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Zombie Kill Team Report - February 11

We had a successful run north of City 6A, but something was not right. it seemed the defensive walls of 4A and 5A were gone, and were moved back to row B of our remaining land. If those zombies keep tearing down our walls we'll have nothing left.

Zombie Kill Team Report - February 18

We're losing ground - fast. We've only got 2C, 5D, and 6C left. It seems that the walls are being torn down. We're lucky that us 12 are using this plane, because if we were down there we'd be dead. We're going to advise the rest of the survivors to stay in fallout shelters. Our pilot is worried that we're running out of gas, and without any cities to refuel in, we'll likely be the last 12 people alive.

Zombie Kill Team Report - February 20

It is necessary this report gets to Summit City. We're sending this message out of weekly schedule because all of our cities are taken over, we've ran out of fuel (which also means we cannot use the mounted chainguns), so we're taking out our supply crate and carrying what we can carry. Our pilot, Smith, Westley, and Jackson have all died in the crash, so only us 8 are left. We need to bunker down before sunset, so we'll have to cut this message short.


Introduction to Zombocalypse
Welcome to my first Forum RPG game, Zombocalypse! It is a co-op survival game that will have team, group, and single-player events. Hope it's actually good for a first-game!
To kick this game off, we need 8 players, as stated in the above story. Also mentioned, the supply crate will have weapons for each player and some other inventory items. These items are on a first come first serve basis. Without further ado, here's a playercard template (You start out with 30 XP points):

Melee: [XP - Limit 10]
Short Range: [XP - Limit 10]
Medium Range: [XP - Limit 10]
Long Range: [XP - Limit 10]
Strength: [XP - Limit 10] (Determines amount of damage you can take)
Primary Weapon: [Select 1 from Supply Crate below]
Inventory: [Select up to 30 lbs. from Supply Crate]

Supply Crate
Primary Weapons:
Dual Pistols - Short Range - 104 ammo
Shotgun - Short Range - 32 ammo
Pistol - Medium Range - 80 ammo
Assault Rifle - Medium Range - 90 ammo
Sniper Rifle - Long Range - 30 ammo
Crossbow - Long Range - 24 ammo
Saw - Melee - No ammo required
Chainsaw - Melee - 100 "ammo"

Meal Packs - 30, 2 lbs. each
Bear Traps - 16, 3 lbs. each
Water Bottles - 30, 1 lb. each
Radio system - 1, 22 lbs.
Sandbag walls - 8, 8 lbs. each
Tents - 4, 12 lbs. each

The game will start once we have 8 players, and then a few more players can join over time, so hurry up and join before other people do!

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