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Hey everyone,

We created this forum on October 4th, and today we're probably going to pass 2,500 messages. Personally, I'm jazzed that so many of you have spoken up and have shared some --awesome-- ideas.

We're quickly approaching the closed beta phase of AG3, where our hand-selected people will be able to log in soon and see what we've been working on, and we'll also be setting up our beta sign-in page for the rest of you to sign up.

To assist us from this point forward, we'd like everyone to start using our Get Satisfaction site for any new suggestions or ideas.

You can register a free account there, and you can discuss topics to your heart's content. You'll be able to vote on ideas you really want, and share your opinions on ideas as well.

Once you have an account at Get Satisfaction, you can visit and click on the "share an idea tab", write in your suggestion, and click the Continue button. It will look similar to this:

The Get Satisfaction site will check to see if anyone else has suggested something similar already, to help us cut down on the number of duplicate posts.

If some of you want to take the initiative to start moving some of our suggestions from this forum and put them on Get Satisfaction, that would be a HUGE help to us too.

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