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Basicly this is a Devlopement log about a Flash Game i am making. BTFW i am sorta of a programing Noob.

About the game

Well you start as a cave man in your cave. you've spent most of your Childhood trying to Creat fire. One day you do but a nother cave man takes it and runs off soo... you chase after him and find that you are blocked bt Dinosaurs( ya i Know caveman exisited WAAAAAY after dinosaurs but...) so you Battle them with your club and by throwing rocks... eventually you clibm ths mountain into a volcano to fight the boss( a T-Rex)once you leave the volcano you seee this castle you enter you see the man run of in this armor holding your fire... you armor up and grab a Cross bow and a short swords( which you buy fom the money you find from killing the dinos) and you fight the invading army that is attacking the castle. but your are trying yo chase after the dude with your fire along the way you see out posts were you Buy better weapons like long bow ( extra rand and faster reload) long sword ( better strength but slower attacks0 and what not. and ill tell you all later...

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