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Some posters may feel that they know exactly how to put your opinion across, but are you? I thought that the many AG members should know what is needed for others to understand and respect what they have to say.

Spelling and Grammar
This may seem optional, but I would respect an opinion so much more if I could understand it. Not only understand it, but I would respect a post that has the look of hard work. Bad grammar, and wrong spellings would make me loose that interest and respect for the post.

When debating hot topics such as abortion, war, etc., you should always cite your sources! It is of course plagerism, and it is against the rules to copy someone elses work. Not only am I telling you to cite sources, but actually use sources! Research topics and use the knowledge found and refute what has been said before you, or bring up another point to add to the discussion. And remember, you don't have to know everything about the topic to post in a certain forum!

This doesn't only apply to this forum, but it is stressed more in this forum because some threads deal with personal issues, and if you aren't respectful to others' posts than there will be conflicts and fighting. I like to say, if you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all. This applies here, but your post doesn't have to be "nice." Just avoid being rude and obnoxious.

Read what others wrote by Squidlidink
All too often people post comments only referencing the topic title not what the actual topic was about. Always read the first few posts to see the scope of the argument and understand it, then read the previous posts to see specifically what people are talking about at that point.

Read what you're about to post thanks to Megamickel
Make sure you don't sound like an idiot before you post. If you say something stupid, you're bound to be attacked for it. The very nature of this forum says that opponents will look for any flaws in your argument, and if your post makes you sound like an ignorant buffoon, then you'll pay for it.

Be Specific Thanks to Eyes and Asherlee
Sometimes a lot of people are posting at once. It can be hard to tell who is talking about what. Instead of saying "it" or "him" be as specific as you can about who or what you are referring to. When you are talking to another AG member, a technique would be to us "@(so and so's name)" Then he/she will know that he/she is being addressed.

Quotes are also a helpful feature. You can make a quote by highlighting the text you want to quote (it must be inside the comment box) and clicking on "Quote".

Post YOUR feelings! Thanks to TotalReview
Don't just follow a crowd. Post your feelings on the issue. Use your mind and don't just say something to try to be cool. I would rather disagree with someone who actually supports something then agree with someone who just lied.

To add to it all, have fun!!!
This forum is pretty serious, but don't feel too worked up about a thread. This site is for having a good time, so post only if you want to to. This is not an obligation!

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