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okay here it is the impossible guide(i have used it 3 times and won twice so...


wait for 5-6 enemies to appear on the screen then use your special,with the cash earned from the special buy an egg automatic and spend the rest on club-men.

keep buying club men and whenever possible do a special then buy 1-2 dino riders with the cash from the special.

continue this until 4000 experience


Keep your egg automatic, then buy as many swords men as possible,special when you can then get 500 coins then buy a knight and let him kill a few enemies.

After that follow this strategy:
10 swords men
1 knight
10 swords men
1 knight

and so on until 14000 experience


as soon as you evolve spend all your money on duellers and if you have enough upgrade your turret capacity.

after this save for a small or medium cannon let it/them shoot down a few enemies and send out more duelers with the cash,again remebering to use special to protect your soldiers,i would reccomend saving for a canoneer and then using the special so he can go further continue this sort of strategy until you have 45000 experience


you will need more cash for this one so wait for around 5 enemies to appear on screen and use a special getting you around 13-15000 coins use this cash to buy a double turret.

let the turret and your other cannons shoot about 10-15 enemies dead and buy all the turret spaces available then continue slaughtering with your cannons.

after this buy another double turret(use special as it should have recharged by now) and then spend the rest of your cash on melee infantry.

continue this buying double turrets when possible and specialing when possible also dont forget to send out a few tanks=D

continue that till 200000 experience

***AGE FIVE***
Okay this is it,the EASIEST age yet(if you can get turrets)
now you will need as much cash as possible here so i hope you saved a special again wait for 5-6 enemies to appear on the screen and then special them this should give you enough cash to sell your weakest turrets and buy 1 or maybe 2 lazer-cannons at 40000 each then continue letting your cannons shoot the enemy until you have 80000 coins then sell your lazer cannon and buy an ION cannon(woot) continue letting your cannons own until 100000 coins and buy another ION cannon repeat this until you have four ION cannons

Now this is the easy part

leave your computer for 1 hour(or leave screen open and do something else on the computer)

when you come back you should find around 3-4 million coins waiting.

Buy 5 super soldiers with this cash then use a special to clear the field of enemy soldiers the super soldiers will then do their job of OWNING the enemies base

CONGRATULATIONS you have just completed Age of War on IMPOSSIBLE mode(hopefully)


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or you can spam slingshot men and win

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okay guys, there is another way to beat impossible. however, it takes a lot of patience and a fairly good comp.

first: wait till the enemy gets pretty about halfway to your stone home. then, click the special and PAUSE IMMEDIATELY by pressing space. wait until the screen stops shaking then unpause it.
if done correctly, all the special will
fall at the same time, making a wall of
super awesome pwnage. make an eggautomatic then make as many clubman as you can.
now, just keep making clubman and using specials using the glitch.
if you're lucky, sometimes your
clubmen will be up to 5 in the
same spot, causing SUPER damage.
there's a way to make your guys spawn
faster, this is a great glitch.
first, make your queue 5 people.
then, pause.
now you should know how long it
takes to make 5 clubmen. wait for
about 10-30 seconds (depends on how
good your cpu is) then unpause. if done
correctly, you'll now have 5 clubmen
right at your base while the enemy is
in the same spot. also, even though the
game is paused, the special will regenerate. use specials (glitched) and make clubmen(glitched) and be warned that this often causes some lag. now just keep using this strategy until the cpu advances to the 3rd<---- age. at this point, advance to the 2nd age.
the special glitch will still work, so
use it when possible. this is a flexible strategy as long as you make only clubmen and swordsmen. at the 2nd age, make what you want but budget your money.
now wait until you get 45000 xp while still making as many guys as you can. thus, you can skip the 3rd age and go straight to the 4th age. then use the men making glitch making infantries (the gunmen) now budget yourself till you get...oh i dono 15000 gold. then, add a turret spot and make urself a double turret. the more double turrets you have, the better. if you have 4, it will even kill the 5th age things. so, when you can after you have 4 double turrets, advance to the 5th age. make blasters if you must, and replace ur double turrets with ion cannons as your money piles up.
when you have 4 ion cannons, you're home free. wait and make super soldiers, or send in as many whatever as you want, you are guaranteed a win.

please comment if you find other glitches or tell me if you tried using my technique.

@ageofwarpawns Thanks for those glitches, i never knew of them and I first played over 10 years ago but hadn't played for a while. I had totally forgot about the game and was just looking back at old games I had favourited and memories came back to me. I will definitely use your information next time I play if needed.

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