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That's right guys, at the end of this month my teenage years will be officially over. Maybe that's part of what's been driving me to be so active again over the last couple of weeks... I first made my account 3 weeks after I turned 13.

I remember when and why I made my account, too. I had been playing Bad Eggs Online for several weeks and noticed that you would get better stuff if you were a member. Normally, I would have thought that I wouldn't have been allowed to make an account (strict-ish mother who was technologically inept and probably thought it would slow down her computer) but I loved the game so much that I asked if I could make an account and she said I could. It made me so much happier than it really probably should have. Shortly thereafter, I made a friend on Bad Eggs and he became my first AG friend that I also talked to outside of a game. That man, of course is none other than @R2D21999

But I digress. I suppose the real point of me letting you guys of all people in on my super big 20th birthday party extravaganza is because AG made up such a huge part of my teenage years. I've spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours on this website playing games, hanging around in the forums and talking to people. I'm in college studying programming, something that I don't think I would have ever even considered had it not been for AG... So in a very real sense I owe my future career to this website and the people on it.

So, birthday party. It's taking place right here in this thread. All are invited, whoever is left at least. I won't comment on whether or not that means the party itself is a deathmatch, I'll leave that up to your imaginations. So, let's start with assigning roles. I'll be the host, now all I need is a MC, weapons specialist and a carpenter.

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