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Hey everyone,

My second enDice game is being released today called enDice Complete. I've been getting a lot of requests to open up my games for people to make their own levels. For enDice Complete, I included a level editor and have decided to make a Players Pack. Anyone who wants to participate, follow the instructions below:

1. Beat any 5 levels to unlock the Level Editor in enDice Complete.
2. Make a puzzle using the Editor.
2. Click 'Save' at the bottom-right of the editor screen.
3. Copy the 'Save Code' in the white text box.
4. Paste the code in a reply to this topic.

1. Puzzles MUST be solvable.
2. Create as many puzzles as you like, I may choose more than one puzzle per person.
3. Puzzles may either be submitted here, on my Armor Games profile, or to my email: soapaintnice[at]

The Players Pack will showcase about 40 - 50 puzzles from this topic. It will also show a link to the Armor Games profile of the puzzle's creator, if you post it here. Let me know if you don't want the link going to your profile. I don't have a date yet on when the enDice Players Pack is coming out. It all depends on how many puzzles are posted.

Get creative and have fun

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