide, to see some informations about your party. But I believe that the more you play, the more things you discover and the stronger your party becomes. Don't hesitate to ask questions in all cases. I use Wizard ( Heal spell + Mine spell) / Monk ( Strengthening spell + Heal spell ) / Barbarian ( Rude Shock spell + Fury spell (Saved me sometimes, Fury + Strengthening gives sometimes insane amounts of damage (5 K red damage, anyone ? = 2500 damage on yellow and blue monsters that are on normal field ) / Hunter ( Heal spell + Poison spell (Poisons all enemies, quite useful) / Thief ( Trap spell + Second Wind spell)

So, now, let's talk about the stages that are ABOVE stage 80. By the way, don't forget, ALWAYS, i repeat, ALWAYS, try to see if you can poison or use a bleeding skill on an enemy.

5 BIG mana potions (150 mana)

STAGE 81 --> BLUE forest druid + IMMUNE to poison + does 155 damage each 2 turns + gives 49 000 XP + spell : When its his turn, he uses a spell that will add on the fiels tokens to some stones, tokens that will do to you damage if you play them. So relatively easy boss. Slowing him down with green hero's spell could be interesting.

Way to defeat him I would use : Red spell ''Slashing'' to make him bleed + Strengthening on BLUE hero OR fury + strenghtening on RED hero.

STAGE 82 --> YELLOW Queen of the dryads + Immune to poison and slowdown + 49 000 XP + deals 156 damage + Spell = Same than blue forest druid normally.

Same strategy.

STAGE 83 --> RED Undead King + 160 damage + IMMUNE to bleeding and direct damage + gives 58 000 XP + Each turn, he calls an undead to come help him + Spell he uses : Same than the 2 first, damage tokens on the field that you must not use in your combo or you lose hp normally. Also, the skeleton he calls is WEAK ( 369 HP, NO skills, 28 damage)

Same strategy, and since he is Red, he is going to eat hard if you use Fury + Strengthening on him. He gonna feel the thousands red damage ;-) But try to use the combo of these 2 spells only if you reach at least 300+ damage, otherwise don't waste them and the MANA... !

STAGE 84 --> A little harder. Green Undead Queen + ATTACKS AT EACH TURN (Means waits 1 turn before attacking) + Deals 159 damage + IMMUNE to direct damage and bleeding + Gives (Like the other stages from before of course and all the stages of the tower) money = 1100 coins exactly when killing her + Spell : Freezes stones (Not a big number, less than 8 if I remember correctly)

The fight against her is long...don't forget to equip health spells because you're going to need them))

STAGE 85 --> Purple FROG + 165 damage + ADDS OBSTACLES (3 obstacles for 2 rounds) when playing its turn (Waits 2 turns before attacking, like stages 81, 82, and 83 normally) + IMMUNE to poison and change line.

I ADVISE removing 1 obstacle when the 3 appear. It doesn't seem so, but it helps a lot. Try to remove the one that is in a bad place for you to play. If its near/in an angle, then no prob. If its in the middle of the field though ...


I Took (SAME COMPOSITION THAN FOR ALL STAGES FROM BEFORE) : 5 big mana potions (Try to guard at least one for stage 88) + Hero ( Cards ) = Wizard ( Mines + Healing ) / Monk ( Healing + Strenghtening ) / Barbarian ( Slashing (Very Useful for bosses since they are single and slashing affects only 1 enemy. For before stage 81, I was using direct damage card (Rude Shock) + Fury (Op card sometimes / Hunter ( Healing + Poisoning (Affects all enemies, very useful against bosses sometimes if they aren't immune) / Thief ( Trap + Substitution)

STAGE 86 = BLUE Undead Mage + 68 000 XP + 1210 GOLD + 165 DAMAGE + 5532 HP + IMMUNE to poisoning and Bleeding + Calls 1 skeleton each time its his turn (1112 hp, 76 damage, skill = mark stones that do damage if they are used in your stones combos)

STAGE 87 = YELLOW Undead Archmage + 81 000 XP + 1330 GOLD + 5793 HP + 169 DAMAGE + IMMUNE to slowdown + Calls 2 skeletons (Each time its his turn), skeleton = around 1500 HP and around 100 damage each. IMPORTANT : WHEN YELLOW ARCHMAGE ATTACKS YOU, HE REMOVES 100 MANA FROM ALL COLORS.

