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The year is 2012. The universe is not ours, but a similar one. In this universe, the world was affected by a class 3-a apocalypse: an outside force wiped out all human life. Whether grudge or scientific experiment, all humans died without the other creatures dying.

A few hundred years later, the creatures of Earth have begun to compete to fill the space. Whether sensible or farfetched, many creatures competed. Now, we know of three, so where the others went, I don't know...

In this forum game, You will choose a creature on Earth and compete with other players and against nature to become civilized.

The sheet:

Racial sheet
Original Creature:
Development: Primal

Name: What we call your race.

Original Creature: What creature the race is based off of. These creatures are already taken:

Domestic cats (Cheezburgians)
Computers (Youtubians)
Gorillas (Chanians)

Psychology: How your race operates as a whole.

Delevopment: What stage of creature you are, such as Primal, tribal and Spacial.

Description: What your species can do and how it looks. Please no god-modding, but it can be ridiculous.

Origin: How your race started to develop into thinking creatures. Bonus points if It's believable, so the more ridiculous, the harder it is to make it believable, but the more awesome it is when you succeed!


Name: Cheezburgians
Original Creature: Common Housecats
Psychology: Stealthy Hunter
Development: Primal
Description: Stealthy creatures who have great senses and are primarily nocturnal. looks like normal cats, except human sized and switch between biped and quadruped.
Origin: Signs of sapience showed when they began protecting bird coops to use the birds as a consistent food source. At first they survived by reverting to the wild side still in domestic cats.

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