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I'm new at this so bear with. I will allow 6 people to play at once. I may allow more to join later.
Story: It is April 29, 1945. You are a soldier in World War 2. You are part of the liberation of Dachau, a concentration camp.
Soldier: Soldiers are good at combat. Their starting abilities are: Combat Knowledge, Gun Proficiency, and Armor Proficiency.
Medic: Medics are good at healing. Their starting abilities are Heal, SOS, and Morale Boost.
Engineer: Engineers are good with machines. Their starting abilities are Repair, Sabotage, and Minor Hack.
Subclasses can be chosen when you reach level 5. I will show them to you then.
The attributes are
Strength, which is physical strength
Endurance, which is health
Dexterity, which is speed and stealth
Intelligence, which is...well, intelligence
Charisma, which is persuasiveness.
Rank: Your rank is how many people you control and also the amount of Moral you have. If your rank is high enough, it can also raise the Moral of the people under your command. Rank goes up when your level goes up.
Division: You can choose the 42nd Rainbow Division, the 45th Thunderbird Division, or the 20th Armored Division. There can be only 2 players per Division.
Moral: Moral is your confidence. It is lowered when you are injured, a mission is unsuccessful, or you lose a battle. If your Moral reaches zero, you surrender.
Hit Points: Hit Points is how much health you have. If your Hit Points reaches zero, you die. If you die, you can make a new character, but you will start completely over.

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