STAGE 88 = RED Croco God + 81 000 XP + 1330 GOLD + IMMUNE to bleeding and slowdown + Attacks each 3 TURNS + 171 damage + Spells are same than when you attack him in-game, he used 2 spells = mark stones with damage (At end of turn AND if you play them. So you must look & see which do damage at end of turn to click them BECAUSE THEY WILL BE HIDDEN with an ''?'' white Symbol)

Just be lucky. Fury + Strengthening and hope to have a good combo (At least 500 damage ?) Should do thousands of damage. TRY TO KILL HIM BEFORE HE CAN PLAY...YOU HAVE 3 TURNS, DO WHAT YOU CAN TO KILL THIS CROCO TO-BE BAG. His spells are terrific, can kill you easily.

STAGE 89 = GREEN Forest WITCH + 1462 GOLD + 3 TURNS (If I remember correctly waits 3 turns then plays) + 95 000 XP + 175 DAMAGE + 5940 HP + IMMUNE to slow + When its her turn, she calls an undead bandit (960 HP + 64 damage + NO skills) + Spell that automatically activates when its her turn = Some stones are marked with DAMAGE tokens that WILL HURT YOU if you USE THEM. So don't play with these stones.

Longer fight, but could win it. Tips I can give : POISONING + BLEEDING + Strengthening on GREEN hero when you have good combo (At least 300-350 score)

STAGE 90 = PURPLE Ors BIG BOSS + 5982 HP + 175 DAMAGE + 4 TURNS (If i remember correctly, he waits 4 turns then attacks) + 1462 GOLD + 95 000 XP + IMMUNE to slow and Change line + Spell that he used when its his turn : Removes 20 RANDOM STONES from the field (Activated on 2 turns) + 2nd spell he used when its his turn : He stuns 2 heroes and you must do 60 score with them to UN-Stun them.

Well, same strategy than before. Try to kill him fast though, 175 damage is quite something.


I BEGAN TO USE RECIPES TO ADD DAMAGE ( +14 DAMAGE TO ALL HEROES RECIPE ) DAM IT HELPS... ! (I don't use a lot recipes, but when I do .... THEY DIE)

STAGE 91 = BLUE Goblin King + 1608 GOLD + 112 000 XP + 182 DAMAGE + 3 Turns (If I remember correctly he waits for 3 turns before playing) + IMMUNE to bleeding and Change line + WILL GO ON A DEFENSE STANCE AT THE 2ND TURN OF THE GAME. Then after he plays will come back in normal stance. Spell = MARKS SOME STONES WITH MAGIC DAMAGE = IF YOU USE THEM YOU LOSE 30 MANA per stone. Be careful)

Ehh, kinda like blue/red/yellow bosses between stages 80-90. Strategy is the same (Strengthening, Fury if nice red combo ... you get the idea)

STAGE 92 = YELLOW Succubus + IMMUNE to slow + 112 000 XP + 1608 GOLD + 182 DAMAGE + 6175 HP + Spell used when its her turn : BLOCKS 5 OF YOUR MAGIC CARDS + FOR 2 TURNS, 6 HEAL TOKENS ( On 6 random field stones) WITH A POWER OF 10% = DO NOT play them / use them in your combo or she'll be healed + 3 TURNS ( If I remember correctly it waits 3 turns before attacking you)

Not a tough battle but quite long. Again, kill it fast, 182 damage is quite something. Same strategy. (I mainly have 2 strategies as you may have noticed while reading and since they work...well... LET'S GO KILL THEM :-)

STAGE 93 = RED Big Slime + 6350 HP + 1768 GOLD + 132 000 XP + IMMUNE to poison and slowdown + 187 DAMAGE + Same spell than boss of stage 92 (Heal spell) + 3 TURNS (It waits 3 turns before get the idea)

Ahh..strengthening + one moment I made like 3 300 damage..I can tell you, slime got... SLIMMER ! (HHEHEHEHEHEHE.......................................)

STAGE 94 = GREEN Acolyte Master + 6334 HP + 132 000 XP + 1768 GOLD + 187 DAMAGE + IMMUNE to poison and slowdown + When its his turn, he calls 2 minions ( Around 1550 HP each and 1100 damage, he does this at each try to kill this fish master fast (Cards ''Trap'' and ''Mines'' are quite useful here :-)


STAGE 95 = GREEN Dragon + 6543 HP + 193 DAMAGE + 156 000 XP + 1944 GOLD + IMMUNE to poison and slow down + IT USES THE SAME SPELL THAN NORMAL GREEN DRAGON (One weird spell that makes some kind of camo/transforms some stones in indestructible stones) + another spell = PUTS TOKENS ON SOME STONES, IF YOU PLAY THESE STONES = REDUCES YOUR MOVES.


