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After our webdev meeting, we've decided on some "open beta" dates and some other information.

November 22nd will be our next beta software release. It'll happen similar to how we rolled out the beta sign-up page, some time between 10am and 6pm California time. (We're currently -8 hours from UTC/GMT)

When we do that software release, a few things will happen:

1. More features will be added to the site for our closed beta users, including bug fixes. We'll actually have games to play!

2. A bulk newsletter will be sent to all users who signed up for the beta, letting them know what we've been working on.

3. Some quantity of users will receive their invite codes. We don't know how many we'll send out yet, or whether we'll "throttle" the Email setup to send them out over several days or all at once. They will be sent to users in the order they signed up, and we will not manually activate any additional users.

Once we send out this quantity of invite codes, other users will need to wait until our next software release (scheduled for Dec 6th) when we'll send out another quantity of invite codes.

One more note about the closed beta, since I've been seeing some questions about it: We are not adding any more users to the closed beta. Moderators have no extra powers when it comes to the beta, so please don't bother them with requests. Similarly, they have no way to control who gets an invite code or not during the upcoming software releases.


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