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Bright Light Shadow

Bright light shadow penetrates prosperous sands of time,
Dark shaded lights dance upon the tomb, sublime.
The stars to far, from which we can reach,
The heavens, right here, which we canât breach.

The lionâs body lies to guard the godâs tower,
The face of man, watching over hidden powers.
We see not the blessed life of our right-doing,
But the wrath of the lords, growing and brewing.

The answers of secrets, right in front of our eyes,
What we make of these treasures become pure lies.
The answers we seek right in our views,
Are nothing more than dreams, never true.

God, gods, or Buda, we can never agree,
Without them, would we finally be free?
With no reason for war, would we sleep tight?
With nothing to look too would we make it through night?

The meaning of words in which I speak,
The meaning within them run so deep.
The truth be told within these rhymes,
Truly mean nothing, no more than chimes.

Tell me what you picture and what you think about the poem. You can try to figure out it's meaning but don't ask me, I am just the guy who wrote the poem... how would I know?

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Because I wrote this on Microsoft word before copying and pasting it here, there are coding errors. Please go to this thread to leave your comments.

I am a perfectionist and the other thread I retyped the "'"s so the coding is not all messed up. Do not mention anything about there being duplicate threads here or on my other thread. I will have a mod lock this up as soon as one is online. Just pretend this thread does not exist.

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