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You are suddenly awoken by a thorough chill that pulses through your body. Half-awake, you get out of bed and begin getting dressed. You finish, but then notice something strange: the sun isn't up, yet there is an eerie light filling your room.
You explore the rest of your house and find that you are alone. No family. You step outside. Shadowy mists are flowing everywhere, and disgruntling whispers can be heard from... somewhere. A pang of fear pierces your chest when you look around and see nothing. All that is visible in any direction more than 50 feet outside of your house is a roiling blackness.

This is a role-playing game set in a mysterious shadowy realm.
Up to 7 people may join by filling out the form below:
[You have 15 points to use on the below stats.]
[This is related to the damage you will deal.]
Defense: [This is related to your resistance to taking damage.]
Agility: [This determines who moves first, second, etc.]
Luck: [This determines you chance to do extra damage, and the amount of extra damage done.]
Ability name: [You get to be creative! I will check this.]
Ability description: [You get to decide! I will check this, too.]

Up to 7 players will be accepted. Players will engage it battles with enemies that I determine. Players will request their actions to me during a battle, and I will do appropriate calculations. Players start at level 1, and will receive experience (XP) to level up for doing damage to enemies, defeating an enemy, and winning a battle (though there may be more).
Outside of battle, I will provide some guidance, but overall the players will request what to do. There are innumerable actions players can choose. When one player suggests an action, I will either post it for players to agree with or shoot down, and if a player consensus has already been reached, I will tell what happens as a result of the players' actions. If the players wish to separate and explore separately, that is fine, they need only request it. However, the hordes of enemies players encounter will NOT be weakened for a solo player.

Any other information needed? Just ask!

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