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Im back Which means im gonna write some more pointless stories yay!

The Court Of Lol
Chapter 1 :Links Framed

*Everyones in court room*

Judge Mario:Ok everyone settle down settle down.Now Link has been framed for stealing King Dededes Hammer,Link call your lawyer.
Link:Yes sir,meet my lawyer bigjacob
Judge Mario:Now state your defense for your client
Bigjacob:I think my client is completely guilty
Batman:Wait what?
Link:OMG What are u doing
Bigjacob:well you already paid me so whats the point.
Fancy Pants Man:Is there any cookies here?
Bowser:Yeah go stand on the target over there
*FPM stands on target*
Fancy Pants Mank now wha*Big Spike falls from ceiling
beep bop beep beep
Judge Mario:whats that
Bigjacob:Sry your honor i was writing a story on AG about whats happening
Judge Mario:Well make me look good
Link:I gotta go save zelda and all so can I go?
King Dedede:First give my hammer back!
*Knights walk in room*
Knight Leader:Alright in the name of the Sauce Clan put your hands up!
Judge Mario:Lets get the heck out of here!
*All runs to door*
*Big donut falls out of sky crushing everyone*

Thats Chapter one ask me if you wanna be a random character in it.

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