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How to beat baron brixuis.(i dont know the spelling hehe)

(I suggest bieng biological)First of all you must have roald and verudux on your team.then you must have these i tems from the store of from training:

Frosted Fate-Primary arms
Supreme Grasps-Gloves
Righteous Breast Plate or Elite Armor-Body Wear
Frozen Helm-Headwear

Anything that increases focus,speed,stregth and instinct.

Cloaking Helm-Headwear
Rightfull Grasp-Gloves
Rebellion Striker-Primary arms
Faith Runners-Footwear
Hope's Streghth-Leggings
Righteous Breast Plate or Elite Armor-Body Wear

Baron B.'s super attacks:
Tick Tock

First,all you have to do is keep attacking him while setting your allies strategy to tactical.if baron b. uses "subversion" switch the strategy of your allies to defensive.keep fighting him until his life goes 31000 below.he must have used all his focus on you.if this happens break him to stun him and keep attacking.after he recovers all his focus by using some kind of move he will recieve holy scars time by time.if this happens,hit him with your strongest move.this will cause him damage in thousands becaus of holy scars.if the holy scars gets removed just keep attacking him and also protect veradux because he is the only one that can heal you(exept if he uses tick tock,your dead!!)after some time he will again recieve holy scars.take this as an advantage then hit him with your strongest attack until he dies.if you cant kill him at that time,just keep fighting until the holy scars appear again of if he dies.dont worry about dying(you will surely fail if you die while his life is above 31000)because your team mates can take care it for you.

Hope this helps.

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