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-----Base of The Story-----

It's a lovely Saturday morning in StickValley, the sun is shining and the townspeople are chatting at the market section. The children are running around and little kittens are chasing each other!

Oh and.. Did I tell you you're a Stickman?

-----Character Sheet-----

HP:20/20 (Health Points)
SP:20/20 (Special Points)
LvL: 1
Speciality: (Read below at 'Specialities'
Skills: (I shall make based on your speciality)
Inventory: Stick-O-dex, 50$
Armor: Basic Clothes
L-Hand: Empty
R-Hand: Empty


So this is basically, a PRETTY simplistic rpg about .. you guessed it, stickmen and stickwomen that live their lives, do some quests, maybe battle some of them Creatures too..!

Chapter 1 will be mutual to all the players (accepting as many players as I can handle) but after that you will probably go your own ways.


Your stickman/-woman can have 1 SPECIALITY, be it 'Good with Swords', 'Master of Bows', 'Controller of Fire', pretty much anything like that. ANYTHING you can come up with! (But don't get ridiculously over-powered, or I wont accept it -.-)


The Stick-O-Dex Is a pocket-sized hand held electronic device that tells you information about any creatures that you might meet at StickValley or elsewhere.

-----Chapter 1. The Prologue-----


"Ugh.. **** alarm clock.."
you think to yourself.

"Honey! Time to get up! Today's a big day!" You hear a yell from downstairs.

"Oh alright alright!! You answer your mom.

You see, today is the day that you are finally old enough to get out there and .. do stuff! Like hunt creatures and.. stuff... you know.. quests.. and.. You know!

So, you should probably get up and going don't ya think?


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