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Hi! I recently got into game development with my brother and I really enjoyed the flash game Frontier. I had an idea to make a game called Frontier 2 and I wanted to know if I would need official permission from Armor Games to actually develop it, since the name and entire concept of the game is based off of their game Frontier.


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I'm guessing you read John's FAQ?

Can you make a sequel of ___________? Does your current/previous employer own the rights to it?
Cool, glad we got to this part. Generally the rule is that any game that was made outside of my employment (Kongregate, Armor Games, etc) is my intellectual property. Sponsorships, which I did a lot of up to about 2007, I also retain the rights to. Anything that is my intellectual property I have the right to make sequels to, otherwise I would need to work with directly with that company to make a sequel.

Still, I think the best way to contact AG would be through an actual ticket, rather than the forums

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