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Over the last week or so, I've constructed an (almost) fully operational 3-bit calculator in Minecraft. It can currently add, subtract, and multiply, and, when i get around to making it, divide.

I've decided to mark up a cartograph for you guys to help you understand it.

(if that's to big, go here)

1: This is where you and the console are, reading the instructions is suggested. This is the only place you need to be.

2: This is the seven segment hexadecimal display. Unfortunately, it only works for addition and subtraction, it has no support for multiplication, you will have to use the binary display for that.

3: An older version of the display. It works faster then the other one because it closer to the circuits, but it's no where near the console.

4: This is the binary to hexadecimal converter. It takes the binary answers and makes them usable for the hexadecimal display.

5: The addition station. Adds your numbers together.

6: The subtraction station. Subtracts your numbers.

7: The multiplication station. Multiplies your numbers.

8: A more powerful calculator i built that only does addition and only displays it in binary. You can check it out if you want, i used a fly mod to get there.

Download link

Just download, unzip, and place in your saves folder.

Problem solutions

1: If it doesn't work at all when you first open it, flip all the switches on then off. The redstone sometimes glitches up with MCedit and this usually fixes it.

2: Read the instructions in the map, you may be operating it wrong.

3: The seven segment display is hexadecimal, so when it comes up as A, B, C, D, E, or F, it's not a glitch.

Any problems, glitches, ect, just ask me. And for the third time this post, read the instructions in the map.

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