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I know this is practically Theo not type of thread I make anymore, I mean after all one of the top threads in this forum is me talking about turning 20 from a year and a half ago for some reason, but that's just because Armor Games has always meant a lot to me and done so much for me. So, why am I making a thread this time? Well, it's a couple of things.

Firstly. A few months ago I got my first job as a programmer. A career I don't think I would have ever chosen without Armor Games. For now, I have a regular old programming job, but my degree, still in progress, has a focus on video game programming. Playing all of the amazing flash games on this site is what got me interested in programming in the first place, and I took my very first step towards that when a user here had a link to Codecademy in their profile, and I've been interested in programming and decided to do it for a living ever since.

Secondly, I'm getting married tomorrow. Something I likely wouldn't be able to do for several more years had it not been for Armor Games. Had I not been a programmer I have no clue what else I could do for a living, above low skilled jobs, so being financially able to be married is something I wouldn't be able to do without this website.

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