(CREDITES GOES TO Player ''FalconSavior'') --> 96-99 is going to be the rest of the dragons, and 100 is a unique boss fight.
Recommend having some mana giving food (Dryad Cookies are the best) so you have mana to work with, and bring along at least 4 Field Refresh scrolls (for the Gold Dragon). As long as you beat the last dragon, you don't have to go back to floor 96 again.

Update -->
To beat the Blue Dragon, the Red Dragon, the Purple Dragon and the Golden dragon (Stages 96 - 97 - 98 - 99, I FARMED the red dragon (Easy to do, just equip 5 times this food : Cheese soup (Page 6, at the bottom). It gives, if well done, +10 damage to all heroes, if normal it gives + 7 damage. Its possible to beat the blue dragon in less than 3 turns but you need some good stuff/luck + Same goes for the red dragon. Don't forget the FURY skill. For this strategy to work you must have all recipes from goblin in Zone 3. The last enormous : FIRE SOUP (Fire Dragon meat (That you can farm in tower, use the druid to get it faster) + Tusk (Look in list to where to find it easily. Zone 6, before attacking green dragon, is a good place with 2 minotaurs)) So, you got to farm to have at least 5 red dragon meat (Will be long...took me around 10 to 20 minutes, dem red dragon seems to be skinny and not having that much meat. Or maybe, since he is a fire dragon, its meat ain't easy to use in a soup ...sigh) Anyway, THE PREPARATIONS -->
-TAKE 1 BIG HEALTH POTIONS (+150) + 4 SCROLLS TO REFRESH THE FIELD (Dem golden dragon is OP with the spells) Normally the +200 damage (If you prepared the fire soup well, if you didn't, it gives like +27 damage, which is still quite nice. Train on other recipes before creating the fire soups, take your time, remember that this red dragon meat wasn't easy to get...) Anyway, the bonus in damage is just enormous AND WILL help you a LOT. I could kill all 4 dragons easily and had to use only once (Or 2 ?) a refresh for the golden dragon. Their spells and abilities are quite the same (Look at dragon guide), however, purple dragon will go in defensive stance in turn 2 of the game until the end. So try to kill it fast and not lose too much hp, you need the hp to fight the golden dragon (He deals 200 damage each don't go easy on him. Crush his puny dragon skull fast)

STAGE 100 --> BLACK Tower Master + IMMUNE to poisoning, slow down, change line, direct damage, bleeding (Immune to everything) + 100 damage (Attacks each turn) + 250 HP (You'll see why soon) + 0 GOLD + 0 XP

strategy : Its a long fight...
-Since you've killed golden dragon, you'll automatically start from stage 100 = you'll directly face the tower master when you click on Tower.
-GO COOK (I advise) 4-5 DRYAD FISH SOUP (Page 11, at the top) = They give +25hp (Good quality. Normal = 17 hp back, bad = 7 hp back ...) Anyway, cook something to heal at least 100 hp back at each turn, like this TOWER MASTER CAN'T KILL YOU.
-HE IS A BLACK-COLORED MONSTER... SPECIAL black color stones on the field will appear, 1 stone = 1 damage. Since he has 250 health, its gonna be quite long, hmm ?
-DO BLACK STONES COMBO ... and that's it, do this + food heal you = you kill him in 3-5 minutes.

And there, normally you won +4% progression. And normally finished the game, since that in my opinion the tower is one of the hardest things to do, 2nd hard thing would be to cook all plates. A section 18 will soon be created to help people do the AG quests, but probably for some quests they will be redirected to some sections (Like, Quest to kill tower master = go look this paragraph in this section, where we are at the moment)

13) Secret Boss and reach 104% progress :

''Cooking doesn't add % to game completion (Credits goes to player ''Mahnat''
'''''I just want to mention something strange happened to me while I was trying to complete the game fully.
After defeating the purple dragon and (luckily) getting its "Dead Dragon Meat", I made the dish for it (Dead Dragon Meat + Slime in a pot => Dead Soup), and out of complete boredom I fed it to the Gourmet. He just ran off without paying me and mutated into a boss in the map. I ended up defeating him (shame). After I reloaded my save file, I ended up getting 104% having done all but defeat the gold dragon and cook everything (@mahnat this is probably something you need to get 109%). Activating this event will make the gourmet disappear like the Dungeon Master did from the tavern forever''''''''''

