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My previous thread was fairly succesful at gathering muliple ideas. It was getting a tad bit long, and we all know how easy it is to skip reading every page between 1 and 7. This being said, I decided I am going to post all the suggestons gathered from my last thread and post them all in the front page.

*Optional background colors
- White is nice and all but other colors could realy make this site feel more like home to many users.

*Lines between posts.
-ArmorDan already has this on his "to do" list.

*General Topic
-A place for people to get together and talk about just about everything they would want.

*"Edit Post" option (at least for thread starter)
-So someone could update their first post in the thread they started to correct major errors or to keep their thread updated.

*Daily point limit (Forums)
-Keeping people from getting over 50 points a day by spamming the forums.

*Post delay
-Help to prevent multiple posts acuring from lag, I am guessing a 15-20 second delay is apropriate.

*Points for beating games
-Users can get points for beating games. I dont know how this would work out, I predict problems with this one, but it is what the people wanted.

*Time limit between comments
-I beleive that if you comment one game, you should have to wait a certain amount of time to comment again. This should greatly discourage comment spammers. About 5-20 min between each comment sounds like an idea waiting time.

Please leave more ideas and feel free to comment about the ideas i have listed. Please do not stray too far off topic (If you hit the gravel, gradualy turn back onto the road = D).

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