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Hello and welcome!

This is a spin-off of the original GFX Art Battle, but with some updated rules and changes. Please make sure to read the rules before entering, since they have been modified. Good luck, we look forward to seeing some creative artistic entries!

Competition Rules
1. Must be hand drawn, either on paper or in a program. It can then be manipulated in an graphics program. But unoriginal artwork cannot be used as the main focus. Copyrighted images cannot be used. All pieces containing copyrighted images will be disqualified.
2. Submissions must follow the current theme that has been chosen by a moderator for that week. If you submit more than one piece, please clarify which one you would like to be judged.
3. If your image is larger than 600 pixels wide, please provide a link to the image instead of posting it in the forum. Otherwise, the image will be cut off.
4. Artists cannot win in subsequent weeks. You can still submit, but if you won the week before, you cannot get first place again the next week.
5. After the deadline, a moderator will pick the winner, and they will be awarded a 25 AP award.

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Just wondering, is judging still Teusday, or has it been moved back already?

Uhm, 5 pages back...
Monday. Otherwise I will be annoyed and not being part of the judging.
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Ah, didn't notice that...

*walks away toward the Forum Games section*

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sorry...messed up in the hurry...but still...hope I'm not late

little math for you :P

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And judging later tonight, not so long from now.

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I'll just ninja this in before we judge...

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uuu...the rainbow bridge :P

but where is Heimdall with his horn?

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That actually has absolutely nothing to do with rainbows, bridges, or that mythology...

I see how you'd get that idea. I don't see how it would have anything to do with the theme, though.

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Z: Look what came back! A Cenere!
C: Well, I have a break in the exams, so better use it on something here, I guess?
Z: You mean instead of something useful?
Just kidding.
C: Like eating > >... Anyway, back, and judging in time as well, so all be cool.
Before anything else, we have the entries of the judges (That would be Zophia and I :P)
Zophia, a short comment on yours?

Z: From me? Wouldn't it make more sense if we commented on each others?
But okay: I just realized I put the colours in the wrong order. I think... Maybe. From green to pink on it should have been in the opposite order...
C: Just though it would be nice with and explanation, since neither of us has explained the entry?
It is very nice looking, though, and it makes some sense with the light blue - green - yellow and so forth. Looks good, and I think no one would question it.
Z: *shrug* Also, look here if you don't see the infinity in it. Aside from the whole sky (universe) thing.
C: Just as good as Gabriel's Trumpet.
Z: ^^
Yours now? The phoenix?

C: Yes. A creature that is in a never ending circle of rebirth. This makes it pretty much immortal. Random tattoo style because I was lazy, and background... Because I was random?
Z: It's pwetty~ Eternal life. Eternal aka an infinite timespan, in this case. Yay for the multitudes of different infinities that it is possible to describe?
C: Yup. And besides that, they are rather cool. Jezz inspired me, btw.
Z: How so?
C: Her main chara is a Phoenix, and since I was making her ref sketch around the time of the new round, I remembered it? So, indirectly dedicated to her.
Z: Oh cool. Anyway... I think we should get started on the actual judging.
C: The reason we are here.
First place goes to PoisonArrow:

Z: Because - uhm... You said it so well pre-judging, any chance you wanna say it again?
C: In the middle of it..
Well, Coca Cola is a well known brand across the world, and though it have not been around for that long, it has still created memories and figures that will make it known forever(Santa?). Since nothing has changed much since the release of CC, I will presume it will stay as it is (with more different kinds, though). They will probably still be drinking it a hundred years from now. Timeless.
And.. Coca Cola is the best know... No, wait, second best known word in the world.
Z: So technically forever viewed in the scope of how long a lifetime is. /not making sense
C: Ttly. *throws a coin in the "Get Strop Pwn'ed fond"-box*
Z: o.o

Second place... Is thisisnotanalt's.

C: Ah, yes. A fractalic fractal. They look god, they are copying themselves without doing it completely, they are neverending... I like them.
And this one is rather good, I would have liked to zoom in on some of the minor spirals. What a travel.
Z: In short: Pwetty~<3
C: Very.
Z: Third place~
C: Dank, though he never answered the question. We are just hoping.

Z: Yes, benefit of the doubt. And it's another pretty thing~
C: With fractalic properties. Of course. Nice textures as well, makes it look good, though the read is hating them.. Might just be my lack of eyesight, though.
Z: *lack of comment due to being on the phone*
C: *wanders out to check on fridge, as it has not been dripping in half an hour now*
Z: Miw?

On to list of non-placed entries now:
C: Goumas.

Because... Well.. Minimalistic, but effective. A little boring, and so, but at least not the sign for infinity?
Z: Yeah. Good interpretation of the theme, just - a little too simplistic?
C: The white kills...
Next would be Adam and his Infilloons.

The colours make me see shadows behind the balloon. What is an infinite balloon exactly? (well, besides infinite)
Z: One that never pops or deflates?
The colours clash maliciously. Hurtses.
C: Well, once again a simple, effective idea. Though, without the text, we would not have known the relation to the theme.
Z: And entries relying on their textual content are...
C: Bad. Often rejected. Kittensalad.
Z: Hamsterjelly.
C: Ttly. *puts coin in the "Get Strop Pwn'ed fond"-box*
Next up is DarkArgen

Uhm.. Yes.. Once again a little dependant on the text (just a little), but interesting concept, well drawn, the blood being a little too light, though.
Z: Seems kinda tangential to the theme in my opinion, but I could be wrong.
C: Well, the corridor seems to stretch into.. the darkness. It is there, somewhere, I am sure.
Z: Yes, probably.
C: "The road goes ever on"..
Zlith is next

Never ending story-plz?
Z: Hence the clas(s)ic stamp, I guess. Texty.
C: Yes. ... Darn, I should have drawn the Worm of Midgard! T T Anywho, simplistic, wobbly snakes (though kinda cute in a creepy way), and infinity sign...
Z: Yup.
C: Then there is Apocalypse and the strange infinity.

