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Correct me if I'm wrong but with the advent of AG3 will come the advent of the forums being 'revamped' so to speak. So, based on other ideas i've seen and a proportion of my own, I've come up with some suggestions/ideas for what I'll call F3 ('cos I'm a nerd like that):

-Different color scheme choices E.G red, blue, black and gold (not really a big deal but it just increases that 'ersonalized' feel of the forums and helps satisfy the desires of some people who complain about the current color-scheme being an eye-sore. NOTE: I refer to the color-scheme as the white background AND the actual colors of links, text, etc.)
-greater interaction between the users profile and what appears underneath their name when they post on the forum. Currently it's just your post count and rank but I see room for expansion to include age, gender, etc if that person wanted to.
-Increased coverage of BBcodes - we do certainly have the basics such as bold, italics, link, image and quote BUT things such as spoiler (great in threads about certain movies, books, etc), post (for post linking - useful in situations where a specific post has relevant information to a topic of discussion but may be too long to quote without taking up loads of space) and list (obviously good for listing things) are not covered at the minute and would be advantageous to the community as a whole.

I welcome feedback on my suggestions and any ideas to better them. I'd also welcome some new ideas to add to mine to prevent this thread from growing stale too quickly.

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