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I recently had a bad round of viruses on my computer (no, I don't go to adult websites). Anyway, I've been on several MMORPG's and some of them offer help to prevent account theft by giving out security companies names and websites. I don't know how common account theft is here (I suspect it's almost nonexistent), but I'll make a thread about computer and account safety.

This is just my experience. Please do not feel inclined to use the programs I used.

So, here's the story. I got hit hard by several Trojans. They shut down two of my web browsers, killed my antivirus software, and were on the verge of making my computer crash. So, I unhooked my internet cord and did some quick research on another computer.

Turns out, Microsoft offers a security program to help fix your computer for free (yeah!!!). So, I downloaded that and "Spy Bot; Search and Destroy" using my last web browser. It took 3 hours, but it was worth it. I also downloaded Rkill to help.

Rkill is a program that shuts down viruses so your normal security system can remove them. It runs like a Trojan, so there were false security alerts when I ran it.

Next, I ran a potent dose of Spy Bot and Microsoft Security Essentials. Those scans came up with the Trojan that created the backdoor on my computer. I am now Trojan free!

So, here's how to NOT get viruses.

1. Don't go to adult content sites. It's just common sense.

2. Third party screen savers are known for giving out viruses. You may like those cute puppies playing on your screen, but you won't like that Trojan.Spy.Banker getting your personal info!

3. Don't open email attachments ending with .exe, .pif, .corn, or .bat. Those are potential viruses that someone sent you!

4. Do not visit shady "freeware" sites. Not only are you potentially doing something illegal, but sites like those are breeding grounds for viruses.

5. Don't give your username and password to other people. Even if it's your friend.

Just to be clear, I am not saying to use these programs (as that would be a violation of the rules). These just worked for my Windows XP.

These are what I use:

Norton Security Suite
IObit Malware Fighter
Microsoft Security Essentials
Spy Bot; Search and Destroy

I like these because they are not very RAM intensive and my computer runs fine.

Post away with your stories and how you fixed your computer. Or, if you have a better idea (or security program) just say, "This is what I use (or did) because..."

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