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Sorry if this has been addressed before, but I'm a little unclear on this.

I'm about to submit a game and I'm curious if ArmorGames allows CPMStar or not:
I verify that this game does not contain Mochibot, Mochiads, HeyZap or other 3rd party Micro-Transaction systems.

Any verification would be appreciated, thanks!

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CPMStar ads are indeed 3rd party advertising systems (as I've researched, from Mochi itself). They recognize the cookies you put into the system to figure out which ads are correct for you. I don't think that these kinds of ads are right for AG.

As are with the rest of the ads, they take up the time that is put into downloading the flash game to play. Mochi Ads (and CPMStar ads according to research) are notorious for sapping a lot of the time just throwing ads in your face. Video ads, rollovers, you name it. It would be fine if they just had simple 10-second clips about a certain flash game or MMO, but not lengthy clips with voice.

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