DETAILS ABOUT THE GOURMET = RED Gourmet + 8000 HP + When its his turn, spell he uses = puts 6 tokens on 6 RANDOM stones, token's effect = steal item + 122 DAMAGE + 70 000 XP + 167 GOLD + IMMUNE to poisoning, slow down and direct damage.
Strategy :
I used 2-3 big mana potions and 1 small mana potion. My party is the same that I use for high stages Tower (Though I had the Druid with me cause searching for ingredients, but ats you can see, green hero isn't very important in red boss fight + This boss doesnt have an instant armor)
I could kill him in 3 turns with Fury + Strengthening.
IF YOU REALLY want to beat him EASILY, just prepare 5 recipes that gives you AT LEAST 122 hp back, like this he CAN'T kill you (Recipes work for the whole fight, like all recipes) and you can kill him easily.

The surprise boss fight is quite difficult actually. I can't remember much but when I fought him he was red, attacks after every turn for 190-200 damage, and inflicts harsher versions of debuffs existing in game (theft, block destruction, etc.). Since you start the fight straight from the world map, you don't have any mana or anything.

I'm wondering if anyone else can get the gourmet to mutate with the other dragon meat besides the dead dragon meat, or if it only works for the dead dragon meat. Either way I think this is an important find.''''' (Credits to play ''FalconSavior'')

14) Recipes list

Here is a link, it should show you ALL the recipes ( Credits to player''Last4Skull'' ) :

15)Where to find the woman in zone 10 to give her the witch's letter (Look at item number 8's description, above in the guide, to see how & where to get the paper, how to use it, what it will give ..) , How to beat the acolyte master of zone 7 :

For the woman in zone 10 :
Search in zone 10, Woman is in a building, normally you easily cross her path while doing the main quest, its on the middle-right side of the map ( Look at this image : If i remember well, you must follow the red road I made, then go in the sewers, kill, then come out, and continue, you should find the door of the building that is in the red circle, and inside the woman to who you must give the paper.

How to beat the acolyte master :

There are 2 ways
Either you give it the croco god's staff (Look at item number 12, above in the guide, its way easier AND you won't lose the staff in your inventory)

2nd way :
Credits goes to player ''Stairwalker'' for giving some details about the boss's stats -->
*************The fight is entirely optional, I just want to know what the reward is. Here are his stats:
273 attack (that's over 90% of my team's HP at this point), 6800 HP, attacks every 2 turns
Immune to poison and slowdown
Summons Acolytes when he attacks. The Acolyte Master is a Purple Boss.
On top of that, you need to restart the map to try again if you run away.**************

Personally, I didn't fight the Acolyte Master (Had the object it wanted : Guess its easier if you give it the object it wants :-) Look at item number 12 in the guide to know which item you must give to this acolyte master and why should you)

Normally, reward is the same if you give the croco god's scepter or not, since you ll only fight it once, it can't be the source of some kind of ingredient or many people would be stuck by giving it them item (If you kill it (I guess) or if you give it the croco god's scepter, you earn ITEM NUMBER 2 , which is useful against purple mage in Zone2) Look at ITEMS descriptions to have more details. )

However, my strategy against it :

-Make recipes that give you health back at eacu turn, you need minimum recipes that give 30-40 health back per turn. Of course these recipes will work for the whole fight. YOu can win without those but would be harder.
-At least reach a total of HP over 500
-Farm level or buy 30-40 small mana potions (around 10K Gold used, not that much + easier to kill the small enemy groups before the boss fight) + many small hp potions to heal from the small enemy groups before the boss fight)
-Make recipes to heal (Try to make recipes to heal, at least, 40 hp per turn (They will last for all the fight, like all other recipes normally)
-I advise focusing on purple colored stones + spamming strengthening and mana potions to use the ability. You need At least have a powerful strenghtening card, a +100% bonus is a minimum here in my opinion :-)
-Also, making it Bleed with the Red card ''Slashing''
-A bonus, you should use the blue card ''Magic Bolt'', mine at the moment does 400 damage, its quite nice to deal 400 damage to enemy hmm ? Same goes for the red card ''Rude Shock'' Whatever is the enemy's color, these cards avre very useful against all single enemies.
-Finally, a final advice, use the purple card ''Trap'', use it against the boss but also against its minions. Easier to take them down all. ANd the damage is quite impressive, my trap card does, at the moment, 5 x 160 damage at end of turn (Of course, whatever is the enemy, unless the monster is in another stance (Blue field = 50% less damage + 50% more resistance, red field = +50% damage - 50 % resistance. Middle field = 0 bonus/con.

