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So, recently, Castle Wars 2.5 was released in AG, and I played it and completed everything on it for the "nostalgia" that game created on me, and the toughest part of it were the 5 hidden achievements...

What makes them so tough is that you have no idea what you have to do to obtain them, so, I thought that it would be a good idea to make a guide on how to get them, but I decided to include ALL the 15 achievements on the game, because why not?

[NOTE] You CAN'T get the Achievements in "Practice Mode"!

So, here it is:

1) "Pawn - Conquer an Island (any difficulty)"
By far, the easiest achievement on the game. Just play on Campaign Mode and conquer an island. (you can do it by winning only 2 battles, I recommend doing it on Casual Mode as it is the easiest)

2) "Rook - Complete Easy Campaign"
Well, the description says it all, just conquer the four islands and win the final battle in the Easy Campaign, not hard at all.

3) "Knight - Complete Normal Campaign"
Again, just complete the Normal Campaign, it is slightly harder than Easy, so I recommend you to win Casual and Normal Campaigns before trying out this one, so you can learn how to play better.

4) "King - Complete Hard Campaign"
Well, the Hard Campaign is significantly harder than the other three, I strongly recommend you to win the other ones first (to unlock some good cards and learn how to play better), it may take a long time to win some battles, but you will eventually do it.

5) "Queen - Complete All Campaigns"
Errm, just start with the easier Campaigns and go to the harder ones, you'll likely get it along with the "King" Achievement.

6) "Diploma - Win 3 Games In A Row"
You can try it on Casual, if you can't get it, try it after winning harder Campaigns, so it will be easier.

7) "Medal - Win 5 Games In A Row"
This one is a little bit harder than "Diploma", but it is not hard at all, especially if you already learned how to play this game well.

8) "Trophy - Win A Campaign Game In Less Than 20 Moves"
This is where achievements start to get harder, for this one, you should try to change your Deck to include EITHER more card which increase the size of your castle and build it over 100 Storeys, OR more cards to attack your opponent and get it down to 0 Storeys, it will probably take you a few attempts, but you can do it.

9) "Master of Construction - Win A Game With A Castle That Has 130 Or More Storeys"
You should try this one on a Casual game, as it is easier, all you have to do is get your castle at 90 or so Storeys, then, you MUST use a "Magic Bricks" card, which is unlocked by winning Campaigns, then, right after that, use either the "Babylon" or "Pixies" card to get yourself above 130 Storeys.

10) "Master of Destruction - Crush Your Opponent's Castle So That It Gets -30 Storeys Or Less"
This is probably slightly easier than the one above, you just have to gets your opponent's castle to a very low number of Storeys (~15 or so), then, just use the "Magic Weapons" card (you don't need it if you use the Dragon Card while the opponent is below 8 Storeys), and use a card which does a large amount of damage "Comet Strike", "Trojan Horse", "Lightning", "Quake"... and you should have this achievement.

Now, let's go for the Hidden Achievements:

11) "Luck - Win A Game Where You And Your Opponent Is Only 5 Storeys Appart"
To do this one, you must win a game while either your opponent has 95 or more Storeys, or when you are under 5 Storeys, I did it when I had 3 Storeys, just have an attacking card ready (I recommend "Ambush" or "Trojan Horse" as they go through the opponent's walls, then, let your opponent get your castle to a very low number of Storeys, while carefully not letting him get too strong, then, destroy him. This one might take a few tries as it is very luck-based.

12) "Jester - Win A Game By Both Building 100 Storeys Or More, And Crushing Your Opponent's Castle Down To 0 Or Below At The Same Time"
For this one, I strongly recommend you to change your Deck's settings to have more "Magic Bricks", "Magic Weapons" and "Wain"; you must play carefully, until you have 94 Storeys or more (or 88 if you used "Magic Bricks&quot, AND get your opponent down to 6 Storeys or fewer (or 12 if you used "Magic Weapons&quot, then, when both things happen, just use a "Wain" card and that's it.

13) "Babylon Wall - Build A Wall That Is 150 Storeys Or More"
This is perhaps the easiest Hidden Achievement in this game, just... keep building the wall until it hits 150 Storeys or more... There isn't much to talk about this one.

14) "Master Thief - Steal A Total Of 50 Resources During A Game"
For this one, you'll want to increase the number of "Thief" cards in your Deck, get as many Recruits as you can (so you can actually use the cards), and keep stealing you opponent. If your opponent has more than 6 Bricks, Weapons and Crystals when you use the card, you'll have to use it 3 times in a single game to get there.

15) "Emperor - Complete All Achievements"
As soon as you get your 14th Achievement, this one will also be given to you... It means you completed the game.

In the end, it will look like this:

Thanks for reading, and I hope this can help any of you!

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