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What happened guys? The forums used to be bustling with life. The Tavern used to have so many threads in a week. Now we're lucky enough to even get 1 new post in 2 tavern threads in a day. I remembered when every thread on the first page of the forum games read the current date(or at least XX minutes/hours ago). Now there's more than half of the first page that reads X days ago. Barely much is happening in WEPR anymore, and I'm sure plenty of topics could be made about events going on in the world. AMW has like 2 currently active threads(granted I know that user art threads can take awhile for an update). And don't even get me started on how empty the Games forum is on a GAMING website. Just... what happened to the activity?

I want to know, why are you guys being so quiet? Is there anything that would cause you to post more? Do you guys have any ideas on how to stir-up more user activity?

Honestly, I think there needs to be threads such as Battle of the Brands again. I understand people disliked how many threads there were with that same formula, but they brought activity.

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