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Okay, so I just randomly came up with this idea that everyone should bring spears, fire pokers or thunder pokers and poke some puppies! And I decided to bring it to the whole world to see! (Well, exaggeration)

Unfortunately, this RPG is INVITE ONLY. However, you can post a RESUME here on why you think you should be INVITED, and I'll take that into consideration and possibly send you an invitation.

Anyways, this RPG will take into account styles of action, adventure, lame jokes, poking puppies, kitty's revenge and pHac's 3rd girlfriend. It will have RPG elements, action elements, random dog guts everywhere elements (I SWEAR, ITS NOT ANIMAL ABUSE)

Interested? No? Well, here's the character sheet anyways:

AllianceKitten, Kitty, Cat or Feline)
Misc. InfoAppearance, personality, history, girlfriend's history, etc.)
Level: 1
Special Powers: N/A
WeaponBlunted Spear, Metal Poker, or Twig)
Inventory: N/A
Money: N/A
Perks: N/A

A few rules:
1) Invite only, or resume
2) No modding
3) Only considerate posts
4) No talking about politics
5) Have fun

Now if only we could have this edit option....

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