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There is a thread like this in the Sonny 2 Section, and I decided to make this. You can make a structure of unit for colony. Make sure to includeb most of the following:

-How much supplies it costs
-What it does
-What else it requires
-How fast it loads
-if unit, how strong it is
-If unit, how much damage
-If unit, speed (walking/flying)
-If unit, what building
-If structure, what it can do

For supplies, use $ for money, # for manpower, and * for energy. If it requires momentum use ^^ Or just right it out...

Anyway I have 2 Units.

$30 #5 *20[i]

Mechanics Terminal

A strong, fast plane equipped with 2 laser machine guns. Can only shoot at air, and shoots a small missiles at ground every 5 seconds

[i]$40 #10


Heavy, slow wheeled unit. Equipped with 2 chronite machine guns. Can shoot at ground and air. Loads pretty quickly. Is healed by meds easily.

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Using the Armory you can arm 3 automated defense structures at the start of your base, allowing you to make the following things:

AA Laser System:
Costs: 3 Energy (per use), 4 manpower and $20.
Abilties: Able to well take down enemy aircraft.

Anti-Black Queen machinary.
Costs: 12 Energy (per use), 6 manpower and 60$.
Abilities: This high-tech defense structure can shoot remote controlled, very maneuverable missiles, able to wing scouts and destroy Black Queens, as well as take out the top of a Phantom.

Missile Turret:
Costs: 3 Energy (per use), 2 manpower and $30.
Abilities: Basic Defense Structure based on taking out vehicles and aircraft.

High-tech defensive laser system:
costs: depending on the enemy, 3 or 12 energy per use, 15 manpower and $120.
Abilties: Maximised defense structure able to take out any type of unit, given it has the chance, however, like all defensive structures, you may be overwhelmed by enough enemies.

Defense Camp:
Costs: 10 Energy, 6 manpower and $30.
Abilities: Costing 1 Manpower per use, you can spawn some weak, but useful Militia whom's only ability is to take damage, deal some and remain at your base.

These aren't all the best, if you try the missile tactic then the Defense Camp can be VERY good.

Note: The High-tech AA AL defense Structure is only allowed on your side of the army at any one time, you are only allowed one. The Defense Camps can automatically spawn once an enemy comes in range, if you prefer.

Not bad, they all require the armory, forge or barracks.

Defense Structures:
Armory and Forge.


You can upgrade the units within the camps using the armory. and possibly allow a new armored drone to do it for them, for a different price of 2 Energy at the Forge (upgradeable at Armory)

- H

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