Z: It's a lie. I see three ends.
Actually 4.
C: Have to agree on this one. There is some lines being too long, which is.. ending the ... unended.
Z: So... Visual fail, but nice idea, though it's more or less just a complex circle.
C: People are a little lazy on the complecity this round?
Pazx is next, and I am not stoned, you!!

Some of the directions of the smudges are a little off, but the colours are nice. Me like.
Z: *zooms off through the colours, ttly stoned*
C: I am actually off my pills (mainly because they are not working), so all too sober here.
Z: I'm just sleepy. Next?
C: Yes. Samdawg

That might be worse than the balloon one.. Eyes being hurt here... And endless tunnel more than room to me, I guess.
Z: Doesn't hurt my eyes, this one~ I think it would have worked just as well without the text crutch, though.
C: Most likely, most likely. And my eyes act up anyway... Might be the lines.
JereN, please explain this, because.. We(I) have theories, and they are not very good.

Z: And I'm just confused. I'm guessing you're referencing some mathematical rule or something, but I don't recognize it.
C: This does not happen often, but... More text would have been nice..
Z: XD Not in the image, though. Just aside the entry.
C: I would have liked the equation, but yeah... Now..
Gantic and the....

Creative double infinity sign with heart and... thing.
Z: Ever evanescent butterfly. Had to look up evanescent, it's not a word I've ever used... There's more to it than 'double infinity sign', though.
C: Oxymoronic to me... Somewhat. And yellow...
Z: How's it oxymoronic?
C: Nevermind.. Skipped the "ever", I guess.
Z: Uh... Confused now, but okay.
C: Gah... My dictionary is descriping it as: "tending to vanish like vapor". If something vanish, then it is no more, and if it is no more, it has an end, thus making it finite. Putting in the 'ever'-part turns it a little, makin it infinite, thus never vanishing fully.
But since I am tired, I am probably wrong. Still, slightly oxymoronic to me...
Z: Mkay.
Onwards. This judging is starting to seem infinite...
C: Alting har en ende....
The people using infinity signs:

Creative.. Weird to look at... Why is he always the first to post a drawing, I wonder.
Z: Because he's speedy at coming up with ideas and executing them?
C: Probably. Though the purple one was a little... Yeah. Gives a whole new meaning to sk8...
Z: Lolyes.
*fail comment*
C: Which leads us to Klaus

Hiatus, huh...
Z: Infinite hiatus. With breaks. Which means, once he "returns", it is technically only yet another break in the infinite hiatus.
C: Ttly. ... *puts coin in "GSPF"-box*
Z: What is it with that box?
C: Strop is contagious and made me use "Ttly" *puts coin in box* too much, or in this case, at all. It is annoying, and he is making fun of me. So I am collecting money to.. pwn.. him.... That part of the plan is still in progress...
Z: Lulz~
More entries?
C: Oh, yes.

Z: Did someone say uninspired?
C: I heard nothing > >... But random. And... Random...
Z: And... Yeah that's pretty much it. Colour...
C: Kittensalad...
PrivatePati was just as inspired, it seems. 8?

Z: At least it does look like the note about creativity was read... It's a creative rendition of 8? Though 8 is not the same as the symbol for infinity, so technically it has nothing to do with the theme?
C: We'll just tip it over or something.
Z: Lulz.
C: .. Let us call this a night, huh. Done with the entries, now for the theme.
Z: What shall it be?
C: Tempted to suggest CoH/V, so something like... Hero/Villain? (yes, like that)
Z: But we had 'crime' so recently... I think it might be a bit to close to that...
Considered another "Danish Double Maneuver"... Like the one with 'eventyr'... But it might be boring and/or similar to that one...
C: But it's not crime, it's world domination...
Yeah... Let me think.... .... ... ..... ............... ................... zzzzzzzzzzzzz
Z: Drager?
C: Naah...
Z: Naw~
What then? Thorns?
Headshot? (No, I won't let you finish typing.)
C: .......
Z: What?
C: Head filled with exams, studies, papers, information... It is blocking....
Z: Can't you just pick one of those three then?
C: Bah...
Z: :<
C: They all seem so blah....

Theme: Collision
Deadline: Monday 15th of June

Z: Wee~
C: Fine, I have to go to sleep now.
Z: Miw. Sleep well, hope you feel better in the morning...

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Zee. Oh. Em. Gee. I iz teh winner! Yay! Thanks!

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For once I don't think I will really say too much about my entry, but allow it to speak for itself.

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Well, it speaks for itself.

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dx is same strip of width delta x as delta x approaches zero (i.e. infinitesimally thin). The sum of these pieces (sum of an infinite amount of infinitely small pieces) is what is known as integration.

On another note, I might as well name my next piece "Conflux of Divigation: The Treachery of Applesauce"

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Spelled "divagation" wrong but otherwise...


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Awesome entry, Gantic, but what does it have to do with applesauce? Or do you just randomly generate names for your art?

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dx is same strip of width delta x as delta x approaches zero (i.e. infinitesimally thin). The sum of these pieces (sum of an infinite amount of infinitely small pieces) is what is known as integration.

Good idea then. It just really doesn't convey it very well... *sideglance*
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