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This is a Destroy the Boss version inspired by a similar one that was discontinued a while ago. This version will pit you against the most dangerous bosses from different eras. Here are the rules and gameplay:

*Every boss is from a different era, if weapons from other eras are used they will not be affective.
*Each boss has 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses, which are hidden. if an attack happens to be one of these, it is added to the bosses sheet.
*Every time you use something/someone, you must post a picture(s) of whatever your using, and make a description of what it does.

*Only up to 3 pictures can be posted at one time.
*You cannot use paradoxes (Chuck Norris, world blows up, atomic bomb, etc).
*You cannot use something that's already been used for one boss.
*No offensive pictures or comments.

The next boss will be posted soon, enjoy!

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