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Game is simple, paste the content you have in your CTRL+V and laugh at what other people posted. Try to give an explanation for what you just pasted if you think others won't understand it. You can post texts, pictures (not THAT kind of pictures), video links, everything not too illegal.

Of course I'll start first:
This is a boring one

callpropvoid 0x4F name
n = arg count arg n
arg 1
(name string)

Call a method of the target with the given name. The result is discarded.
If the name is a runtime name then the actual name string will be on the stack.
If the name has a runtime namespace then the actual namespace object will be on the stack.

I was searching for some programming stuff to make a tutorial for newbs. But hey, maybe you have something funnier to paste. Go ahead!

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@HahiHa @MrDayCee
also feels like a necro

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