Normally, my strategy should work easy. Yet, I advise you to give it the croco god's scepter to win time, or you'll be stuck, look in the guide at ITEM 3, then ITEM 21, then ITEM 9, then ITEM 22, then ITEM 10, then ITEM 19 (Golden liquid)
And you know what ? The first Item mentionned, Item 3 (Skeleton key), 2 ways to get it : -Either you kill the purple mage of zone 2 while only having 3 lines (There are strategies inside the guide)
-Either you get the medal from the Acolyte master (Kill it or give it the scepter), and then you ll have all the lines & be protected from the purple mage's curses.
I think that its impossible to win against the acolyte master at this stage of the game, since that to become more powerful, you ll also need to fight stronger enemies....but if you re stuck (Need objects to advance in game), you ll have enemies that dont give enough XP ....
So, in a way, it forces you to give the croco God's scepter to the acolyte master (While, I REPEAT, you WON'T lose it, it will still be in your inventory.)

LOOK IN THE COMMENTS SECTION FOR THE MISSING PART (Guide is too big so message can't handle so much writing)

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@FalconSavior cooking does not add % to game complation (

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Btw, the item number 27 is a key that you find in the stage 10 that opens a door that allow you to pull a lever and the game says "you hear the liquid" but idk what to do with that.

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Zone 11 -- Magic Fish (fairly good chances)

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@bakkart okay I will add it to the guide thank you

@Adels23 Yes, so you are right (Guide will be updated (I did all this but forgot to update guide))
Yes, this key after you used it, ( I take this from the guide in Dragon section -->
Adels23, you arrived at ***********************

You can find the Golden dragon After you beat the boss, come back in front of his building, advance and try to reach the top left side of the Map. Enter the house, kill the 3 groups of barbarians, take the rusty key. Then, go back, click the 2 foot white button that is in the middle of the map, then kill the bandit group that is in the middle-left side of the map (Near the bridge) From here, advance, you will then go in the sewers,go to the left, fight, then use the rusty key, activate the lever ***********************, then go to the right of the map , you ll have to fight some kind of boss (Not very hard but be careful to kill him as fast as you can) Finally, reach the surface (Don't forget the chest that is nearby!) and go to the church. You'll reach a teleporter (Amen ... Not easy fights to reach that point you'll see, you'd better hang on and buy lots of potions...) Finally, inside the church, there will be a painting depiting 4 dragons, and in other words, to advance inside the church you must have killed the 4 other dragons (RED , BLUE , GREEN and PURPLE) After collecting all 4 hearts, discovering the church in zone 10 and killing the Dungeon Master (He will curse you (Credits to player ''mahnat''))... THEN ... AND ONLY THEN, SHALL YOU FACE THE GOLDEN DRAGON...

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Finally...updated guide -->
(Credits were given to said players in the guide of course, name of said player is underlined at each participation)
-Added magic fish as an easy-to-find ingredient in Zone 11
-Added info that cooking doesn't add % for game completion
-Updated Item number 26 and Item number 27's information
-Added section 14, about the recipes with a link to an image
-Updated How to find & beat golden dragon by giving details on how & where to find the Rusty Key (Item number 27) and where & how to use it.

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Would like your opinion on that walkthrough =D

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What the, theres a secret super boss? Can he reappear or do you have to do a New Game to fight him again?

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@MonsterTruK where can i found the women that I have to give the paper to obtain the yellow liquid?

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I maybe should put this out,
For -Farming Coins- *For people who are in mid-game or at least 40% of the game*
I would make Slime Soup since the ingredients are easy to get imo and if you get a normal in your cooking, sell it to gourmet since it hurts your team, you can get 560 coins, up to 800 coins if its good.

Slime can be obtained in zone 3, once you enter, go to your right and left at the entrance and you'll have the only slimes in that zone. one shot them and make sure you bring the Druid to get more.

