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To those of you who already know me, the only thing I can say is - third time's a charm. To those who don't:

Welcome to the year 1432 on the Island of Tulse. There's a lot of things going on, so I won't bother using a fancy language and try to keep this introduction short and simple.

General info:

This island is isolated from the rest of the world because it's inside an indestructible dome. It's land mass is equal to that of the country of Poland, slightly above 1 million inhabitants and the difference in climate between the north and south is like northern and southern Europe, this results in lots of hurricanes and heavy tornadoes on a regular basis. Roughly 99% of everything here is already discovered. The inhabitants are very similar to humans except for their glowing viper-like eyes and some can use magic. Recently people have discovered gunpowder and some have already started mass producing weapons that require it. Here's how it looks on a map:

Click this link to see a larger picture that also includes the names of the most important regions.

This island has a total of 3 factions and 30 kingdoms and 1 empire, 33 of these were in a 13 year long war 10 years ago. The war ended with a white peace and a 10 year truce that ends in one day from now. Mages make up about 0.0002% of the population (a.k.a. 1 in every 5000 people is a mage). English is the most commonly spoken language here, but some places speak in different languages as well.


I want to make a couple of these so that you don't cause me too many sudden problems:

1. Your character is not allowed to be able to go through, damage, change shape or influence the dome in any way.

2. Time manipulation does exist, but has limitations: you cannot skip any periods of time and you cannot go back in time. You can only pause it or make it go faster. Predicting time is allowed, though.

3. You can do anything you desire, hence why this is an RP/RPG. However, you are not allowed to choose the consequences of your actions.

Application sheet:

You only need to post this once in order to start playing. After that posting it is completely unnecessary.

Name, surname, nickname: [The name and surname is obligatory, the nickname is optional. You can also have multiple names or surnames if you so desire.]

Location: [You can either point the location in paint or something similar or tell me the whereabouts of where it is.]

Appearance: [Imagine explaining it to an illustrator.]

Personality: [The longer description, the better.]

Biography: [Everything about your current situation and the past. Things like life-changing events, other characters involved, anything that doesn't break any of the rules.]

Magic abilities: [Only necessary if you plan on having any. If you do, describe the spell and give it a name. These skills can be completely anything. It can be something primitive like shooting fireballs or something complex like having enhanced eyesight if you're 20 feet above sea level.]


To explain briefly - it's complicated due to lots of exceptions and conditional exceptions and exceptions to exceptions and so on. The only important thing to note is that when mages run out of mana (we all know what that is), they can still keep using magical spells, but they start losing various random limbs, body parts or blood and die very fast or receive permanent, incurable damage.

Factions and Kingdoms:


People call this the most evil faction and for a good reason. They believe a certain religion and all heretics are either killed or enslaved. Most of their income is made by gold, their army has a high morale due to receiving a lot of money from the government and having the right to do whatever they want, but this faction is about 30 years behind on technology from everyone else.

Vermile's Empire:

The island's only empire. Largest land mass, army and navy. Everyone has been living under strict rules and has been forced to follow every Emperor's order since childhood. The king is selfless, and only uses this to improve the Empire, not his personal life. When this Empire is at war, everyone is forced to join the military and use whatever equipment they have for battle.


The most liked and populated faction. The government is led by a council of 7 people, 2 of which are changed every 4 years. The government believes that people should have all the saying and deserve rights to do anything they want. Half of the faction's money is spent on making people's lives better and the other half is spent on everything else. This results in the army having bad equipment and a slow technological progression.


The richest and most influential faction. They are the sole reason why trade between all the various factions and countries exists, the reason why everyone has access to everything. They have the highest amount of mages, the faction is well fortified, their army is small, but well equipped, most technologically advanced and always ready for combat if the need arises.


They used to own the Aucen's island and the Islands of Augsten in their entirety and there's a reason they have their own Gulf. They used to be one of the richest kingdoms on the island until they got invaded by Vermile's Empire and are now trying to stop Vermile from invading them completely. They also have their own different language, but the letters are similar to the English language.


The weakest and least populated kingdom on the island. They are too far from other factions to help them, so the real question is who will invade them first. Currently everyone is on their way out of there.

Holy Indra's Alliance:

It is a union of the 28 remaining kingdoms who are trying to stop Vermile's Empire's rapid expansion. All of these small 28 countries speak a language that is completely different to the English language. If they were a single kingdom/faction, it would be the most populated and the richest.

Click this link to see the political map.

Final notes:

1. If you decide to be somewhere where English is not spoken, everything in that language will be translated to English for you, but the real English will be switched to something else. Don't ask why I'm going through this trouble. Everything has a reason.

2. Very often I'll say things like "might be" or "seems like". That means it has about a 60% chance of being true and a 40% chance of me trying to trick you. I'll do this very often if you're in a difficult situation.

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