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Hi everyone !
i apologise for my english that's prety meh :/

Well i try to find a flash game i was playing when i was younger :
Basicly it's a runner game when the only things you have to do was to press space bar (poping a lot of little black projectiles) It was one 3 / 4 plan (he dosn't have some sort of lvl you know ) one was a cat running in a volcano, another one it was a guy that was jumping in the sky on cloud.
The game itself wasn't that great but he has an AMAZING SONG (that change when we arrive in the sky and jumping on cloud)
At the game over screen there was name of the high score, picture of sponsor / game and some sort of description : Live your life ... (can't remember the entire description)
Finaly i think (in my memory) the game has something in his title that remind transformation you know ? (like morpheus, morphing, metamorph, transform, inflat things like that)
As you understand the name of the game is important to me (i realy want to ear this song one more time :P)

Thanks for all your help and support

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This doesn't sound familiar to me at all. Hopefully someone else here knows it. But in the meantime, you can search for the game with the following tags: runner, one button.

I tried this and there are too many games to look through. But maybe you'll recognise the game. If it's not on Armor Games, just try doing a Google search for runner one button flash game. Maybe you can find it that way. Good luck!

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