Jerked Beef can be obtained (imo the fastest and easiest way), in zone 5 and fight the FIRST Group of bandits once you enter the map, once you finished them (don't forget druid), exit the map. Rinse and repeat.

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Does anyone manage to beat the Acolyte Master in Map 7? The fight is entirely optional, I just want to know what the reward is. Here are his stats:
273 attack (that's over 90% of my team's HP at this point), 6800 HP, attacks every 2 turns
Immune to poison and slowdown
Summons Acolytes when he attacks
On top of that, you need to restart the map to try again if you run away.

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Alternate Golden Dragon strategy:

My setup -- Wizard (Bolt + whatever), Paladin (Exorcism + Healing Touch), Barbarian (Rude Shock + whatever), Hunter (whatever -- I had Ambush + Wisdom), Thief (Substitution + 2nd Wind); 2 magic dishes and 3 health dishes; 5 scrolls of reset

So after farming the other mobs in Level 10, I had everyone basically up to max before hitting the dragon. I focused on Yellow (since he's a ... well, yellow dragon), and was able to keep up my Exorcism skill up fairly well by using Substitution to move the yellow blocks where I wanted them. If I didn't have enough yellow mana, then I'd use a reset scroll instead. The health meals meant I didn't have to worry about health at all, and I threw a blue bolt and a red Rude Shock at him every now and then. For frosting, I tried a green skill sometimes, and sometimes got lucky with those blocks being free before I reset the screen.

All in all, it was a bit monotonous, but I wore him down without much problem or danger.

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@Adels23 Search in zone 10, Woman is in a building, normally you easily cross her path while doing the main quest, its on the middle-right side of the map ( Look at this image : If i remember well, you must follow the red road I made, then go in the sewers, kill, then come out, and continue, you should find the door of the building that is in the red circle, and inside the woman to who you must give the paper.

@Bunnycortez look at the end of the guide)) He won't reappear + you just got to give him a certain plate)

@stairwalker are you talking about this thing on the top-left side if the map which asks an object or you must fight it ? I didn't fight it (Because I found it very late and had the object it wanted xD) But seeing your description of it, its manageable :
-Use Red card Slashing (To make it bleed)
-Farm for mana / use plenty of small mana/hp potions before the fight to have all your chances and not lose your time)
-Use cards that do a lot of damage at the end of your turn ( Purple card ''Trap'' and blue ''Magic Mines'' is what I use with it, it does a nice combo and does quite a lot of damage to all the monsters, activate them when the minions of the boss appear)
-What is its color ? If its Yellow, Red, or Blue ... well, I would focus on red stones, use Red card ''Fury'' + Yellow ''Strengthening'' on my red hero when I have at least a combo superior to 350-450.
Good luck
P.S. : Tell me what is its color ! Because when we give the object we can't fight it again x,x !

@Bakkart Okay ty for the method But bakkart, As i think i saw during my fight with him, it DOESN'T matter who attacks him, he will divide the damage by 2)) That's why my strategy is focused on the red hero and strengthening and fury But going anyway to add your alternate strategy, the more the better :-)

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@BunnyCortez thanks for the information I will add it and credits to you, by the way there is a list of zones to find easily some ingredients, its in Section 8. You should look at it Up to zone 9, all the potential ingredients and their frequenices are given :-)

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Also, @stairwalker
You clearly can't fight it now, even at my level (Near 600 hp) wouldn't be easy, I guess giving recipes to all characters to heal would be a good idea to counter this problem, at least recipes that give 40 health back, minimum here.
Guess its easier if you give it the object it wants :-) Look at item number 12 in the guide to know which item you must give to this acolyte master and why should you)

Normally, reward is the same if you give the croco god's scepter or not, since you ll only fight it once, it can't be the source of some kind of ingredient or many people would be stuck by giving it them item (If you kill it (I guess) or if you give it the croco god's scepter, you earn ITEM NUMBER 2 , which is useful against purple mage in Zone2) Look at ITEMS descriptions to have more details.

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Important update :
-Added info about a good recipe to make money (Look at the sections summary at the top to see its place in the guide)
-Added golden dragon alternate strategy
-Added MORE details about how to find the Red Woman in Zone 10 AND the strategy I would use to beat the Acolyte Master in a new Section, SECTION 15 (In 2 different situations, I need to know what is the color of the Acolyte Master to eliminate one of the 2 strategies)

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